Beaufort London

Beaufort London

Founded in 2013 by musician Leo Crabtree, BeauFort London began as a producer of beard & moustache wax. After exploring the poetry of fragrance production, the brand decided to focus on the latter, harnessing the etymology of the word 'scent' and creating fragrances that evoke real or imagined memories. Today, the brand has developed two collections of perfumes and one of scented candles.

Beaufort London
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Beaufort London Perfumes

Dive into the history of Beaufort London. A British brand founded in 2013 by Leo Crabtree, a musician who managed to combine his early experiences at sea and a typically British obsession with the elements with his interest in perfumes and men's body products. The word "perfume" derives from the Latin "per fumum", meaning "through smoke", and it is on this etymology that the brand has decided to base its olfactory philosophy, exploiting the many facets of smoke to create unique fragrances that evoke memories, real or imagined.

The history of Beaufort London fragrances

In the beginning, the brand had a specific aim: to create a handmade moustache wax in an aluminium billet case, an innovative and high-quality solution compared to the male grooming products that were available on the market at the time. This first creation, however, led them to explore the poetics of fragrance production and to explore the history of perfume, leading Beaufort London to decide to focus on this sector. In 2015 the first perfume collection was launched, Come Hell Or High Water, initially consisting of three fragrances: TonnerreCoeur De Noir and Vi et Armis. The brand's unusual approach to fragrance creation, its use of unique ingredients in 'overdosed' concentrations, and its usually luxurious aesthetic attracted both critical acclaim and consternation: the seed had been sown.


Beaufort London Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

  • BeauFort London Fathom V Eau de Parfum: a fragrance for the intrepid, challenging preconceptions about the true meaning of 'aquatic'. By juxtaposing above and below, light and shadow, we imagine the eternally changing state of the sea, constantly evolving between calm and wildness. Salt meets earth, sparkling herbs blend with dark musks, and bright floral notes meet dark spices and pepper. A mysterious and seductive fragrance that captures the essence of the ocean.
  • BeauFort London Coeur De Noir Eau de Parfum: Immerse yourself in a world of art inspired by the sea with this captivating fragrance. The fragrance boasts dominant notes of black ink, complemented by the rich aroma of spiced rum and the unmistakable scent of leather-bound books. Warm and mysterious hints of vanilla pipe tobacco add depth to the fragrance, all perfectly anchored by the dark heart of birch tar and labdanum. You will find yourself adrift in a world of seafaring adventures and artistic expression.
  • BeauFort London Vi Et Armis Eau de Parfum: Described as "chaos in a bottle”, lapsang souchong, heavily peaty whisky, dark tobaccos, spices and opium combine to produce an intensely provocative fragrance. The fragrance opens with an explosion of spicy and citrus notes, followed by a blend of decadent, fruity and floral notes and base notes that are a rich and complex mix of leather, amber and woody notes. An intense and lasting fragrance that exudes power and strength.
  • BeauFort London Tonnerre Eau de Parfum: singularly bold in its composition, refined, provocative and unique. Tonnerre is inspired by the stormy nature of the ocean and presents bold, intense notes that perfectly capture its raw power. Top notes of Gunpowder, Brandy, Marine Notes and Blood evoke a glorious naval battle, balanced by penetrating citrus notes that add depth and complexity. Woody, balsamic and ambery base notes create a rich, bewitching finish that perfectly embodies the fascinating essence of the sea.
  • BeauFort London Fathom V Candle: designed to capture the mysterious and seductive qualities of the sea with its unique blend of aromatic and woody scents. By juxtaposing top and bottom, light and shadow, we imagine the eternally changing state of the sea, constantly evolving between calm and wildness. Salt meets earth, sparkling herbs blend with dark musks, and bright floral notes meet dark spices and pepper. A candle with a mysterious and seductive fragrance.


BeauFort London Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Reviews!

  • BeauFort London Iron Duke Eau de Parfum: “An intense, strong, long-lasting scent. Leather, gunpowder, Tobacco and Rum, but also ferrous, smoky and aromatic. A perfume that is a battle, I see it perfect on my partner: a man with an intense and sensual personality, with a slightly bohemian note, always with a cigar in the back. It is unisex, but I recommend it only to women with a very strong personality. A fragrance that is a work of art, and should be worn as such. For those seeking a dark but more versatile and wearable fragrance, I recommend Terror & Magnificence Eau de Parfum” Alexandra
  • BeauFort London Lignum Vitae Eau de Parfum: “As an admirer of Beaufort London, I was expecting a dark, smoky fragrance: I couldn't have been more wrong, and I'm oddly happy about that. A summer breakfast on a terrace overlooking the sea, the fronds of citrus trees waving softly. Biscuits, jams, and herbal teas are in front of you. A photorealistic, unexpected but phenomenal smell. A fantastic gourmand.” Oreste
  • BeauFort London Rake & Ruin Eau de Parfum: “I have finally started collecting Beaufort London perfumes, and this one is the flagship for me. I have been buying the best perfumes for years, for women as well as men, but this one for me is a flagship. It smells like a fire burning with aromatic and resinous wood, citrus peel and pepper. A dark, sweetish note that reminds me of a liquorice liqueur, then the fire dies down and I notice the aromatic/balsamic notes more clearly as if I were in a pine forest. An animalic scent is perceived in the distance, balanced by floral and talc notes. A unique fragrance, definitely in my top 10 perfumes.” Ivan
  • BeauFort London Vi et Armis Candle: “I always get it for my club, a speakeasy with an elegant, masculine and somewhat eccentric tone. It has a decadent, soothing scent that makes me think a bit of an eighteenth-century libertine's study. A single candle lasts me more than a week! It has now become an essential part of my waiting room with its unique scent and the calm but the not sloppy atmosphere it creates. I recommend it.” Tommaso
  • BeauFort London Acrasia Eau de Parfum: “I was looking for an elegant and somewhat gloomy perfume, and a friend of mine recommended this one. She got it right! I seem to smell a sweet, dark, intense red wine in a darkened room with light-incensed notes. From the ajar window come floral, woody and underwood notes. Certainly an intriguing fragrance, I find myself sniffing my skin over and over again in search of its notes. It sounds a bit like a poem by Baudelaire.” Scarlett


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