Benamor is a historic brand founded in Lisbon in 1925, thanks to the smart intuition of a far-sighted pharmacist. Right from the start, Benamor stood out for treatments with innovative and handcrafted formulas. Today, the natural ingredients and adorable packaging of the products make Benamor a brand that from its Portuguese roots has grown to international success.
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Benamôr Products: since 1925 in Lisbon

Benamôr was founded in 1925 in Lisbon by a mysterious apothecary who created miraculous ointments in his workshop at Campo Grande nº189. His handmade beauty recipes were based on unique perfumes and natural ingredients grown under the Portuguese sun: lemon, rose, aloe vera or almond oil. Packaged in adorable Art Deco tubes, they became an instant hit and all the Belles of Lisbon became addicted to them, including Queen Amélie herself.

Benamôr gave birth to some of Portugal's best-loved beauty recipes, such as Crisme de Rosto, the miraculous face cream - whose rose extract gives women an instant glow - and remains unchanged to this day. The Allantoína hand cream and Bronzaline were among his most sought-after creations. Today, Benamôr is still one of Portugal's best-loved beauty brands and spreads its delicious beauty recipes all over the world.

Almost 100 years ago, a luxury perfumery was opened at 200 Rua Augusta, Lisbon's main shopping street. Thus was born Benamôr, Portugal's iconic cosmetic brand. This shop spanned Portugal's turbulent 20th century but closed for good ten years ago. A century later... Benamôr's flagship shop has reopened in Lisbon's historic centre! Lisbon, LX Factory: the first shop with sustainable beauty recipes in Portugal. Natural skin care recipes expertly developed in our laboratory and ethically manufactured in our factory, in Lisbon, since 1925.



Transparency is the essence of handmade beauty recipes: this is why Benamor communicates the full list of ingredients of each product to its customers. Benamor beauty recipes are expertly developed in our laboratories by a team of scientists and handcrafted with love, since 1925; guaranteeing the perfect quality of every product that leaves our factory. All Benamor products are dermatologically tested and cruelty-free. Free of mineral oils or petroleum derivatives, they guarantee freshness without parabens and with as few preservatives as possible.

To protect our planet, Benamor's corporate philosophy has remained the same since 1925: reduce energy consumption and promote sustainable beauty recipes through the use of recycled packaging. They contribute to the sustainable growth of the Portuguese economy by buying, producing and using locally and ethically, since 1925.

Benamor believes that innovation comes from nature, which is why they create luxury skincare products that are 99%natural in origin, combining Portugal's rich natural biodiversity with clinically tested ingredients to deliver effective results and the highest quality.


Benamor Beauty Recipe Collections

  • Benamor RostoPrimer - Moisturising, with Organic Rose Concentrate Crisme de Rosto, was Benamôr's first creation and has remained unchanged since 1925. This legendary facial skin recipe has given rise to a complete range of facial treatments: face creams, soaps, micellar water, masks...
  • Benamor AlantoineProtective, with pure alantoin Allanto recipes iconic body treatments with an unforgettable citrus aroma.
  • Benamor GordissimoNourishing, with shea butter. Nourishment is the key feature of Gordíssimo recipes! Their body treatments have an enveloping scent and are enriched with organic shea butter.
  • Benamor JaracandaCalmante, with floral essence; Jacarandá takes its name from the iconic Lisbon tree that covers the city with its lilac blossoms every spring.
  • Benamor Rose AmélieRevitalising with rose extract. The Rose Amélie recipes are a tribute to Queen D. Amélia of Portugal, one of the first Benamor fans.
  • Benamor NataSweet comfort. Inspired by traditional Portuguese pastries and the famous Pastel, Nata represents Benamér's most comforting recipes.
  • Benamor AlecrimPurifying with organic rosemary Alecrim means Rosemary, one of the oldest aromatic herbs in Portugal, chosen for its culinary and curative properties.
  • Benamor LaranjinhaEnergic with Portuguese oranges. Laranjinha takes its name from the orange, the delicious fruit brought by the Portuguese to Europe in the 16th century.


Benamor: a Sustainable Brand since 1925

Benamôr fills its beauty recipes in aluminium tubes and jars, as is tradition, from the same local supplier since 1927. This helps promote the circular economy and sustainability, protecting our planet:

The recycling of aluminium is the perfect closing of the loop, as it saves 95% of the energy required to produce a new tube and ensures that it can be recycled an infinite number of times without loss of any of its properties.

Benamor's aluminium tubes are 100% recyclable and 40% manufactured from recycled materials in Portugal, with a limited impact on transport on the environment, filled and packaged by hand to guarantee their quality.


Benamor Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Benamor Rose Amelie Lip Balm: a nourishing lip balm with a delicate rose fragrance and a silky, fluid texture that does not weigh down the lips, but nourishes and revitalises them.
  • Benamor Nata Hand Cream: a nourishing hand cream inspired by Pasteis de Nata, famous Portuguese pastries. Bring colour, sweetness and nourishment to your skin with this hand cream - a real skin pampering!
  • Benamor Vervena Vera Eau De Cologne: invigorating and radiant, its fresh, citrus notes stand out like the morning breeze. It then becomes subtly sensual, with warm vanilla inflexions that slowly reveal themselves. This fragrance is designed to evoke the essence of a Mediterranean garden, with a blend of fresh and lively notes perfect for any occasion.
  • Benamor Alecrim Shower Gel: Alecrim means rosemary, one of Portugal's oldest aromatic herbs, harvested for its culinary and healing properties. Blended with organic rosemary oil, eucalyptus and peppermint extracts, known for their ultra-energising notes, this shower gel refreshes the skin while cleansing and purifying your body.
  • Benamor Laranjinha Shower Cream: a 90% natural and vegan formula enriched with Portuguese orange extract for an energising experience. Its citrus aroma will awaken your senses and leave your skin fresh, nourished and fragrant!


Benamor Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Benamor Figo Fogo Eau De Cologne: “I have been wanting to buy this Benamor perfume for quite some time because I tried some on mouillette and it was fantastic! I was surprised by its unique fragrance. The mix of fruity and spicy notes is enveloping and long-lasting. It has become my signature scent and I recommend it to anyone looking for something special and different!
  • Benamor Alantoine Hand Wash Gel: “By now it has become a must in my daily routine. Not only does it effectively clean my hands, but it also leaves my skin soft and moisturised. I love its scent and the fact that it doesn't dry out the skin like other hand cleansers. Great product! ” Khaled
  • Benamor Gordissimo Shower Cream: “Luxurious and indulgent. Its creamy texture transforms into a rich lather that cleanses the skin deeply without stripping it of moisture, and the scent lingers on the skin. It makes me feel pampered every time I use it. Truly a pleasure for the senses!” Christian”
  • Benamor Nata Soap: “The Nata Soap is simply wonderful! Its shape and design are adorable and add a touch of elegance to my bathroom. Not only is it pretty, but the rich, creamy lather leaves the skin clean and velvety. The fragrance is delicate and pleasant. I recommend it to everyone who is looking for a quality soap." Riman
  • Benamor Gordissimo Hand Cream: “I have tried many hand creams, but the Benamor Gordissimo hand cream is a real boon for dry hands. The formula is rich and nourishing, but not sticky. It absorbs quickly and leaves the hands smooth and protected. Its compact size is perfect for carrying in your handbag. A must-have, especially during the winter months." Max


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