Solid Perfume

Solid perfumes are scented waxes that will give you all the pleasures of the more traditional Eau de Parfum. The perfect solution to take with you on your trips: solid perfumes can be used literally anywhere! The absence of alcohol in the formula also makes them suitable even for the most sensitive skin types, that might be prone to various allergies.

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Solid Perfume

Have you ever thought about replacing (or accompanying) your traditional perfume with a solid perfume? Small, convenient, easy to carry around, solid perfumes have a very ancient history: they were, in fact, used in Ancient Egypt during religious rituals and beyond. Today they are less common, but no less appreciated by those who know them.


What is a Solid Perfume

Solid perfumes are fragrances in the form of balm or wax: they allow targeted application of the product, which, when heated by the heat of the skin, blends with it, allowing a subsequent soft and homogeneous release of the fragrance. Generally characterized by small sizes, it lasts a long time: in fact, very little is needed to perfume for a long time!


The Advantages of Solid Perfume

  • Convenient size to carry around. Small and easy to reapply, solid perfume will become your best friend to slip into your purse or pocket. Very convenient for quick and discreet reapplication throughout the day.
  • No alcohol. Most solid perfumes do not contain alcohol or contain a very low percentage: this makes them extremely gentle even on the most sensitive skin.
  • Ideal for travel. Thanks to its solid and small size format, this type of perfume is perfect to slip into your carry-on luggage! Don't give up your favorite perfume when you travel anymore!
  • No leaks. The solid consistency will not make you waste a drop of perfume: however, be careful not to leave your perfume in front of excessive heat sources.
  • Discretion. Solid perfume is very "polite": clean and quick to reapply, it will allow you to put on perfume again at any time of the day, without the typical spraying of a liquid fragrance bothering those around you.
  • Original gift idea. Do you remember those moments of pure desperation when you just can't think of a gift for him or her, for your mother or father? Well, giving a solid perfume could really make you stand out. It's an original but delicate thought that also meets the tastes of the most skeptical.
  • Layering. Solid fragrances can help you layer perfume: their balm-like consistency slightly moisturizes the skin, helping other fragrances adhere to it. They can, therefore, be an easy and discreet way to start exploring new horizons with olfactory notes!


How to Use Solid Perfume

Thoroughly wash your hands to avoid contaminating the product and gently warm a small amount of scented balm between your fingertips. Once softened, apply the solid perfume to the desired areas, preferably those that are particularly "warm" (e.g. wrists, elbow creases, neck, behind the ears). Massage and dab gently until completely absorbed. Et voilà: welcome to the world of solid perfumes!


diptyque Solid Perfume in 50 ml

In a niche perfume brand like diptyque, a line of solid perfumes cannot be missing. Among diptyque's solid fragrances are some of the most precious and beloved, for their undeniable quality, but also for the finely decorated packaging, which makes diptyque's solid perfumes a true collector's item!

  • diptyque Philosykos Solid Perfume: it is the love for Greece and its vegetation that inspires the essence of this solid perfume. A fragrance that encapsulates all the parts of the fig, the fresh and succulent fruit so praised by Plato. The philosopher believed that this plant had the power to strengthen intelligence.
  • diptyque Eau Capitale Solid Perfume: An opulent bouquet of roses combines with the freshness of bergamot and the liveliness of pink pepper. This solid perfume represents the claim of creative freedom, adding to the notes not musk, but patchouli, all inspired by the boulevards and palaces of a timeless Paris.
  • diptyque Orpheon Solid Perfume: born in honor of the eponymous nocturnal establishment, this solid perfume aims to recreate the atmospheres of that place. The cypriot notes recall the smell of tobacco, traces of powdered blush, and the smooth wood of the bar counter that inspired its creation.
  • diptyque Ombre Dans l'Eau Solid Perfume: the solid version of one of diptyque's most famous perfumes, born in 1983. The idea behind it is to recreate the garden environment and, more specifically, the moment when gardeners used to prune the bushes surrounding bourgeois villas: the scent of rose petals and blackcurrant leaves prevailed!
  • diptyque Eau Rose Solid Perfume: a solid perfume that pays homage to the queen of flowers, revealing, however, a completely new, more vibrant and intoxicating side. To the combo of Damask Rose and Centifolia Rose, fruity shades of lychee and a touch of ambroxan are added, for a breathtaking result!


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