Meo Fusciuni

Meo Fusciuni

Meo Fusciuni is a project born in 2010 to pursue olfactory research and poetics, capable of narrating journeys, thoughts and emotions through an original selection of artistic fragrances. Meo Fusciuni perfumes are based on a careful selection of raw materials and describe the life and worlds of those who decide to wear them.

Meo Fusciuni
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Meo Fusciuni Perfumes

Since 2010 Meo Fusciuni has been creating unique and innovative fragrances, bordering on alchemy. Niche fragrances born as an olfactory research project, with the vision of an artistic perfumery that can tell journeys, thoughts and emotions through a unique collection. Products created with natural and synthetic raw materials of the highest quality, from the essence houses that have made the history of the best perfumes throughout the world. In the Atelier, Meo Fusciuni creates alchemy, bringing scents to life between aesthetics and olfactory research, between poetics and botany. These Italian perfumes were born out of a desire to speak to people's hearts, recounting the journey and experiences of life. All this with the profound conviction that the essence of artistic perfumery lives in poetic research and the soul of raw materials, and crosses lives and worlds thanks to those who carry it. 

A perfumer who, like many of the best, has an initiation path different from what one would expect in this world. Meo Fusciuni started his experience as a pharmacist and botanist; he evolved through the world of poetry and then created perfumes inextricably linked to this varied life experience. Fusciuni's fragrances are born as poetics, an inner quest, a physical journey. From these then emerges the olfactory pyramid, which slowly takes shape in the artist's mind. 

From here then begins the second phase, which leads to the final result, the olfactory emotion, which tells the story that Meo Fusciuni wants to share with us. Intense fragrances evoke olfactory memories that tell of life, of Fusciuni's vision of it. Persistent fragrances, fragrances that tell of a continuous search, through smell and olfactory emotion. Unisex fragrances: fragrances for men and women, indistinctly, because they are linked more to the mind than to the body.

"Odorous liquid, a matter that contains it and poetic language that narrates it, all enclosed in a perfume, this is the philosophy of my project. I would like to move people with odours, to be able to tell a story without images or sounds, without almost being able to touch, that small odorous cloud that spreads near us..." - Meo Fusciuni.


Meo Fusciuni Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml:

  • Meo Fusciuni Discovery Set: Alchemy is created in Meo Fusciuni's atelier: perfume is born between aesthetics and olfactory research, between poetics and botany, with the desire to speak to people's hearts. This Discovery Set Meo Fusciuni gathers all the precious fragrances of the perfumer, for a journey to discover distant worlds and unexpected fragrances. A plunge into the artist’s history, to rediscover at the same time also our origins, in the simplest but most intense way possible. 
  • Meo Fusciuni 1 Nota di Viaggio Rites De Passage Eau de Parfum: this first of 3 Travel Notes is a dedication to souls always on the move, to elusive spirits. A warm and spicy fragrance, from the first notes of Black Pepper, Grapefruit and Bergamot, celebrates the gateway to the East that was Constantinople. A warm bouquet of Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Geranium and Rosewood enhanced by a woody, resinous and deep base with incense and sandalwood (and more).
  • Meo Fusciuni Luce Extrait de Parfum: born from an introspective journey that begins with the beginning of a new day, when nature has not fully awakened, the air is still humid, everything is stillness and silence. The calm after the storm of a sleepless night of a desperate poet. This fragrance is a balance of woods, citrus, amber and musks. To describe it Meo Fusciuni says: "it was born from my desire to create a balance between nature and man, between light and silence."
  • Meo Fusciuni Varanasi Extrait de Parfum: to describe this complex, contrasting and magnetic fragrance that encapsulates the authentic soul of India, Meo Fusciuni says: "Varanasi is a sacred and profane place of smell, rich in contrasts and meanings. I composed this perfume inspired by the visceral emotion I felt the day I felt the holy water of the Ganges in my hands and tried to search my olfactory memory, finding the source from which everything was created. Varanasi is an olfactory mandala'.
  • Meo Fusciuni Encore du Temps Extrait de Parfum: this is an instant of joy, an emotion that we would like to keep alive forever. A fresh and delicate fragrance. "A smooth and delicate opening, amorous from its first olfactory steps, a gentle note of Bergamot and Mandarin opens the way to the heart, a white canvas sprinkled with Green Tea, on which rests Osmanthus: warm, voluptuous and fruity, the same canvas on which rests the poetry of Champaca flower and Magnolia. In the background, the sweetness of Laotian Benzoin, the care of Sandalwood and the memories of Mate tell a delicate tale of a finale. It reminds me of the feeling I have for the woman I love. I would like more time again, and again, and again..." - Meo Fusciuni.


Meo Fusciuni Perfumes Reviews: See our customers' Opinions!

  • Meo Fusciuni Spirito Extrait de Parfum: "I finished it. I think there is no greater compliment. Because of the number of niche perfumes I buy, it is a challenge. I know that this perfume is inspired by the poems of Emily Dickinson, and I must say that it too is a poem. Wearing this high-quality fragrance is an olfactory experience: a mix of herbs and musks with a simple appearance, which seems to conceal hidden meanings. Just like a beautiful poem. It is balanced and has a high performance" - Flinn
  • Meo Fusciuni Little Song Extrait de Parfum: 'I decided to search online for women's or unisex perfumes with real Turkish rose oil. I needed it for my mother's birthday - who loves it - but I didn't want something trivial, so I decided to look for a reputable online perfumery and immediately found myself inundated with positive reviews on this site. I saw that a new brand had just arrived, and I trusted it...doing great! My mum is in love, she says I have to give it to her next year too!" - Carrie
  • Meo Fusciuni l'Oblio Extrait de Parfum: "I must say that this perfume was a fantastic discovery. When I wear it, I almost feel like I'm in the middle of a sacred ceremony on an altar in the middle of the woods: the flowers, the musk, the woods...It has a slow evolution, which allows you to fully enjoy all the nuances of this work of art in a bottle. I had already tried Odor 93 also by Meo Fusciuni, and I recommend them both 100 per cent." - Pam
  • Meo Fusciuni Narcotico Extrait de Parfum: "An intriguing scent, dry and smoky, balanced by the sweetness of benzoin. It has remarkable longevity and a discreet but strong sillage, I would recommend it to someone who wants to stand out effortlessly. It has certainly entered my collection of the best artistic fragrances. I would also recommend 50 ml, for me the best site to buy perfumes online, the customer service is fantastic." - Ross
  • Meo Fusciuni Notturno Extrait de Parfum: "I was trying to figure out if and which perfumes to buy from this new brand so I went to read online among the reviews. Meo Fusciuni is truly an artist because this is a magnificent fragrance. It is an intense, enveloping, magnetic scent, perfect for making a clear impression. It has no overpowering sillage, so it is perfect for the office or an evening meeting. Ideal for being well-scented but not overpowering. I keep getting asked about it everywhere." - Mark


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