Francesca dell'Oro

Francesca dell'Oro
Francesca Dell'Oro was born as an artistic olfactory laboratory. In each fragrance, desires, memories and dreams lose their impalpable nature to acquire liquid consistency and merge themselves on the skin. As in an infinite game of mirrors, all Francesca Dell’Oro fragrances lead back to complex and multifaceted realities, but always bright and dripping “joie de vivre”.
Francesca dell'Oro
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Francesca dell’Oro Profumi

Francesca Dell'Oro's workshop is a work of olfactory art. In each fragrance, desires, memories and dreams become liquid and manifest themselves on the skin. As in an infinite game of mirrors, Francesca Dell'Oro's fragrances lead to a reality that is complex and multifaceted, but always luminous and unleashes the joy of living.


The maison's founder

The refined shores of the Lake of Como were the place where Francesca Dell'Oro grew up, immersing her since childhood in a world of gardens, colours, lights and special scents. She works for a number of prestigious fashion houses, developing a natural inclination for the artistic panorama of contemporary graphics and design. Her strong curiosity and marked aesthetic instinct led her to explore the world of fragrances, which has always been a great love for her, stimulating her thirst for knowledge and stylistic research. After a highly specialised training, through years of specific courses and in-depth study of the raw materials that make up a perfume. In 2011, giving free rein to her creativity, Francesca launched her fragrance line with the desire to translate her favourite olfactory evocations into emotional language.


Features of Francesca dell’Oro Profumi

The 2014 represents a moment of fundamental importance for Francesca Dell'Oro Parfum: the company's reality is further structured and defined thanks to the launch of three new fragrances and the creation of an iconic flacon that celebrates the company's origins and its constant link with the world of jewellery, of which Francesca è is the daughter and spokesperson. The luxurious packaging, modern and faceted like a precious stone, also sums up her love for art in all its forms. Francesca è a dynamic and versatile creative, always looking for new inspirations. She realises each of her olfactory visions by collaborating with highly experienced and quality perfume houses in the development of raw materials. She is the protagonist and coordinator of each creative step, with religious attention to ensure that the spirit and suggestions she intends to recreate in her fragrances are always brought out. Her fragrances are unique and exclusive, capable of emphasising the peculiarities of each character.


Discover Francesca dell’Oro's Bestsellers on 50 ml

  • Onemore Eau de Parfum: A kaleidoscope of coloured and luminous images like so many frames of a film. The raw materials, the real stars of this perfume, have been carefully selected to create a winking projection. Asian pomelo, with its characteristic and stimulating green hue, combines with precious cardamom to create sweet and pungent contrasts. Sicilian lemon, with its sugary Mediterranean freshness, serves as a trait d'union between the aromatic notes that make the heart of this fragrance vibrate.
  • Bihaku Eau de Parfum: The Bihaku perfume surprises with its unexpected sweetness, conferred by the three raw materials at its heart. The aromatic mugwort flower, with its liqueur-like scent, is softened by the herbaceous, flowery sweetness of the chamomile flower. Its essential oils have always been synonymous with relaxation for body and mind. The sumptuous carnality of jasmine flower completes the bouquet of this perfume, infusing harmony with the contribution of mottled peppercorns and aromatic accents of thyme. Bihaku è a fragrance that skilfully blends different aromatic notes, creating anunexpected sweetness thanks to the presence of the aromatic artemisia flower, the sweet chamomile flower and the sumptuous carnalness of the jasmine flower.
  • Ambrosine Eau de Parfum: A secret and interior world, reassuring and feminine, enveloped in the vaporous powdery tones of a candid and romantic sensuality, all to be embraced. The perfume è was created as a sophisticated architecture capable of modulating the colour of confidence and painting delicate, reassuring and collected floral corners, but made gritty by woody and spicy perspectives. The ambery, warm and soft notes are supported by a floral and sensual heart, dominated by the absolutes of jasmine grandiflorum, violet, peony and damask rose, creating a delicate and precious body. Spicy base accents lend the jus silky, shimmering nuances, while woody notes of patchouli, guaiac and Atlas cedar close the sillage. The fragrance described in the text è involving and precious, creating an intimate and feminine atmosphere thanks to its floral and sensual notes. Accents of spice and wood give the fragrance an unexpected grit, making it perfect for those seeking a sophisticated and complete olfactory experience
  • Sainte + Figue Parfum: Sainte + Figue Eau de Parfum celebrates the dual significance of the fig tree, icon of knowledge but also symbol of sin and damnation in the biblical narrative. The fragrance explores the darker, voluptuous and multifaceted sides of the holy fruit, rich in contrasts.
  • Discovery Kit: &È the first time you approach the brand and feel that its romantic and luminous atmospheres are for you? Try the discovery kit: a precious box to discover the precious fragrances of the Francesca Dell'Oro brand. A complete kit of 12 2ml samples and their illustrated cards.


Francesca dell’Oro Perfumes Reviews: Discover our Customer Reviews

  • Fleurdenya Eau de Parfum: Fleurdenya: a name, a guarantee. Snow-white sensuality transposed into a modern and wearable version, simple but of the highest quality.Gardenia is the nerve centre of the creation, the resplendent and luxuriant totem around which marvellous white flowers orbit in a rich, creamy, enveloping, pervasive and vaguely exotic melange. Very feminine” Giorgia
  • Page 29 Eau de Parfum: “In the opening è almost sparkling and lively, citrus and something flowery can be perceived, then it darkens and a fairly light but nevertheless perceptible leather enters the scene, with something woody that gives it tone and personality. I see it as quite unisex, rather youthful. A good start for those who want to approach leathery perfumes" Luigi
  • Lullaby Eau de Parfum: A super-feminine elegant perfume. It is difficult to describe such a wonder. For some I read that it evokes a return to summer with tropical notes, I will be; that I met it in winter, but I smell a delicate creamy lactic vanilla with warm velvety floral notes” Michela
  • Envoutant Eau de Parfum: Envoutant, nomen omen, as it translates as enchanting. A very well-balanced fragrance, with contrasting elements; a successful attempt to mix something different from the usual” Sarah 
  • There’s a Place Eau de Parfum: “A spicy and enveloping fragrance, oriental and particular, that immediately takes you to an imaginary romantic garden from a thousand and one nights……” Lucie

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