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St. Barth
Ligne St Barth was born from a small Caribbean paradise in the French Antilles: it was in St Barth that Mr and Mrs Brin founded this brand, inspired by the unspoilt nature of the island, some thirty years ago. Discover the brand's iconic products, such as the vanilla fragrance Vanille West Indies or the unmistakable Roucou Oil, the Aloe & Mint Gel and much more!
St. Barth
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Ligne St Barth products

In the earthly paradise of the French Antilles, there is an island burnt by the sun: the salty wind fills the lungs of those who live there and the sweet fruits of the earth decorate the tables. We are talking about the island of St Barth, where about thirty years ago the Brin family, under the loving guidance of Hervé Brin, decided to found Ligne St Barth, a line of body and sun care products inspired by the island's rich nature. Today, St Barth has an extensive collection of cosmetics, sunscreens, face and body creams and Eau de Toilette, all carefully produced on the island. If you are curious to discover this exotic and natural brand, don't waste any more time: grab your beach bag and choose the best St Barth products to face your summer with us!


St Barth Sunscreens

One of the sunniest islands of the Antilles could not fail to offer a line of sunscreens based on body oils, capable of protecting and nourishing the skin like no other. A few examples? In the first place, we cannot but mention Roucou Oil SPF 6, one of the most iconic products in the St Barth line: this sun oil based on marigold flower extract, almond oil and beeswax is a veritable elixir for a perfect tan. Thanks to its formulation based on vegetable oils, Roucou Oil can protect the skin to perfection, while accelerating the tan. For those looking for extra protection,  St. Barth Roucou Sun Milk SPF30 or SPF 15 is a real godsend: gentle on the skin, this high SPF protection is perfect for sensitive skin. Thanks to provitamin-A, Roucou Sun Milk stimulates the natural tanning process. But that's not all: the suncare range also includes a wide selection of after-sun products. One of the best St Barth after-sun products is undoubtedly Avocado Oil, which has a high content of vitamins A, D and E: this after-sun oil will nourish your skin thoroughly, restoring its natural barriers. Another treat you'll want to pack in your beach bag is St Barth Gel Aloe & Mint, a refreshing alcohol-free after-sun, which is light and soothing and perfect for even the most delicate skin. Apply it after a day in the sun for instant relief. Discover the entire St Barth line at the best price!


St Barth Body Creams

Ligne St Barth loves to take care of your body, which is why we have created a wide selection of Moisturising Body Lotions, Massage Oils and specific Men's products. All St Barth body products are enriched with the best ingredients from the island and reflect the care and attention that distinguishes this brand. Particularly not to be missed is the St Barth Coconut Oil, with its very pleasant and quickly absorbed formulation.


St Barth Face Masks

St Barth's delicious face masks are not only distinguished by their delicious fragrances, but also by their very pleasant texture to leave on the skin: don't miss the St Barth Cream Masks with Pink Clay and Passion Fruit and the St Barth Papaya Peeling for deep exfoliation. And to restore your skin's balance and regenerate it, try St Barth Melon Toner.


St Barth Fragrances

One of the flagships of the line, the St Barth Eau de Toilette collection is distinguished by its delicious sophistication: each EDT encapsulates one of the island's scents, leaving the skin fragrant for a long time without being heavy. If you don't know where to start and want to try them all, here's a little tip on where to start: the St Barth vanilla scent is one of the brand's Best Sellers. If you love vanilla, you can't miss Vanille West Indes EDT!


St. Barth Best Seller Products on 50 ml

  • St. Barth Roucou Oil (SPF6): this legendary tanning oil contains coconut oil, selected plant oils and the precious roucou, whose high concentration of provitamin A stimulates melanin production and boosts the skin's natural protective mechanism. The nutrients contained in this unique formula invigorate the skin during sun exposure, giving it a delicate coppery glow.
  • St. Barth Avocado Oil: this rich, cold-pressed oil can be applied directly to skin and hair or used as a bath oil. It cares for the skin, nails and hair, maintaining their health and beauty at any age. With a high content of active ingredients and vitamins A, D and E, it is absorbed into the deepest layers of the skin. 
  • St. Barth Vanilla Body Lotion: based on Caribbean seawater and cold-pressed coconut oil to preserve the valuable natural ingredients and heat-sensitive nutrients. This ultra-moisturising body lotion leaves the skin soft and velvety and reproduces the sensual, exotic notes of Bourbon Vanilla.
  • St. Barth Coconut Oil: pure coconut oil is naturally rich in active nutrients. It protects the skin from dryness, intensifies the tan, and gives damaged hair light and vitality. Coconut oil absorbs quickly and leaves the skin pleasantly soft. You can use it after a shower or in the bath water.


St. Barth Product Reviews: Check out our customer reviews!

  • St. Barth Best Seller Travel Kit: "I don't usually leave reviews, but wow. This is my first time trying St. Barth products, and I do not regret it. the scent of the body lotion is delicious, and the aloe gel is great...but I LOVE the oils. They leave my skin shiny and silky, I feel super soft and relaxed every time I use them!" Anita
  • St. Barth Aloe & Mint Gel: "I use it both as an aftershave and as an aftersun, fantastic. It's the only after-sun that I don't have to throw away right after my holiday, it smells good, it's non-greasy and leaves my skin super soft. What more can I say?" Mark
  • St. Barth Vanille West Indies Parfum: "The first time I wore it I was amazed. It is not only a fragrance with a unique, sweet and seductive scent, but the quality of the ingredients is immediately perceptible. It is highly concentrated, and the pure vanilla extract really makes a difference: not only does it smell great, but it also lasts a long time. I recommend it." Elena
  • St. Barth Face Travel Kit: "I asked a friend of mine who works as a make-up artist what she would recommend for facial care, and she recommended this kit. I have dry skin and a beard, and I must say that after two weeks I can already see the difference. My girlfriend is also using it and she likes it too." James


50 ml has chosen the best St Barth products for you, so you can test the best natural quality on your skin. Don't miss our catalogue of suncare, skincare and body care products. We remind you that on 50 ml you can buy samples of some of the best niche fragrances: browse our wide selection and find the perfume that suits you best! Free samples upon request in every order!