Milano Fragranze

Milano Fragranze

Milano Fragranze is a perfume brand that celebrates the beauty and diversity of Milan through unique fragrances inspired by the city's most iconic places. The 'Spirit of Place' is the inspiration behind each fragrance, telling the story of the people and places that have made Milan a unique city both yesterday and today.

Milano Fragranze
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Milano Fragranze Perfumes

Milano Fragranze is a fragrance brand that is inspired by the city of Milan, its history and its iconic places: each fragrance in the collection focuses on a glimpse of Milan and the history of the people who have lived there. The brand's aim is to communicate these enchanted, evocative - and sometimes unknown - places to the world. This is why the Genius Loci, or the "Spirit of Place", is the inspiration and raison d'être of the entire collection. 


Milano Fragranze: Brand History and Philosophy

Milan is a city that has had a complex past and has undergone many changes over the centuries. It has been dominated by France, Spain and Austria, which has brought numerous different influences to its culture, cuisine, architecture and many other aspects. Cosmopolitan frenzy and classical and Gothic architecture, iconic tradition and fashionable lifestyle, a keen eye for the past and a dreamy look to the future - all these characteristics are channelled into the scented beauty of Milan, represented by hundreds of different fragrances that reflect its facetted personality. Each fragrance represents a different shade of Milan and can help create unique and unforgettable memories.

As Marcel Proust argued in his work "La Recherche Du Temps Perdu", the odour and flavour of things can remain impressed for a long time in our memory and re-emerge unexpectedly after some time. Milano Fragranze captures this essence and creates scents that can evoke memories of the city in a unique and personal way.


Milano Fragranze Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml:

  • Milano Fragranze Naviglio Eau de Parfum 100 ml: A unisex citrusy fragrance. The 'Vicolo dei Lavandai' is an alley in Milan that takes its name from a washhouse used from the 19th century until the 1950s for washing clothes and laundry. It was the men who did the washing. Top Notes: Marseille Soap Accord, Bergamot of Calabria E.O., Neroli E.O. Heart Notes: Lavender E.O., Petitgrain E.O., Vetiver Haiti E.O. Base Notes: Cedarwood E.O., White Musk, Aquatic Notes
  • Milano Fragranze Derby Eau de Parfum 100 ml: a unisex fougisre perfume. The Snai San Siro racecourse in Milan inaugurated in the 1920s and subsequently declared a 'monument of national interest', is the only racecourse in the world to have this privilege. Top Notes: Galbanum E.O., Yellow Tangerine E.O. Violet Leaf Absolute, Lavender E.O.Heart Notes: Indian Mimosa Absolute, Ylang Ylang Tuberose Absolute E.O. Base Notes: Patchouli E.O., Sandalwood E.O., Vetiver E.O., Oakmoss Accord.
  • Milano Fragranze Brera Eau de Parfum 100 ml: Brera is one of the most evocative and famous districts of Milan. Brera, which today presents itself with narrow cobbled streets and magnificent courtyards, is since the 19th century a destination for artists attending the Academy of Fine Arts. In its streets, one can meet painters, students and skilled musicians. Top Notes: Bergamot O.E., Chilli O.E., Saffron Accord. Heart Notes: Jasmine E-Pure JE, Rose Super Essence Bourbon Geranium E.O., Madagascar. Base Notes: Patchouli O.E., Labdanum, Vanilla
  • Milano Fragranze Cortile Eau de Parfum 100 ml: in Piazza degli Affari, business proceeds unabated. The Stock Exchange building, known as Palazzo Mezzanotte, was inaugurated in October 1932. In 2010, a sculpture entitled L.O.V.E., which stands for liberty, hate, revenge and eternity, was placed in the centre of the square. The work has also been interpreted as a protest against the world of finance symbolised by the Stock Exchange and has been at the centre of a controversy due to the offensiveness of the gesture it depicts. Enjoy a glimpse of Milan with Piazza Affari Eau de Parfum. Top Notes: Pink Pepper Pure Jungle EssenceTM, Cardamom Pure Jungle EssenceTM, Blackcurrant, Lime. Heart Notes: Bourbon Geranium O.E., Lavender O.E. Base Notes: Cedarwood O.E. Gujaco O.E. Vetiver Bourbon
  • Milano Fragranze Piazza Affari Eau de Parfum 100 ml: In the hot summer, all the balcony doors open, releasing the scent of coffee. Two lovers kiss in the shade. Everywhere, jasmine spreads its perfume. In a city like Milan, the wonders to be seen and admired are also hidden in the small things, like a beautiful courtyard. Top Notes: Bergamot E.O., Guatemalan Coffee Bean Extract, Cinnamon Bark E.O., Violet Leaf Absolute. Heart Notes: Jasmine Sambac Absolute, Tuberose Absolute, Osmanthus Absolute, Ylang Ylang E.O. Base Notes: Amber Accord, Sandalwood Indonesia E.O., Chamois Accord.


Milano Fragrances Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Feedback!

  • Milano Fragranze Panettone Eau de Parfum 100 ml: “An opening of spicy ginger, bitter orange and notes of rum flows into a very realistic panettone, with orange peel, rum and notes of candied ginger. It is more alcoholic than sugary and has a slightly herbaceous element. It has a design reminiscent of a pharmacy bottle. Recommended for gourmand lovers and those looking for something very special and comforting. Good performance, perfect to bring warmth to the coldest moments. 10/10” Paul
  • Milano Fragranze La Prima Eau de Parfum 100 ml: “A joyful bouquet, a mix of white and yellow flowers with osmanthus, orange blossom and jasmine. Bergamot, cardamom, bourbon vanilla and a fruity touch add an extra note. Floral, fresh, sweet and pleasant, it is a passe-partout that I love to wear on all occasions, but especially when I wear slightly romantic dresses." Gaia
  • Milano Fragranze Diurno Eau de Parfum 100 ml: “Diurno is a classic yet always modern fougere. The pyramid opens with a subtle note of amaretto, characterised by notes of lavender, geranium, sage and cedar, which adds a strong, alcoholic and sweet contrast to the traditional elements of fougere. A symphony that shows all the bravura of the nose and makes it one of my favourite perfumes. I recommend it to all those who appreciate non-trivial fragrances. It has a price that is more than honest for the quality." Patrizio
  • Milano Fragranze Galleria Eau de Parfum 100 ml: “A sweet, fruity and spicy fragrance with red fruits, carrot seeds, sandalwood, citrus, davana and patchouli. The red fruit note is balanced by a blend of other green, floral, citrus and woody notes, with a base of sandalwood, patchouli, amber and leather. It is fresh and fruity, but not banal or insubstantial. A pleasant, sophisticated and original fragrance, which I recommend as an olfactory signature to use every day. 9/10” Carlo
  • Milano Fragranze Basilica Eau de Parfum 100 ml: absolutely a must-buy. An intoxicating blend that combines a careful selection of aromatic herbs with an incensed background, all enriched and softened by a lactonic note. Warm and evocative, and clearly a European luxury perfume. The well-structured base is a revisited classic, offering confidence without falling into the banal. I continue to receive compliments every time I wear it, I'll be sure to pick it up again!" Lily


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