Houbigant perfumes stem from a long tradition. Founded in 1775, this luxury maison has created some of the most iconic fragrances in history, including the famous 'Fougere Royale'. At the heart of Houbigant is high quality: even today, the company is proud of its heritage and continues to create classic and sophisticated perfumes that fascinate collectors all over the world.

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The Houbigant Perfume Maison

In 1775, Jean-François Houbigant hung a hand-painted sign depicting a basket of flowers above the entrance to his small shop on the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, in Paris. And so, thanks to a simple basket of flowers, the story of Houbigant was born. It was that very idea that marked his success, attracting the attention of the Casa Royale and the nobility. Houbigant taught the ladies of the Court of Versailles how to perfume the precious fans, so that their simple beating could spread a seductive or romantic message in the air.


Houbigant Perfumes intertwines with History

Legend has it that when Regina Marie Antoinette was condemned to death on 16 October 1793, she hid a bottle of Houbigant perfume in her corset. Even Napoleon was a great admirer of her fragrances, so much so that, when he stayed in Paris for three months in 1815 (the period referred to in the history books as “The Hundred Days”), he not only had time to raise an army, but also to shop at the Houbigant boutique. A receipt found in the Maison Archives testifies to thishistorical encounter to this day.


Houbigant Perfumes

Throughout the centuries, Houbigant became the official perfumer of the Royal Courts of Europe, expanding his fame and establishing his success, right up to the present day: handing down the tradition of essences so extraordinary and precious that they fully represent the origins of the modern perfumery. Today, Houbigant is the symbol and repository of a centuries-long tradition and compelling, romantic stories, bringing a twist of the olden times while keeping pace with the needs and desires of contemporary society. 


Bestselling Products Houbigant Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Quelques Fleurs L’Original Eau de ParfumQuelques Fleurs L'Original is an incomparable and captivating blend of ethereal, ambrosial and voluptuous flowers that pays homage to the revolutionary and prestigious multi-floral bouquet premiered in 1912.
  • Fougère Royale Eau de Parfum: redesigned from its original 1882 composition to adapt to modern rigours and landscapes, Fougère Royale retains its distinct, elegant, noble and refined impulse and its pleasing pastoral beauty. The perfume, perfectly balanced, smells of fragrant green sedge, hardy foliage and gently curling fronds of shady, dense and moist woods. The sweet herbs suggest the freshly released essences of crushed, trampled and dewy vegetables, with an intense scent of freshly cut hay.
  • Mon Boudoir Eau de Parfum: created by master perfumer Robert Bienaimé, Mon Boudoir è was originally launched in 1919. It was the favourite perfume of Queen Mary of Romania, who wore it throughout her life. To celebrate the centenary of its creation, the Maison Houbigant has revived this inimitable fragrance.
  • Bois Mystique Eau de ParfumBois Mystique is a rich woody fragrance with a modern twist. The fragrance combines the freshness of woods with a strong note of spices.
  • Iris des Champs Eau de Parfum: from the stylised royal fleur-de-lis banners of French heraldry, the elusive and incomparable iris inspired a noble fragrance infused with delicate flower petals of Tuscan meadows and voluptuous woody tones.


Houbigant Perfumes Reviews: See all our Customer Reviews

  • Orangers en Fleurs Eau de Parfum: “For me this is a perfect feminine fragrance. Beautiful orange blossoms and flowers with soft edges, not sweet, not predictable, very pleasant. The drydown is soft, suave, without a single breaking moment in its finish” Veronica
  • Figuier Noir Eau de Parfum“Dark, peppery, spicy, dense, herbaceous, fig wood, leaves and branches with just a little sweetness. I have never smelt anything even remotely close to this fig scent. It has a mysterious touch and the finish è absolutely elegant with a warm, chic and vaguely leathery feel” Cristina

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