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Bon Parfumeur
Bon Parfumeur was born from the desire to revive traditional artistic perfumery, yet in a resolutely contemporary and creative way. Made in France with exceptional ingredients, this artsy and chaotic Maison wants everyone to be free to test, mix or collect their fragrances: freedom is, in fact, the key ingredient that makes these perfumes stand out from the rest.
Bon Parfumeur
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Bon Parfumeur Perfumes: Discover the Olfactory Elegance of French Perfumery

Enter the enveloping world of Bon Parfumeur, the French maison that conceives perfume as a powerful means of embracing and connecting people. In keeping with its historic passion for the art of perfumery, Bon Parfumeur is devoted to the use of precious materials, capable of making the choice of perfume a special moment that goes beyond sé as its enchantmentcreates bonds with the hearts of those around us. Discover the world of luxury perfumes Bon Parfumeur!


The history of Bon Parfumeur

Bon Parfumeur is an innovative French maison that revolutionized the world of fragrances. Founded by Ludovic Bonneton, a passionate perfume collector and lover of art, the company is was the first to introduce to the market a range of fragrances that allows one to change perfume according to one's preferences and the mood of the moment. Bonneton's inspiration is was driven by his passion for traditional works of art and the art of perfumery, bringing these two worlds together in a surprising way.

Bonneton's vision is was to create a collection of original perfumes that not only captured the essence of the artworks, but were also accessible to everyone, allowing everyone to express their individuality through the power of fragrances. This goal is reflected in the wide range of fragrances numbered from 0 to 9, each representing a unique composition and a distinctive style. This numbering not only simplifies the choice for customers, but also adds a touch of enigmaticity and charm to the selection.

The ethical and sustainable approach of Bon Parfumeur is another element that has defined its distinctiveness. With a commitment to the use of high-quality and natural ingredients, the company has demonstrated that beauty and ethics can coexist harmoniously in the world of perfumery. This philosophy also extends to the company's transparency: every ingredient used is is listed in detail on the packaging, allowing customers to make informed and informed choices.

The Bon Parfumeur is universe is composed of a variety of olfactory families, each offering a unique sensory experience. This careful and detailed approach to fragrance creation fits perfectly with the maison's mission to provide a deep and meaningful experience through the art of perfumery. Ultimately, Bon Parfumeur has redefined the very concept of perfume, transforming it from a simple personal fragrance to a mutable and accessible art form. Its story is rooted in a love of art, passion for fragrance, and sustainable ethics, creating a brand that represents the union of traditioninnovation and authenticity in the perfumery universe.


Bon Parfumeur Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Bon Parfumeur 004 Eau de ParfumExplore the modern elegance of Bon Parfumeur 004 Eau de Parfum. It opens with the lively gin of juniper and Italian citrus, conveying vitality. Notes of nutmeg and patchouli add depth; while tobacco, tonka bean, and white musks lend endurance. A unique sensory experience for the contemporary soul.
  • Bon Parfumeur 801 Eau de Parfum. Experience Sea and Sun: 801, the Perfume that Carries Summer. As a pleasant sea breeze caresses the skin, 801 Eau de Parfum floods us with freshness through a trio of Italian citrus fruits, like a Mediterranean smile. Progressively, this fragrant breeze intensifies, blending spices like pink pepper and nutmeg, evoking the liveliness of a summer stroll. Rows of cedar and cypress dance in the air, diffusing hints of sun-kissed wood. An olfactory ode to summer, to be worn and breathed in every season.
  • Bon Parfumeur 103 Eau de Parfum. A Sensory Journey to the Beach: Eau de Parfum 103 enchants the senses with an olfactory experience that evokes warm sea breezes, exotic flowers, and the allure of vacation. Initial tones of bergamot and neroli give way to a floral heart of frangipani and Sambac jasmine. Finally, the base of musk and vanilla leaves an enveloping trail of sweetness. 103 EDP is capable of evoking tropical beaches and carefree moments.
  • Bon Parfumeur 701 Eau de Parfum. Unique Olfactory Experience: the Eau de Parfum offers a surprising sensory adventure for lovers of novelty. The fruity opening with hints of grapefruit and bergamot blends with an explosive heart of pepper, rosemary, coriander, eucalyptus, and cypress. This fiery combination balances beautifully with white wood, amber and incense that gently emerge as the scent unfolds. An exciting and memorable olfactory ode.
  • Bon Parfumeur 803 Eau de Parfum. Frosted Patchouli: an Olfactory Ballet between Opposites. The distinctive harmony between warm and cold comes to life in Frosted Patchouli. The experience begins with an icy freshness, reminiscent of sea breezes, immediately contrasted by a spicy fusion of vibrant ginger, pink pepper, and juniper berries. The pulsating heart is dominated by patchouli, emanating enveloping intensity and penetrating warmth. Eau de Parfum 803 captures the soul of patchouli like a leaf trapped in icy enchantment.


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