Parco 1923

Parco 1923
Abruzzo National Park is the main character of the Parco 1923 perfume line. Each collection is enriched with a particular naturally porous limestone rock, allowing the essence of nature to be best captured. Preparatory experts, with the help of botanists from the Abruzzo National Park, have captured the fragrance of the wild nature in one of the oldest reserves in Europe.
Parco 1923
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Perfumes of Nature: Parco 1923 Products and the Treasure of the Abruzzo National Park

The story of Parco 1923 began at the end of the 19th century when it was decided to stop the extermination of the Marsican brown bear, an important protected species; the commitment came to fruition in 1923, when the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, one of the easternest parks in Europe was established. This place holds unique scents of centuries-old trees and ancient forests, which act as protectors of rare and delicate flowers. Over the centuries, thanks to the isolation of these territories, nature has been preserved unspoilt, giving the world a treasure trove of biodiversity.


Parco 1923: The Synthesis of a Natural Eden

Parco 1923 is inspired by the intoxicating smells and colours of this natural paradise. The beauty of the rivers and streams, together with the area's endemic plants, has resulted in an elegant and delicate fragrance. Gentle stone and beech wood, local materials, help to imprison the botanical secrets and sensory memories of this unique place. Each bottle of Parco 1923 encloses a slice of paradise and part of the proceeds is donated to the Abruzzo National Park, contributing to its protection and conservation.


The Soul of Fragrances Parco 1923

The fragrances of Parco 1923 tell the story of the unique floral heritage of the Abruzzo National Park. Thanks to the expertise of the botanical experts and the local park rangers, a selection of endemic plants and flowers have been identified that characterise the fragrances.

  • Wild Angelica - The Fragrance of Immortality: Wild angelica is a medicinal plant with unusual and pungent properties, used sporadically in perfumery. Its infusion was said to prolong life, and so it was sought along the streams that descended from the mountains of the Park.
  • Rhamnus Berries - The Taste of Beech Forests: Ramno berries, with their intense dark purple colour, are particularly prized by the Marsican brown bear, which finds them at the high edge of beech forests.
  • Honeysuckle - The Emblem of Elegance: The honeysuckle was chosen as the emblem of Art Nouveau for its elegance. It is a medicinal plant with a sweet and delicate scent, traditionally used to encourage dreams of love.
  • Wild Thistle - Summer Flowering: Wild Thistle grows wild and its large, pointed flowers appear in early summer, lasting up to eight weeks.
  • Red Lily - The Showy Beauty: The red lily is a showy plant with large, fleshy, red and orange flowers. With its intense, sensual and enveloping scent, it lives along the meadow slopes of the Park.
  • Juniper - Aromatic Intensity: Juniper grows as far as the eye can see in the mountains of Abruzzo and is known for its aromatic and balsamic intensity. Besides being used in cooking, it has extensive uses in traditional medicine.
  • Ginestra Odorosa - The Fragrance of Golden Warmth: Ginestra odorosa is a robust and highly visible plant with a rich, creamy fragrance reminiscent of honey and beeswax.
  • Iris Marsica - La Delicata Fragilità: The Marsica iris is a rare variety of iris that grows fragilely in mountain pastures. From its rhizome, an invaluable essence is extracted, with a soft and persistent talcum perfume.
  • Beech Wood - Keeper of Knowledge: Beechwood is one of the most representative elements of the Abruzzo National Park. With its warm and reassuring touch, it is the protagonist in the base notes of the Parco 1923 fragrances.
  • Mayciondolo - La Pioggia d'Oro di Maggio: Mayciondolo, also known as "golden rain", has clustered yellow flowers that dangle like drops of gold during May. Its fragrance is intense and intoxicating.
  • Wild Blueberry - Le Prelibatezze del Bosco: The wild blueberry, prized for its beneficial properties, has been part of folk medicine since time immemorial. With its fresh, lively, fruity and sugary scents, it is a unique essence.
  • Tree Moss - The Enveloping Protector of the Woods: Tree Moss evokes the strength and security of the undergrowth. Like a benevolent protector of the woods, it envelops rocks and plants with its mantle.
  • Wild Rose - The Spontaneous Rose of Italy: The wild rose is the most widespread species of wild rose on the Italian peninsula. With anti-inflammatory properties and rich in vitamin C, it has a slightly spicy scent, with citrusy hints of lemon.
  • The rose hip has a slightly spicy scent, with citrusy hints of lemon.
  • Scarpetta di Venere - L'Eleganza dell'Orchidea Selvatica: The Scarpetta di Venere is an elegant wild orchid endemic to the Abruzzo National Park, with noble red flowers. Rare and precious, it is also known for its phytotherapeutic and homoeopathic properties.


The Gentle Stone: The Heart of Nature

The strong link with the land is underlined by the presence of the Gentile Stone. This white limestone rock is located in the heart of the Abruzzo National Park, on the "Pietragentile" mountain, from which it takes its name. The 'Pietragentile' stone is naturally porous and becomes an integral part of the 1923 Park line. Over the centuries, it is been used to construct the historic buildings of Abruzzo, and today, thanks to its capillary properties, it captures the molecules of fragrances, gradually releasing their scent into the environment. Once the bottle has been used up, the stone ring can be stored and continue to diffuse the fragrance. 


Parco 1923 Best Seller Products on 50 ml

  • Parco 1923 Eau de Toilette the soul of this woody fragrance is composed of the mysterious and unique essence of laburnum, a flower that is deadly to humans but beneficial to animals; of wild juniper, heady honeysuckle and the intensity of fragrant broom. These are enhanced by the beneficial and healing effects of Wild Angelica, Iris and Moss. To close, the Beech, the tree that most characterises this area, is a symbol of the Park and its ancient traditions.
  • Parco 1923 Exfoliating Hand Wash: is a liquid scrub soap that regenerates the skin, to guarantee soft and velvety hands. The exfoliating action of Gentle Stone gently removes dead cells, stimulates cell turnover and prepares the skin for the active ingredients. Extracts of iris and tree moss have an astringent action, for longer-lasting purified skin. Extracts of Angelica and Honeysuckle, known for their calming action, help soothe irritated skin. Directions for use: apply a small amount to the hand, massage until lightly lathered, then rinse.
  • Parco 1923 Nourishing Hand and Body Cream: brings together the phytotherapeutic properties of Parco 1923's precious botanical extracts to nourish the skin for a soft complexion. Rosehip extract is one of the best natural sources of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps combat skin ageing. Linden extract is rich in film-forming polysaccharides, which help reduce skin dryness. Lastly, Hawthorn, Hypericum and Angelica extracts have calming properties, helping to reduce redness and irritation.
  • Parco 1923 Soap: cleansing soap for the whole body, especially suitable for hand and face care. With its natural ingredients, it respects the ph of the skin, leaving an immediate cleansing sensation and a light scent. The gold-finished aluminium soap dish makes it a precious object, a gesture of affection for oneself, a gift for a friend or a simple memento of these woods.
  • Parco 1923 Prato Rosso Diffuser: a warm and enveloping fragrance that recreates the atmosphere of PRATO ROSSO (1,536 m above sea level), a historic mountain refuge nestled in one of the richest and most enchanting beech forests in the Protected Area. The Prato Rosso Diffuser evokes the intense and reassuring scent of the wood panelling lining the walls and the beams covering the ceilings, which release aromatic notes of wood and resins into the atmosphere. The fireplace spreads a light trail of embers, evoked by a subtle smoky note. A sweet and pungent note is given by cinnamon, contained in the traditional freshly baked cakes. The air enters from outside every time you open the door, welcoming visitors and bringing with it the moist scents of the forest. An intense and full-bodied fragrance, with a thousand olfactory facets, suitable for all convivial environments.


Parco 1923 Products Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Parco 1923 Riserva Regia Eau de Parfum: "Riserva Regia is a unique and enchanting fragrance with a wonderful combination of green, aromatic and floral notes. The iris comes through distinctly and talcum-like, well balanced with the other notes. The opening is like an awakening in a spring forest, with hints of fresh, moist vegetation. The evolution maintains its elegance, with a finish of wood and musky undergrowth. A refined and versatile fragrance, suitable for all seasons, except perhaps the hottest days. Recommended both for iris lovers and for those who desire a unisex, enveloping fragrance. Overall rating: 8/10." Percy
  • Parco 1923 Room Spray: "I was lucky enough to try the Parco 1923 Room Spray and was impressed by its exceptional fragrance: once sprayed, the scent of the woods invades my home, creating an enveloping and natural atmosphere. I feel as if I am walking along the paths inside the forests, immersed in the beauty of the surrounding nature. The green and fresh notes transport me to a world of serenity, and I can almost sense the presence of deer and hope to catch a glimpse of the elusive and peaceful Marsican Brown Bear, a symbol of these lands. It has an astonishing yield and durability, Parco 1923 produces the best ambient perfumes I know" Amedeo
  • Parco 1923 Travel Kit: "The Parco 1923 Travel Kit is a multi-functional treasure for the body. It contains shampoo, conditioner, bath foam, lotion and soap, all with the scent of the forests of the Abruzzo National Park. Ideal for travel, the handmade leather case makes it refined and practical. An enveloping fragrance, a unique sensory experience. I find it a pleasant, useful and original gift idea, especially since part of the proceeds are donated to charity. Very convenient both for taking up little space at home and for taking it on trips. Vote: 10/10." Emiddio
  • Parco 1923 Charcoal Natural Shampoo: "Its detoxifying action is amazing: it gives a prolonged sensation of cleanliness and freshness, making my hair light and shiny. My hair is reborn, my hair looks healthy and strong, and the feeling of cleanliness and freshness persists long after each use. I highly recommend it to anyone whose hair is stressed, damaged or exposed to a polluted city environment." Elias
  • Parco 1923 Scarpetta di Venere EDP "Top notes of blueberry and rose welcome the senses with a fresh sweetness, preparing us for the heart, in which the Scarpetta di Venere orchid manifests itself in all its beauty, embraced by accents of iris, laburnum and red lily. Base notes of beech and oakmoss complete this composition, giving it an earthy, enveloping base that evokes the natural atmosphere and the very essence of the flower. Wearing Scarpetta di Venere is like immersing oneself in spring in bloom, letting oneself be enveloped by its sweetness and precious floral essence. The fragrance is elegant and refined, perfect for those who wish to express their femininity in a sophisticated way." Giulia


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