Zarkoperfume creates perfumes that are inspired by Scandinavia. The vastness of the Nordic valleys, with all their suggestions, is transformed into a unique fragrance catalog by following the intent of merging classic French perfumery with rigorous Nordic molecular science. Not much differently from a painting or a musical work, a great perfume is a composition.
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Zarkoperfume Perfumes

Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov has committed his life in the heart of Scandinavia since 2008 to achieving a dream: going on a bold path in the art of fragrance production. The laboratory has become his sanctuary, a place where standard perfume conventions do not apply and truly unique and distinctive scents are created. Zarko's compositions, while respecting tradition and moving to the future, dare to call into question the fundamental premise of wearing an eau de parfum.


The Zarkoperfume Collection

Zarkoperfum perfumes are intended to bring people into a realm of fantasies, where every possibility comes to life, not only to fulfill everyday expectations. The two main collections, the Classics and the Cloud Collection, comprise one-of-a-kind perfumes created using cutting-edge Nordic molecular technologyA very unique feature distinguishes the Cloud No.1, Cloud No.2, and Cloud No.3 fragrances: the molecules, essential oils, and water in the container are visible to the naked eye! 

Zarkoperfume's creative games do not stop there. Explore the full inventory and select the idea that most inspires you, because each fragrance is a true work of art that will take you on a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable journey.


Zarkoperfume Bestsellers Perfumes on 50 ml 

  • The Muse EDP: a spring dream comes true. The scent of fresh laundry in the sun, soft wood and delicate flowers come together in inspiring harmony. The oud accord gives a unique and captivating note, making this slightly woody artistic fragrance irresistible.
  • Pink Molècule 090.09 EDP: Nordic elements blend with the allure of pink champagne. An innocent opening that takes sensual nuances, like a warm spring wind mingling with the dark trees of Denmark.
  • Molecule C-19 The Beach EDP: the sun, warm sand, and a gentle sea breeze. This scent will envelop you with coconut and vanilla, giving you a carefree summer feeling. Woody and musky accents complete this creation. What a heavenly feeling! 
  • Molècule 234.38 EDP: this fragrance is never the same! Based on a single, large molecule, the interaction with each person's own pheromones creates a different scent.
  • Cloud Discovery Kit: The Cloud Collection travel set is ideal as a gift or to take with you wherever you go!


Zarkoperfume Perfumes Opinions: Discover Our Customers' Reviews!

  • Cloud No.2 EDP: "A true revolution! Not only it's visually fascinating, but it has a magical scent, reminding me of the freshness of seawater and the charm of Scandinavian forests." - Hector
  • Menage a Trois EDP: "A forbidden and irresistible fragrance: every time I wear it, I feel enveloped in a vortex of passion! - Marika
  • Purple Molècule 070.07 EDP: "It's the perfect scent for summer! The touch of vanilla and sandalwood makes me feel wrapped in a warm summer breeze. It's sweet and delicate, just the way I like it!" - Sofia
  • Youth EDP: "How nostalgic…when I smell this perfume I remember my first love: innocent, genuine, unforgettable! " - Frederick
  • Cloud No.1 EDP: "Incredible, beautiful! It's a super special perfume that speaks about me, because it reacts differently depending on the person wearing it!" - Julia


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