Antiqua Firenze

Antiqua Firenze
AntiQua Firenze is an elegant line of fragrances inspired by the breathtaking beauty of Florence and its amazing history. The genius of Enzo Galardi has managed to combine the proverbial olfactory splendor of the past and a modern approach to perfumery, with no excesses. An elegant and clean design for timeless fragrances.
Antiqua Firenze
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Antiqua Perfumes Florence

A Maison that gathers its heritage from the home of arts, crafts and perfumes: Florence. The "AntiQua" Firenze perfumes are the fruit of the Florentine craft tradition, whose perfumery art has its roots as far back as 1300. From Florence, through the great Caterina de' Medici, traditional fragrances spread to France and then to the world. To wear the aromatic notes of "AntiQua" Firenze is to carry an echo of the great kings and queens of the past, embracing a history that boasts luxury perfumes in the highest sense of the term. "AntiQua" Firenze is not just a line of hand-crafted perfumes of exceptional quality. It is the result of a personal and historical journey that blends tradition, excellent raw materials and modern sensibility to streamline from unnecessary excesses to fragrances capable of arousing high-level sensory emotions.

The origins of the Maison

Enzo Galardi, a master perfumer, grew up spending his time in the artisan perfume workshop run by his grandfather; learning to recognise each note and studying the secrets of traditional techniques. His life was then dedicated to making contemporary and unique the atmospheres and suggestions imprinted in his soul from a young age. After many important essences realised for various Maisons, with "AntiQua" Florence has decided to return to breathe the purest essence of Florence and to offer it to all lovers of artisanal perfumes.

The technical realisation is typical of luxury perfumes: the essences of "AntiQua" Firenze are created in the artisan laboratory, where the most precious raw materials are processed with the utmost respect for their natural properties. A place of wonder where, just as in ancient Florence, the best of the most precious ingredients arrive from all over the world. Just as then, they are processed until they become works of art. These precious handcrafted fragrances are then enclosed in bottles with a minimal, eternal design: designed to cover small, timeless masterpieces that project the best of Tuscan artistic tradition into the future.

Antiqua Firenze Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml:

  • Antiqua Firenze Notturno Di Rosa Eau de Parfum: Mandarin and Blackcurrant make the fragrance's start mischievously playful, before giving way to an elegantly suave heart of Turkish Rose and sweet, honeyed, fleetingly woody nuances of Bulgarian Rose. Graceful veins bind with lordly harmony to the base notes composed of Amber, Patchouli and sophisticated powdery notes that subtly emanate from the Iris. Rounded elegance encompasses the luxurious splendour of one of the most aristocratic flowers.
  • Antiqua Firenze Sogno a Firenze Eau de Parfum: inspired by Santa Maria del Fiore, the cathedral of Florence. A fragrant dream where essences and aromas from the Orient arrive in the Tuscan capital carried by a strong, powerful wind. Black Pepper to ignite the senses and delicate, flowery Neroli to soothe them. Rose Absolute and Jasmine draw invigorating and balsamic freshness from the aromatic and violet Juniper Berries, allowing a rich, dense and sweetly floral essence to emerge. The caressing base has Vanilla and White Musk as its protagonists, notes that trace an exciting oriental framework for a dream that has no frontiers.
  • Antiqua Firenze Fico Fiorentino Eau de Parfum: a small green treasure chest reveals its fragrant treasures with dynamic aromaticity. Effervescent citrus fruits such as sweet Mandarin, Orange, the delicious tartness of Bergamot and Lime blend with the zesty acidity of Blackcurrant. The sweetness of Orange Blossom and Jasmine opens up a luminous heart overflowing with Mediterranean scents. The fragrance closes with balsamic and arboreal sweetness, a precious gift of Cypress and noble Cedarwood. A deliciously bois&eacute epilogue, in which Fig embodies the carefree holiday freshness of summer days.
  • Antiqua Firenze Dea Sutra Eau de Parfum: a perceptive aphorism, a sensory combination unites a ritual of ancient ointments and remedies with diktats of beauty adopted by a contemporary goddess. The fragrance opens with a provocative and captivating contrast thanks to the special freshness of Bergamot and the innocent tenderness of Mandarin. The character of our Goddess takes shape with a decisive heart, where the sweetness of Rose ignites with the sensual and spicy warmth of Cinnamon, then emphasised by the typical energy of Pepper. Patchouli and Vetiver release vibrant, earthy, herbaceous and softly woody scents, closing the fragrance with magnificent, undisputed elegance.
  • Antiqua Firenze Oasi di Agrumi Eau de Parfum: An Eau de Parfum that draws you into the arid dunes of an ochre-coloured desert, into a lush oasis that surrounds and protects a frothy citrus spring. Exuberant, tart gushes of Bergamot and Grapefruit are softened by the tender gurgle of Mandarin. The heart palpitates with almost balsamic vibrations where reassuring Orange is enhanced by the sweetness of Sandalwood, while Blackcurrant and Patchouli develop an orientalising alchemy with spicy traits. The warm and enveloping aroma of White Musk offers a soft bed to welcome us into this olfactory chimaera.

Antiqua Firenze Perfumes Reviews: Discover our customer reviews!

  • Antiqua Firenze Emozioni Eau de Parfum: “A little-known but very sophisticated fragrance with a remarkable sillage. It evokes in me the idea of a thé taken in the garden of a villa on a sunny day: an explosion of sweet, floral notes on a base of musk and tonka bean. Ideal for summer but perfect for all seasons for those who love elegant, soft fragrances. Very pleasant, suitable for both sexes.” Federico
  • Antiqua Firenze Eau de Parfum: “By the third perfume from this Maison I realised I was in love, so of course, I had to buy the brand's signature fragrance. It opens spicy and then slips into a more floral and woody drydown. The choice of basil is very particular, an unexpected note in a fragrance that evidently starts from a historical base. It strongly gives the impression of something created by an 18th-century apothecary but with a futuristic vision. Try” Giovanni
  • Antiqua Firenze Miss Tuberosa de Parfum: “The best perfume for tuberose lovers. An elegant, fruity and floral fragrance on a clean base that makes it one of the best women's fragrances I have ever smelled without depriving it of its unisex character. It might have a quite safe pyramid, if not for a coconut note that together with neroli creates an unexpected duo. Sumptuous and refined, è what I would expect a lady from Florence with an intriguing streak” Dalidà
  • to wear.
  • Antiqua Firenze Presente & Futuro Eau de Parfum: “strong and long-lasting. A singular mix of saffron, clove, artemisia and citrus fruits that glide towards a creamy, warm, deep…almost narcotic heart and conclusion. A warm, vanilla base seems to wrap you in a comfortable blanket. I love buying it for my partner, I think it represents him best and makes me feel safe when I embrace him.” Valentina
  • Antiqua Firenze Stella di Mare Eau de Parfum: “It opens with a fresh, citrusy burst of Italian citrus and juniper berries. It then evolves into a green heart with a hint of geranium and patchouli. The drydown retains some of its juicy freshness but combines it with woody and musky notes. A wonderful summer fragrance with a long finish and a medium sillage, which is at its best in warmer temperatures. A Mediterranean citrus scent on the sea.” Antonio

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