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Aer Scents

Aer Scents is a brand of fragrances made without compromise: unique, hand-crafted, 100% natural, ethically sourced perfumes made with the world's best ingredients. Entirely botanical perfumes, all created with the same ideals: developed in-house, without compromising integrity, cost or quality. Discover Aer Scents niche perfumes 

Aer Scents
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Aer Scents Perfumes

Aer Scents was born in 2017, thanks to Ted Young-Ing and his mission: to find the perfect perfume. Disappointed by the lack of fragrances that could meet his expectations, he decided to take matters into his own hands and set out - with a friend - to create modern and sophisticated perfumes that would amaze and surprise even the most demanding perfume lover

Over the years, Aer Scents has undergone several transformations, but the goal has remained the same: to create unique, 100% natural handcrafted perfumes that are ethicalsustainable and made with high quality ingredients from around the world.


The Aer Scents Collection

If you are a true fan of niche perfumes, and you are looking for super persistent and original fragrances, you are in the right place! The Aer Scents collection includes nine magnificent perfumes, all 100% botanical, natural, and produced following the same ideals that drive the brandcrafted and hand-bottled in the Berlin - Mitte atelier, without compromising on integrity, cost, and quality of ingredients!  


Aer Scents Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml


  • No. 01 Nagarmotha EXT: a bold and exotic scent that combines the warmth of Nagarmotha with the depth of Patchouli. Earthy and sensual, with a surprising freshness!
  • No. 02 Cade + Frankincense EXT: mysterious and complex, with notes of Incense, Turkish Rose and Guaiac Wood. Recommended if you love intense fragrances.
  • No. 03 Ambre + Sandalwood EXT: a seductive blend of Ambre from different parts of the world! Indian Sandalwood lends depth and creaminess, with powdery undertones of Rose and Elderflower. 
  • No. 04 Cedar + Ginger EXT: with Virginia Cedarwood and Red Buddha Wood and Ginger, it's a deep, fresh and invigorating scent!
  • No. 05 Black + White Pepper EXT: a modern fougère scent with a spicy core of Black and White Pepper. Crisp, exciting and full of surprises!


Aer Scents Opinions: Discover Our Customers' Reviews!


  • No. 06 Tuberose + Ylang Ylang EXT: “This fragrance? A catwalk of flowers! When Tuberose and Ylang Ylang meet, it sparks passion! It makes me feel like I'm walking among fresh flower petals.” - Sophie
  • No. 07 Orris Root EXT: “Wonderfully spicy, woody, deep and sophisticated: a classy scent, there’s no doubt.” - Mark
  • No. 08 Labdanum + Oak EXT: “This scent makes me feel invincible! With notes of English Oak Wood and wild Labdanum I never go unnoticed!” - Alex
  • No.09 Angelica Root EXT: “A wonderful scent, it has Belgian Angelica Root, Stone Pine and Myrrh in it. When I wear it, I almost feel like a new person!” - Martina

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