Obvious is a luxury perfume brand that focuses on olfactory elegance and a new understanding of luxury, incorporating simplicity and environmental awareness. The perfumes are modern and adapt to current tastes and lifestyles. Made in France from environmentally friendly raw materials. Obvious is an elegant and conscious choice for those seeking quality fragrances.

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Obvious Perfumes

Less is better! Obvious is the perfume that fits today's wardrobe and lifestyle: simplehigh qualityethicaloriginal and informal. Obvious luxury perfumes are the manifestation of a genuine desire for smell refinement and an ethically positive new concept of luxury that inspires many. Obvious reflects the very essence of what it offers and its products are ethically made. It believes that today's luxury cannot be separated from the safeguarding of our planet.


Obvious Perfumes' Ethos

Obvious conceives beauty in actions and attitudes, convinced that it is expressed through the well-being within and the harmony between body and mind. A beautiful perfume does not need to be explained, it is worn like something discounted, like a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt.

The choice of perfume is made to be at peace with one's authentic essence. This is what makes it beautiful in the eyes of others. Obvious niche perfumes are good for the wearer, for others and the planet.

Obvious was born from the search for a new olfactory elegance and a new concept of luxury: a luxury characterised by simplicity, which takes into account environmental issues; an essential luxury. These fragrances represent the present, the product of a society made up of new consumers who are aware of the world around them, demanding the products they buy and looking for originality.

The creator of Obstacle is a luxury that is characterised by simplicity, with environmental awareness.

The creator of Obvious, David Frossard, has followed the evolution of the perfume industry for over 20 years. Through a constant process of perfection in this industry, David has conceived Obvious as a luxury perfume brand that meets the demands of modern times, combining simplicity and elegance with respect for others and care for the environment.


Sustainability and Fragrances: Obvious!

Obvious is a luxury perfume brand that is environmentally responsible and made in France. They prefer ecological raw materials for both the essences, where they prefer natural ingredients to synthetic alternatives, and the organic alcohol used for the dilution process, for the recycled and recyclable glass bottles, the cork caps without plastic inserts and of course for the outer packaging made entirely of recyclable paper, without cellophane.

Obvious offers perfumes at a fair price that support a production chain of suppliers committed to a sustainable development approach, despite low demand in the luxury sector.


Obvious Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml:

  • Obvious Un Bois Eau de Parfum: a fragrance as fresh, solid and dry as the material from which it takes its name. A modern woody scent carried by ambroxan makes it addictive. Notes of sandalwood, chypre and cedar follow one another to leave an impression of character and power. The freshness of Italian bergamot and the elegance of Haitian vetiver end up making this perfume a classic for men and women alike!
  • Obvious Un Musc Eau de Parfum: The comfort and elegance of a second skin. When perfume and skin enter into perfect symbiosis to sublimate the rare elegance of being authentic to oneself, Un Musc appears. Notes of ginger, bergamot and vetiver bring freshness and originality to these most crystal-clear, enveloping and clean white musks in perfumery.
  • Obvious Une Fleur d'Oranger Eau de Parfum: as soft and sensual as a summer afternoon. A sunny and generous fragrance reminiscent of summer farniente and exalting the beauty of citrus fruits, mythical fruits that populate history. A plunge into the heart of the Mediterranean, from the Cypriot mandarin, the cradle of Venus, to the Italian bergamot, and of course the neroli of the Tunisian coast. Finally, the bigarade orange and the sweet orange from the Mediterranean coast of Spain.
  • Obvious Une Vanille Eau de Parfum: a sensual gourmand. “Moving away from gourmet vanilla, we have recovered its ancestral depth. Its scent is unctuous and powerful, sensual but not gaudy.” Madagascar black vanilla is accompanied by tonka bean with almond facets. A final touch that conveys the original scent of this fruit whose aroma plays alternately between sweetness and power, prominence and mystery, so natural and supernatural at the same time.
  • Obvious Une Verveine Eau de Parfum: An aromatic and sugary charm. This verbena overflows with joy with its sparkling notes, but it is also deep and very herbaceous. It does not express a gender; its lemony top notes are masculine in the register but are also very feminine for the leaves. The galbanum and blackcurrant leaf accord enhance its freshness, fuelled by heliotrope. In a surprising move, traces of eucalyptus leaves make this fragrance invigorating with verbena and a hint of ginger.

Obvious Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Obvious Un Ete Eau de Parfum: “A cup of thé matcha with jasmine, ginger and citrus. Mate, vanilla and tonka bean arrive at a later stage, like a sweet taste to soften a sugar-free thé. Besides being phenomenal, Obvious perfumes are natural and do not contain BHT, so I would say 11/10” Silvana
  • Obvious Un Patchouli Eau de Parfum: “elegant, sophisticated and versatile patchouli. The fresh opening softens as time passes, giving the fragrance three-dimensionality. One of the best perfumes for men and women alike that I have tried.” Francesca
  • Obvious Un Musc Hand And Body Wash: “I fell in love with Un Musc EDP, so, of course, I couldn't try the body wash as well. I have to say I like it, it leaves the skin soft and reinforces the scent of the EDP.” Gianfranco
  • Obvious Une Figue Eau de Parfum: “Un Figue smells like summer to me. I am in the countryside, near the sea, and I already taste the sweetness of figs. Eucalyptus, orange, cedar and rosemary spread their sweet scent in the air around. From afar comes a little sea breeze. Fantastic” Livio
  • Obvious Une Rose Eau de Parfum: “A three-layered bouquet: citrus, floral and spicy: bergamot, grapefruit and mandarin; rose and geranium; pink pepper and cardamom. Perfect. The spicy notes are very delicate, which I particularly appreciate. is the kind of elegant and pleasant fragrance that is perfect for every occasion.” Saskia


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