Gabriella Chieffo

Gabriella Chieffo
Gabriella Chieffo is the nose who was able to give life to the Chieffo collections, creations that guide those who try them to immerse themselves directly in the maze of their own memory, through a deep introspection to develop a unique and evocative olfactory path. The line offers fragrances for both the person and the environment, and even body care products.
Gabriella Chieffo
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Gabriella Chieffo, the creator

Gabriella Chieffo has structurally different paths in art, design and engineering behind her, and the covalent link art-environment-energy shapes her inner life and pushes her towards new and ever more distant goals. The artistic fragrances she creates are unique and unrepeatable, expressing the need for the deepest links of perception and representing the will to freeze time and recall things that matter. For Gabriella Chieffo, the decision to use natural and primordial materials represents a constant and unique stimulus to pursue the times, without in any way constituting a limitation or a renunciation of renewal.


Features of Gabriella Chieffo Profumi

Gabriella Chieffo's creations have the power to touch the most intimate part of us ourselves, in an olfactory journey that originates from our memory and arrives at our rediscovery. The Collection '14 è an olfactory experience that takes us in search of lost time, through fragrances that help us relive the emotions of the past. In 2015, Acquasala and Variazione di Ragù offer us an experience of reflection on the deepest self, while Collection '16 celebrates femininity in all its nuances. In 2017, the collection speaks to us of rebirth and transformation, of an inner quest that leads us to a new essence. With Collection '18, Gabriella Chieffo invites us to rediscover fragility as a value and to ask for help when we need it. Finally, Collection '19 speaks to us of balance as a concept that embraces multiple facets of life, an infinitesimal part of the moment that leads us to the realisation of our dreams.


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  • Discovery Kit: A handy kit of 11 2.5ml samples, each containing a unique and special fragrance. You will be able to explore the purity of Lye, the elegance of Camaheu, the spiciness of Ragù, the paradox of Hystera, the lightness of Acquasala, the softness of Ragù, the enchantment of Maisìa, the storm of Taersìa, the olfactory rebirth of Quasicielo, the cuddling of Lattedoro and the olfactory game of 1,2,3, star! Choose your favourite fragrance from this practical kit and be won over by the unique and surprising notes.
  • Lye Eau de Parfum: In this fragrance, ash becomes the true protagonist, the alpha and the omega. Lye, used in the past for whitening and cleaning, forcefully returns to our olfactory memory thanks to this absolute and unique fragrance. The sparkling top notes of citrus fruits, Calabrian bergamot and Sorrento lemon, soften with the spicy, warm intrusion of incense. In the heart of Gabriella Chieffo's Lye Eau de Parfum, a delicate iris blends into a dry leather accord. Finally, base notes of patchouli and opoponax close this radiant fragrance that will not fail to captivate you.
  • Camaheu Eau de Parfum: The rigidity of the world is transformed into a precious and seductive essence in the fragrance Camaheu, an ancient French name for cameo. What is hard and inanimate like stone becomes impalpable and alive, the sinuosity itself is released to conquer the senses. The stimulating and provocative aromaticity of this essence manifests itself immediately with the opening notes, in which bergamot and grapefruit are enhanced by ivy leaf accords. Subsequently, the heart notes (jasmine, rose) and base notes (oakmoss, amber, vanilla) mark the indelible imprint of a fragrance full of charm.
  • Acquasala Eau de Parfum: Not one of the classic sea fragrances: Acquasala è a unique and distinctive essence, bringing to mind the atmosphere of the sea through fresh and slightly pungent notes. The olfactory experience opens with a mix of top notes, which leaves a surprising sensation. Subsequently, there is a salty note from the seaweed, which is well balanced and unobtrusive.


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  • Hystera Eau de Parfum: A surprising patchouli, which does not impose itself, but permeates the structure, in perfect accord with all the other notes. At one point I wondered if the patchouli was still there and if it had not vanished, and instead it was still there, nice and herbaceous, rounded, associated with clary sage, vanilla and labdanum. Great fragrance, very persistent” Nicola
  • Ragu Eau de Parfum: The name è misleading, è just an’inspiration. Fortunately, ragù does not really taste like ragù. È a particularly fresh and spicy fragrance, with a solid base of woods, leathery and musky” Maria
  • Maisia Eau de Parfum: A very special floral. It opens with a nice rounded note of fig and bergamot with a slightly dusty and smoky aspect given by the ash, then with time the fragrance seems to acquire a certain grace, a rather salty note emerges and the fig and broom continue to be present. A very persistent fragrance” Michela

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