Une Nuit Nomade

Une Nuit Nomade

Une Nuit Nomade is an artistic perfumery brand created by Alexandra and Philippe that embodies the invitation to elegance and adventure through fragrances which transport the imagination on boundless journeys. With its great passion for French elegance and love for changing landscapes, the brand offers a unique sensory experience, blending nature and luxury in a boundless olfactory journey.

Une Nuit Nomade
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Une Nuit Nomade Perfumes

A brand of artistic perfumery that embodies elegance and a call to adventure through fragrances that transport the wearer on limitless imaginary journeys. Une Nuit Nomade offers a unique sensory experience, fused with a love for nature and luxury, inspired by French elegance and breathtaking landscapes.


History and Philosophy of Une Nuit Nomade Perfumes

The birth of Une Nuit Nomade is attributed to the chance encounter between Alexandra and Philippe at Universal Music, their workplace. But it's certainly not music that binds them! Soon, they both realize that there's something greater calling them, a deep need for change, to explore new horizons, to embrace freedom, and to create with authenticity. Their conversations begin to enrich with tales of travel, poetry, spirituality, and the desire to build something authentic.

After bidding farewell to Universal, Philippe delves into the practice of Shiatsu, drawn to the ancient Asian culture that has always fascinated him. Meanwhile, Alexandra embarks on a boundless adventure, exploring the world with curious eyes and a nomadic soul. For her, traveling is much more than a simple desire for discovery: it's a philosophy of life, an exploration of the territories of the soul.

From the fusion of common passions and desires, Une Nuit Nomade is born, an elegant invitation to wander from one continent to another in search of breathtaking destinations. Each fragrance of the brand is a journey through the senses where every inch of skin becomes a new frontier to discover, a new emotion to experience. With Une Nuit Nomade, Alexandra and Philippe convey their love for French elegance, the art of storytelling, and the ever-changing beauty of nature.

The goal of the brand's two founders is to create a unique olfactory experience in the world, where nature and luxury harmoniously blend. With an approach that challenges the boundaries of conventionality, they aim to transport anyone into a timeless adventure, where perfumes become tales of unforgettable journeys and the skin becomes the map of endless wandering.


Best Selling Une Nuit Nomade Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Une Nuit Nomade Mr Vetiver Eau de Parfum: an homage to the mysterious man roaming the outskirts of Java. Tall, with skin bronzed by the sun and marked by time: he's a presence often seen in the plains of Garut riding his old Dutch bicycle. This elegant and refined perfume captures the essence of this enigmatic figure, with the freshness of Vetiver wrapped in a delicate spicy blend of cardamom.
  • Une Nuit Nomade Murmure des Dieux Eau de Parfum: a fragrance inspired by the symbolic flower of Bali, the frangipani, revered as a representation of the god Shiva and used as an intermediary during prayers. This enchanting fragrance intertwines the elegance of the frangipani flower with the sensuality of vanilla and the depth of musk, creating an exotic and spiritual olfactory experience that lingers on the skin like a sweet mantra.
  • Une Nuit Nomade Sugar Leather Eau de Parfum: una caravane nomade se déroule silencieusement à travers le désert, avec le doux parfum du cuir chauffé par le soleil, tandis que le paysage prend un aspect presque lunaire, avec le sable illuminé d'un blanc éblouissant. Sugar Leather Eau de Parfum évoque le cuir caramélisé par le soleil, un parfum audacieux qui persiste sur la peau en vous emmenant à travers les dunes blanches comme le sucre d'Oman.
  • Une Nuit Nomade Jardins de Misfah Eau de Parfum: nel pittoresco villaggio di Misfah Al Abreyeen, l'incanto delle Mille e una notte si manifesta in ogni angolo. Tra i tortuosi vicoli adornati da fiori profumati e le risate che risuonano nell'aria, si avverte la magia descritta da Amin Maalouf. Una fragranza che cattura questa atmosfera sospesa nel tempo, con un mix di profumi che va dal fresco dei petali di fiore alla dolcezza cremosa del miele e dei datteri. 
  • Une Nuit Nomade Ambre Khandjar Eau de Parfum: nel cuore del suggestivo mercato di Muttrah, a Muscat, capitale dell'Oman, si cela un tesoro di artigianato locale. Tra le bancarelle dai colori vivaci e i profumi avvolgenti, si erge il leggendario Khandjar, un pugnale a forma di "J" simbolo di potere e prestigio. Le note di ambra orientale potente, vaniglia delicata e cuoio caldo creano un profumo persistente, abbracciando la pelle con eleganza e fascino.


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