Italian Perfume Brands

Italian Perfume Brands

Embark on a fragrant journey with 50 ml into the realm of Italian finest brands! If you seek top-notch ingredients, elegance, and sophistication, you're in the right place! From Laboratorio Olfattivo to Gabriella Chieffo and Francesca dell'Oro, our exclusive Italian Perfume Brands awaits you. Relax and let yourself be captivated by an entirely Made in Italy olfactory world– where luxury meets scent perfection!

Italian Perfume Brands
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What are the best Italian perfume brands?

Italian artisan perfumery is composed of refined fragrances that aim to represent the cultural identity of the country, starting from the use of high-quality raw materials. Each perfume is meticulously crafted and includes plants, fruits, and scents symbolizing the rich and varied Italian territory, from the citrus fruits of Sicily to alpine herbs. As we know, Italy is famous worldwide for its unparalleled artisanal tradition, which is reflected in every phase of production, from the choice of components to attention to detail: everything in Italian products screams quality! And niche perfumery is no exception. It's no wonder, considering the long history of perfumes in Italy, which began in the times of Ancient Rome, thanks to cultural exchanges with the East, continued during the Renaissance, and firmly established itself in the late 20th century. If you're curious to discover the best Italian perfume brands, don't miss our selection of Italian fragrances for men and women!


The Best Italian Women's Perfume Brands

Francesca Dell'Oro, Laboratorio Olfattivo, Acqua dell'Elba, Meo Fusciuni, and Francesca Bianchi are just a few of the Italian niche brands that create precious and original fragrances. Read our selection of women's perfumes to discover the best representation of Italian artisan perfumery!


  • Francesca Dell'Oro: a laboratory that is a true olfactory masterpiece. In each fragrance, desires, memories, and dreams become liquid and manifest on the skin. The perfumes of this brand lead to a complex and multifaceted reality, but always bright. We have chosen for you Need a Name Eau de Parfum: a citrusy feminine fragrance by Francesca Dell'Oro that aims to give voice to the desire for freedom experienced with a bit of wild extravagance, yet always remaining refined and elegant. Notes of lemon, grapefruit, and mandarin provide freshness, while woody and plowed notes add an enveloping touch to the fragrance. 
  • Laboratorio Olfattivo: un brand che raccoglie sotto la propria etichetta i nasi più talentuosi del mondo. Il loro catalogo propone una varietà di profumi che mira a descrivere la quotidianità. Da un viaggio a un'atmosfera, o anche solo un ricordo. Abbiamo scelto per te Kashnoir Eau de Parfum : una fragranza dolce che è l’undicesima creazione di Laboratorio Olfattivo e che nasce in seguito a un viaggio alla volta dell’Oriente più misterioso e sconosciuto. I fiori narcotici, le spezie stregate e le erbe psicotrope sono gli ingredienti di questo profumo da donna, che si rivela essere una droga potente e quasi letale per chi la indossa.
  • Acqua dell'Elba: a catalog of essences with an exotic yet fresh and familiar tone, enhancing the famous island. A paradisiacal panorama, dominated by forests just meters from the sea, with the taste of sea salt lingering in the air. We have chosen for you Donna Classica Eau de Parfum: a women's perfume that is a true ode to the Isle of Elba, the place that inspires all creations by Acqua dell'Elba. Archipelago flowers like jasmine, gardenia, and myrtle come together in this fragrance to transport the wearer amidst the vegetation and shores of the enchanting Tuscan island.
  • Meo Fusciuni: a perfumer who started as a pharmacist and botanist, approached the world of poetry, and then found himself creating fragrances linked to this diverse life experience. Fusciuni's perfumes, in fact, emerge from poetry, inner search, and physical journey. We have chosen for you Viole Nere Extrait de Parfum: a fragrance by Meo Fusciuni that celebrates violets, a stern yet delicate flower with a strong character. This women's perfume, through a perfect balance of woody, cypress, and fruity notes, narrates the mornings between late winter and early spring, when the earth is still damp, but light begins to illuminate and warm the meadow.
  • Francesca Bianchi: a brand that turns perfume into an experience not only olfactory but also emotional, human, vital, individual, and collective; it is stability and transformation, love, pain, joy, and a sense of mystery. We have chosen for you Sex and the Sea Neroli Extrait de Parfum: a women's perfume that Francesca Bianchi created by starting from her classic Sex and the Sea, a warm and sensual fragrance, and adding neroli, a more hypnotic and pungent scent. The result is a refreshing yet warm perfume, rich in facets and with intriguing evolution.


The Best Brands of Italian Men's Perfumes

Nasomatto, Orto Parisi, Carthusia, Parco 1923, and Simone Andreoli are the brands we have chosen among all the niche Italian perfume brands to give proper shine to the wonderful production of artistic fragrances in our country. To get to know them, all you have to do is read our selection of the best men's perfumes!


  • Nasomatto: a brand that aims to rewrite the rules of niche perfumery. Perfumes become true olfactory revolutions, from packaging, to mysterious olfactory pyramids, and the use of synthetic materials. Nothing can be classified as banal. We've selected for you Black Afgano Extrait de Parfum: an oriental masculine perfume by Alessandro Gualtieri, the famous nose of Nasomatto. It took 6 years of research and trials to create this intense and powerful niche fragrance. Black Afgano is a persistent perfume with a potent trail, characterized by dark and smoky facets, thanks to green notes of hashish and warmer notes of woods and tobacco.
  • Orto Parisi: The protagonist and source of inspiration for the brand is the body, especially in the parts we constantly clean, because that's where our soul hides. From this concept arises a very personal garden of unusual and provocative fragrances. We've chosen for you Megamare Extrait de Parfum: another fragrance created by Alessandro Gualtieri, this time for the Orto Parisi brand. The renowned nose wanted to exploit the richness and originality of marine notes to create a persistent men's fragrance, capable of evoking the sacred silence of the ocean, but also the crashing of waves during a storm.
  • Carthusia: elegantly tells the scents of the beautiful island of Capri, celebrated by poets, sung by singer-songwriters, and portrayed by artists. The island of the Faraglioni is the inspiration behind these fragrances. We've chosen for you Capri Eau de Parfum: a men's perfume by Carthusia that immortalizes the image of a bygone Capri. Through its citrusy and flowery notes, this fragrance aims to immerse you in the eccentric and lively climate of the island in the late 60s. A decisive and original perfume for the man who doesn't want to go unnoticed.
  • Parco 1923: the brand's story begins when, in 1923, to stop the extermination of the Marsican brown bear, the Abruzzo National Park was established. Over the centuries, nature has been preserved, giving a treasure of biodiversity that the brand draws inspiration from for its creations. We've chosen for you Parco 1923 Eau de Toilette: a masculine and woody fragrance that bears the name of the brand itself, Parco 1923. It's a perfume with a mysterious and unique soul, thanks to the presence of Wild Juniper, Musk, and Beech. Special mention also goes to the Laburnum, a flower as colorful as it is lethal for humans (obviously not used as a fragrance!).
  • Simone Andreoli: one of the brightest perfumers in the panorama of Italian artistic perfumery. His "olfactory diary" contains the flavors of spices, aromas, and exotic flowers that create unique suggestions in each fragrance. We've chosen for you Leisure in Paradise Eau de Parfum: a men's perfume from the Simone Andreoli perfumery house that is an overdose of coconut milk and vanilla from the first spray. However, it's the fruity and sweet notes of pineapple and papaya that instill a feeling of absolute well-being, transporting the wearer of this fragrance directly to the Caribbean beaches in the shade of a palm tree: a true journey to paradise!


This was our selection of Italian Brands and Perfumes! On 50 ml, you'll find an extraordinary variety of men's fragrances, women's, and unisex perfumes. Don't miss out on our selections of Original Perfumes and Luxury Perfumes! Let yourself be captivated by the vast universe of niche perfumes! If you want to buy niche perfumes online, remember that on 50 ml you can request free samples in your cart with every order! If you want to learn more about artistic perfumery, don't forget to follow us on Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube, and subscribe to our Newsletter. With us, you'll become an expert in niche fragrances in no time, thanks to original and exclusive content that will guide you through this vast perfumed world!


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