Profumo di Campiglio

Profumo di Campiglio
Inspired by the crystle clear air of the Brenta Dolomites, Profumo di Campiglio in the end result of an artisan manufacture. Here, fresh and decisive fragrances are born, which enclose the liveliness of the mountain breeze and conceal a warm heart, similar to the warmth of mountain huts. The typical notes of these valleys and the rigorous choice of raw materials come together in a limited production.
Profumo di Campiglio
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Profumo di Campiglio Products

A brand of luxury perfumes and products inspired by the majestic voice of the sea and the mountains. Three young men, originally from the coast, became fascinated by the power and beauty of the mountains and decided to capture their essence. This is how Profumo di Campiglio was born among the imposing Brenta Dolomites, an artisan laboratory of high perfumery dedicated to creating fresh and decisive fragrances. Fragrances that contain the energy of mountain breezes and at the same time conceal an enveloping heart that evokes the cosy atmosphere of alpine huts. The aromatic notes typical of these places and the careful selection of noble raw materials merge with craftsmanship, giving life to refined and elegant perfumes dedicated to the Pearl of the Dolomites, the muse of this enchanting brand: Madonna di Campiglio.


Madonna di Campiglio History 

Madonna di Campiglio has a history stretching back thousands of years, traced as far back as the 12th century when a monastery welcomed wayfarers to these lands. Over the centuries, the evolution of this place has been punctuated by significant moments, but it was in the 19th century, thanks to the work of the entrepreneur Giovan Battista Righi, that the first "Stabilimento Alpino" took shape, marking a rapid growth that continued even after World War II. This magnetic place was also loved by Princess Sissi and by the Hapsburg court, who spent moments of relaxation and recreation there. Today, Campiglio is a charming mountain village, where tradition and modernity blend harmoniously, offering countless opportunities for skiers, hikers and those seeking a life of enjoyment and relaxation, immersed in one of the world's most spectacular panoramas.


The Philosophy of Profumo di Campiglio

The philosophy of Profumo di Campiglio is inspired by the beauty of harmony and balance surrounding the brand. They always seek elegance in simplicity, choose an authentic aesthetic beyond fleeting fashions, remain true to themselves and stand out from the crowd. Firmly rooted in the belief that true sophistication lies in sobriety, the brand embraces measure and awareness, moving away from excess and allowing a discreet, spontaneous and naturally classy charm to emerge.

The brand aims at an attentive and refined audience who recognises quality and appreciates excellence. Every detail is taken care of with the utmost attention, selecting precious and noble materials to create unique and elegant objects, without being excessively ostentatious. The manual craftsmanship is the protagonist, guaranteeing a limited, exclusive and numbered production and highlighting development and innovation constantly.


Profumo di Campiglio Fragrances & Products

The Profumo di Campiglio fragrances are born from the meeting of passion, creativity and love for the mountains, synthesising artisan tradition and modernity. Each perfume is designed, made and packaged by hand with care and dedication in their workshop. The rigorous choice of high-quality raw materials and slow and natural production processes help to guarantee exclusive production. The fragrances evoke emotions and tell stories of walks and unforgettable moments experienced in the mountains. The continuous evolution of the fragrances translates into significant transformations and changes, marking the passage of time and giving them unparalleled uniqueness.

Profumo di Campiglio embodies the soul of the Dolomites, an olfactory symphony that celebrates the beauty of the mountains and the magic of a unique place in the world. Discover and experience the essence of the Dolomites with these elegant and refined fragrances, which bring with them the authenticity and love of uncontaminated nature.


Profumo diCampiglio Best Seller Products on 50 ml

  • Profumo di Campiglio Incantesimo Diffuser: a room perfumer with stick diffusers (natural rattan wicker). With its elegant and minimalist design, it dresses the home in fragrance, giving it character and personality. It ensures both durability and effectiveness with a discreet, charming and long-lasting fragrance. It makes the environment more pleasant and inviting, decorating our living spaces with sobriety and good taste. It lasts for approximately 4 months.
  • Profumo di Campiglio Massage Gel: a cosmetic rich in functional substances such as arnica, devil's claw, camphor, essential oils of lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus and thyme. It is an excellent massage aid in preparation for physical exercise. It is also effective to relax and decontract after muscular exertion. Finally, it helps in the spontaneous resolution of minor traumas and in improving joint mobility.
  • Profumo di Campiglio Hand Cream: soft and silky, it is rich in active ingredients including almond and coconut oils, shea butter, vegetable glycerine, benzoin, jojoba, arnica, and lemon. It is an excellent adjuvant in cosmetic treatment for moisturising, nourishing and protecting the skin of the hands, restoring elasticity and freshness.
  • Profumo di Campiglio Body Lotion: this body lotion is silky and non-oily and nourishes the skin in depth, leaving a pleasant fragrance. Its formula, with its rich content of active substances such as hyaluronic acid and sweet almond oil, makes it a formidable ally for your beauty thanks to its toning, nourishing and restructuring action.
  • Profumo di Campiglio Granuli Profumati: Scented granules to perfume clothes, sheets and duvets. A fantastic gift idea to have the fresh mountain breeze on your skin. A simple gesture, but one that gives the freshness of mountain scents.


Profumi Profumo di Campiglio Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Profumo di Campiglio Cuore di Ghiaccio Eau de Parfum: “Top notes of ginger, mint, mugwort and herbs immediately introduce a sensation of freshness and vitality. In the heart of the perfume, spicy and floral notes emerge, adding depth and intensity to the fragrance. Finally, base notes of cedarwood and white musk give stability and persistence to the fragrance, creating a lasting and enveloping effect. The presence of cedarwood evokes majestic mountain forests, while white musk lends a touch of sensuality and mystery." Edoardo
  • Profumo di Campiglio Incantesimo Diffuser: “I find it super relaxing! With its scent it evokes the heart of a forest, you only have to close your eyes to find yourself there! Truly an enchantment" Delia
  • Profumo di Campiglio Face Cream: “I chose it for its wealth of active ingredients, and I decided to buy it again because of its perfect consistency and visible effects. I feel like my skin is smoother and brighter since I've been using it, I was convinced” Ari
  • Profumo di Campiglio Men Eau de Parfum: “A fragrance that stands out for its strong and decisive personality, but at the same time knows how to give a sense of warm welcome and protection. The top notes welcome us with the effervescent freshness of fruit and water. The heart notes take us on a journey into the wilderness of the forest, with its depth and mystery. Musks and barks add an earthy, enveloping touch, creating a connection with our most authentic essence. Finally, the base notes provide warm intimacy. The spices and cinnamon leaves unite in a seductive dance, leaving a lasting and enthralling impression. Emilio
  • Profumo di Campiglio Shower Gel: “A shower gel with a super relaxing scent. It leaves the skin soft and fragrant. By now is indispensable for my morning shower: it gently wakes me up, giving me the energy to start the day” Amelie


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