Born to Stand Out

Born to Stand Out

Born to Stand Out is a perfumery brand that rebels against predefined social norms to allow people to explore their true identity. The perfume bottle is inspired by Joseon white porcelain bottles, with refined curves and an elegant structure. Pure white is the basis of the design, while crimson red represents the brand's provocative and unconventional identity.

Born to Stand Out
Set Descending Direction

Born To Stand Out perfumes

The true Korean niche luxury perfumery brand. Unique and original fragrances with a modern design steeped in history and an avant-garde ethos. Abandon cheap standards and discover the real you with Born to Stand Out.

History and Philosophy of Perfumes

Born to Stand Out was born in Seoul, South Korea, in the city's most eccentric and lively area: Itaewon Street. Famous for its modern artworks, Born to Stand Out decided to transmute the unmistakable style that identifies its artworks into an innovative, unique collection of perfumes. Born to Stand Out fragrances aim to subvert the standard to which we are accustomed, allowing us to fully explore our individuality. Thus original and surprising fragrances are born, transporting anyone who smells them into a sensory universe that is both overwhelming and exhilarating, destroying the reference systems of traditional perfumes and reconstructing them in an unexpected way.

The Born to Stand Out fragrance bottle

The bottle of Born to Stand Out fragrances also recalls this objective: it reinterprets Joseon porcelain, a symbol of Korea's classic elegance. These are reinterpreted through the use of crimson red, which stands out dramatically and provocatively against the whiteness and purity of the background. This effect is enhanced even more by the voluptuous curves of the packaging that does not, however, forget an edgier nod, an evocation of modernity unknown to traditional porcelain. All Born to Stand Out products are recyclable and reusable.

Born to Stand Out ethics and sustainability

All Born to Stand Out fragrances are made with a blend of natural source extracts and the highest quality synthetic substances. This makes it possible to maintain a very high standard of quality without sacrificing sustainability and skin tolerability, for products that are hypoallergenic, vegan and sustainable.

Born To Stand Out Best Seller perfumes on 50 ml:

  • Born to Stand Out Dirty Rice Eau de Parfum: 'Scent of sweaty skin', Dirty Rice is a sensory journey, a harmonious interaction that will leave you wanting more. The first notes will tease your senses with a blend of spicy bergamot and almond. As the aroma deepens, the heart notes take centre stage with a creamy blend of basmati rice, peony and milk. Finally, the perfume settles into a rich, seductive base with sandalwood, vetiver and cedarwood, complemented by the subtle vigour of musk and cetalox.
  • Born to Stand Out Indecent Cherry Eau de Parfum: "The wild side of an innocent": the sweet and sensual aroma of an indecent cherry. Top notes of cherry, almond and saffron draw you into the cheerful heart of Bulgarian rose, black cherry, strawberry and mimosa, seducing you with a smile. Base notes of vanilla, amber, Indonesian patchouli, musk and benzoin offer a warm and comforting aroma that lingers sensually on the skin. Perfect for those who want to indulge in a fragrance that is sweet and playful, yet seductive and sophisticated. Wear it to brighten your day and spread a sensual, radiant aura wherever you go.
  • Born to Stand Out Smokin' Gun Eau de Parfum: 'Love by the campfire. A strongly peaty and spicy scotch in a wet forest'. A unique blend of top notes including Campari, Rum, Bigarade Orange and Juniper. Heart notes of Whisky, Pine, Frankincense, Leather, Cinnamon and Oak create a warm, spicy aroma, while base notes of Virginia Cedar, Balkan Tobacco, Surabsolute Vanilla and Sandalwood add depth and richness to the fragrance for a complex, seductive scent that swirls in the head and leaves a lasting impression.
  • Born to Stand Out Hinoki Shower Eau de Parfum: "A cigarette after sex in the woods". Experience the invigorating freshness of the great outdoors with this captivating fragrance. Top notes explode with a blend of camphor, cypress, turpentine and pine, evoking the crisp, clean scent of a forest. The heart notes reveal a tantalizing mix of fragrant thyme, cedarwood and Georgywood, adding depth and complexity to the aroma. Finally, the perfume settles into a warm, earthy base of smoked tobacco, vetiver and tree moss, a combination that lingers on the skin and leaves one feeling as if lying on the living earth.
  • Born to Stand Out Sex & Cognac Eau de Parfum: “A silent night. Her warm body. Seductive scent of aged cognac" From the top note of warm and exotic saffron emerge the heart notes of earthy papyrus and leather, creating a complex and intriguing blend. The base tells of deep, heady notes of Laotian oud and cognac, evoking a sense of opulence and refinement. The interplay of these distinct and evocative notes results in a captivating fragrance, perfect for those seeking a memorable olfactory journey.


Born To Stand Out Perfumes Reviews: See Our Customers' Reviews!

  • Born to Stand Out Drunk Saffron Eau de Parfum: "Just a warning: it's addictive! I use it every day now. It's rich, sparkling, sweet, warm, a complex and not cloying gourmand, somewhat reminiscent of a luxury liqueur. The first spray tastes of sweet coffee, with a fruity note. Saffron, leather, coffee and cognac combine in a warm, extraordinary gourmand wave, reinforced by a juicy plum. It has incredible longevity, I put it on in the morning and still feel it in the evening." Sofia
  • Born to Stand Out Unholy Oud Eau de Parfum: "I've been wanting to try this new niche perfume brand for a long time, but couldn't find it anywhere. Luckily the 50 ml shop alerted me to its arrival (they always have the best niche perfume brands) and as soon as I could I ordered them. They are all really good, but my favourite is Unholy Oud. The typical Rosa Oud accord has been transformed and supplemented with notes of lemon, vanilla and frankincense, turning it into a quasi-gourmand that turns people's heads on the street. It is a perfume with real Oud, not a similar molecule. 10/10." Gabriele
  • Born to Stand Out Mud Eau de Parfum: "A perfume that stands out from all the others in the collection. Elegant, refined, delicate, understated. I would describe it as a 'perfume for the rich'. It seems strange to include it in this collection, but thinking about it is a contradiction within a contradiction, it differs subtly and certainly, the gourmand but not sweet notes go against the idea of "mud" evoked by the name." Alessandro
  • Born to Stand Out Fig Porn Eau de Parfum: "I don't know if I can pass it on to others, but this perfume made me fall in love. A mix of Fig and Amber with a hint of peony, musk, and vanilla. A strangely fresh gourmand, which before you know it you will want to wear at every opportunity. A persistent yet delicate niche perfume: it makes me feel clean and fragrant all day long” Federica
  • Born to Stand Out Burnt Roses Eau de Parfum: "I bought it for my boyfriend, but I think I will steal it from him. It's a unique, special fragrance that I thought was a man's fragrance the first time I smelled it, but I started to like it more and more as a woman's fragrance as time went on. A floral incensed and spiced to perfection, in a weave of perfectly balanced olfactory notes that intrigues more and more." Elettra


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