Francesca Bianchi

Francesca Bianchi
Francesca Bianchi is the result of a constant aim for quality raw materials. Every fragrance is born in the Amsterdam laboratory, but is processed in an artisan atelier in Italy, which puts it in alcohol, lets it age, and then takes care of packaging it. Each perfume goes through a long and complex creative process, able to reveal each ingredient in depth.
Francesca Bianchi
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Francesca Bianchi Perfumes

How is a niche perfume born? Francesca Bianchi starts from an intellectual process, from the desire to express concepts, from an idea, from a state of mind. It is for this reason that every Fragrance Extract in the line is able to arouse profound emotions and to draw the memory archive of anyone who finds themselves sniffing it. The artistic vision that drives Francesca, combined with a profound knowledge of ingredients, is the basis of her great success. Every Francesca Bianchi perfume is not only an olfactory experience, but also an emotional, human, vital, individual and collective one, It's stability and transformation, It's love, pain, joy, sense of mystery. 

Francesca Bianchi has created a series of sensual and persistent or, better still, provocative perfumes, just like the most hidden and instinctive sides of human nature. All his olfactory creations start with a meticulous search for raw materials (both natural and synthetic), fundamental to expressing a specific idea and finding the perfect balance. Each perfume is personally designed and created by Francesca in her laboratory in Grasse, France, over a period of 6 months to 4 years. Each fragrance is blended in France and then shipped to Italy, to a manufacturing company in Milan, to complete production (maturation in alcohol, filtering, bottling, packaging).


Francesca Bianchi Body Oil

In addition to a rich collection of Extrait de Parfum, Francesca Bianchi has created a line of dry body oils, infused with the finest Francesca Bianchi fragrances. Nourishing but not greasy, all the dry oils leave a silky effect on skin and hair, thanks to a high concentration of vegetable-derived oils (the product is 98% natural). Discover all the fragrances, such as Sex and The Sea, The Dark Side, Under My Skin, Angel’s Dust, etc.


Best Selling Francesca Bianchi Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Francesca Bianchi Sex and The Sea Extrait de Parfum: an intense and seductive oriental unisex scent. The starting point of this perfume is sunburnt, sweaty, salty skin, one of Francesca Bianchi's fondest memories. A memory that seemed to have been forgotten, but which suddenly resurfaced, thanks to a cream containing helichrysum. Starting with helichrysum, Francesca worked on a special amber accord, more “human” than typically oriental. The civet tincture reinforced the intimate-human atmosphere.

  • Francesca Bianchi Under My Skin Extrait de Parfum: this fragrance is Francesca's interpretation of the animal theme: not strong, but whispered, an elegant, leathery, talcum-skinned perfume, more human than animal.

  • Francesca Bianchi Sticky Fingers Extrait de Parfum: this fragrance revolves around patchouli, in a decadent and sumptuous interpretation. The opening immediately declares its powerful weapons: an intense, liqueur-like patchouli and leather, showing its somewhat wild, yet carefree character. On drying, it becomes softer and more complex, through a dirty iris butter that makes the atmosphere more intriguing. Don't be fooled by the iris, though! There’s no romance here: tobacco leaves are pressed to roll a cigarette, the leather jacket is tossed somewhere, finally the delicious and tantalizing smell of human skin emerges.

  • Francesca Bianchi Angel’s Dust Extrait de Parfum: with Angel’s Dust Francesca Bianchi has sought to recreate the feminine character in an innocent, feather-light way, but at the same time seductive, bold and decadent. She is a woman not interested in asserting herself through career or aping traditionally male roles, but seeks to exert her power through seduction. He therefore warmed up the rose-iris accord by adding a combination of resins, representing a decadent, lived-in sensuality. Inspirations were Les Liaisons Dangereuses, which exactly represents the sophisticated and corrupt atmosphere, and the film Marie Antoniette by Sofia Coppola, for the way femininity is portrayed: shoes, sins, libertinism, decorated and delicious cakes and absolute carefree, guilt-free sensuality.


Francesca Bianchi Perfumes: Opinions and Reviews

  • Francesca Bianchi The Dark Side Extrait de Parfum: “Excellent! A perfume that evolves continuously, wintery, hypnotic, intimate. A masterpiece. It has to be tried on the skin, like all Francesca Bianchi. A must-have”. Livia

  • Francesca Bianchi Sex and The Sea Neroli Extrait de Parfum: “A sensual fragrance! It's like the Sex and the Sea, but with more character. The neroli is narcotic and hypnotic. It wasn't love at first sight, but it won me over time". Francesca

  • Francesca Bianchi Lost in Heaven Extrait de Parfum: “A splendid perfume, which, however, needs to be understood: like almost all of Bianchi's perfumes, it is not immediate. I don't recommend to neophytes, accustomed to modern French perfumery, to buy it closed-box. Lost in Heaven is an example of perfumery made with the heart before chemical ingredients”. Franco

  • Francesca Bianchi Tyger Tyger Extrait de Parfum: “Certainly the most particular creation of this nose. Different and atypical from the rest of the production and for this reason very interesting.” Filippo


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