Wiener Blut

Wiener Blut

Wiener Blut is a luxury perfume brand inspired by late 19th century Vienna. Their fragrances are made from natural, unexpected and quality materials, using hand-labelled bottles. The brand's philosophy is based on attention to detail and respect for the environment, making Wiener Blut a sustainable and luxurious choice for perfume lovers.

Wiener Blut
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Wiener Blut perfumes

Wiener Blut is a brand that celebrates the unique cultural and ethnic background of Vienna in the late 19th century. Its luxurious fragrances are crafted with an emphasis on natural raw materials and quality craftsmanship. The brand's attention to detail is reflected in the hand-labelled bottles, the rare ivory Bakelite caps and the fully recyclable packaging, making Wiener Blut a sustainable and luxurious choice for fragrance lovers the world over.

Wiener Blut believes in the magic and complexity of natural raw materials and uses them generously in its formulas. Fragrances are like precious secrets, giving the wearer maximum pleasure. Each perfume requires a high degree of craftsmanship, and the bottles are produced in a small European manufactory that focuses on craftsmanship, the finest materials and timeless design. The bottles are hand-labelled and captivate with their individual irregularities.


Philosophy and History of Wiener Blut

Wiener Blut is a luxury perfume brand that draws inspiration from the cultural and ethnic diversity of late 19th-century Vienna. The term Wiener Blut (translation: "Viennese blood"), first coined in 1873, describes the unique attitude of these people. This attitude is reflected in the fragrances of Wiener Blut perfumes, which are built to whisper and not to shout.

The brand's initial formulas were based on the deconstruction and remodelling of Taschentuch-Parfum orTaschentuch-Parfum, formulas popular in the late 19th century. “Eau de Toilette” derives from “Toile”, because in the past people washed with towels soaked in perfume, which later inspired Handkerchief Perfumes. The first Wiener Blut product was launched at the renowned Parisian concept store Colette, but today Wiener Blut can be found worldwide at several renowned retailers.

The caps of Wiener Blut perfumes are made of bakelite ivory, a rare material used especially in the early 19th century. The soft and warm touch of Bakelite and its organic surface make it an appropriate choice for the luxurious Wiener Blut caps.


The Sustainability of Wiener Blut

Each Wiener Blut perfume is delivered in completely recyclable packaging produced by an Italian manufacturer of traditional paper founded in 1888. The protective wrapper is made from cellulose and is completely biodegradable, reflecting the brand's commitment to sustainability.


Wiener Blut Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml:

  • Wiener Blut Hesperia Eau de Parfum: From the open doors of the Orangerie, luminous notes of green and golden citrus fruits spill into the crisp morning air of the palace gardens. A mix of fresh, citrus notes diluted by the delicate scent of buds. The addition of olibanum oil gives a woody and resinous note, which blends harmoniously with the scent of boxwood. The end result is an olfactory experience that is fresh and lively, yet elegant and sophisticated, and one that stays in the memory.
  • Wiener Blut Palais Nizam Eau de Parfum: Franz Ferdinand in India: After a day spent riding elephants and hunting tigers, tobacco and spirits are served under the arcades of Chowmahalla. An explosion of olfactory sensations mingles in a unique and surprising way. Notes of saffron and prune blend harmoniously with the delicacy of bergamot, while the ghost of brandy creeps in between warm and enveloping notes of vintage leather, davana and the depth of cistus. Finally, the persistent and fascinating essence of oak wood.
  • Wiener Blut Nord du Nord Eau de Parfum: Above the mountain forests, amid fields of snow and bare rock, the crystalline night sky brings with it the scent of cold wood and eternal ice. Nord du Nord by WienerBlut is a fresh and invigorating olfactory experience. Notes of peppermint and ice water combine to create an intensely fresh sensation, while rock moss, alpine lichen and eucalyptus give it an earthy, natural character. Spruce needles and cedar wood add warmth and depth.
  • Wiener Blut Volkamaria Eau de Parfum: In the cafés and parks of the grand boulevard, the dernier cri is the curiously soft, milky scent of an exotic plant with an extravagantly named name. A symphony of delicate and elegant olfactory notes, evoking the image of a sun-kissed flower garden. The fresh, citrusy aroma blends with the sweetness of the Moroccan rose and Iris duo. Heliotrope and tonka give a creamy vanilla sweetness. The end result is a sophisticated and sensual fragrance.
  • Wiener Blut Klubwasser Eau de Parfum: Freshly broken twigs, spicy herbs and dark green nettles mark the path of the noble savage through the undergrowth. A unique and surprising olfactory experience, combining floral, green and woody notes to create a complex and intriguing scent. Notes of neroli and angelica root blend harmoniously with elemi and banana leaf. Galbanum, nettle and ivy add a green and earthy note, while smoky wood, gurjun and mastic give a warm and fascinating note. The end result is an eclectic and enveloping fragrance, evoking the image of a wild and mysterious forest.


Wiener Blut Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Reviews!

  • Wiener Blut Ex Voto Eau de Parfum: “The Ex Voto perfume proves that niche fragrances are more expensive than cheap ones for a very specific reason. I smelt it some time ago at a trade fair, and I have not been able to forget it since. An incensed perfume like none I had ever smelt. A bewitching, refined, soft, dry, spicy incense... addictive. Tastes like heaven, I'm not kidding. I went so far as to spray it on my pillow before going to sleep! Needless to say, it's now my favourite perfume.” Amelia
  • Wiener Blut Unheimlich Eau de Parfum: “The unheimlich scent is intriguing, dark, sexy. Animalic, herbaceous and warm nuances overlap each other in a pressing rhapsody. Spices, Aromas, Amber, Leather, Vetiver... A particular tornado of olfactory notes is to be tried on the skin. Domenico
  • Wiener Blut Sale Marino Eau de Parfum: “A perfume for experts. It tastes of pure sea, nothing more, nothing less. There are no romanticised or artificial shades of sunscreen or sunshine, is like smelling the vital essence of the sea, uncensored. Salty, full of life. You can smell the scent of seaweed. The Sea Salt perfume is unique, and special, for the few. If you are not used to artist perfumes, I recommend that you first take the sample” Elia
  • Wiener Blut Freudian Wood Eau de Parfum: “A luminous, creamy, salty sandalwood, accompanied by a surprising mix of mimosa and cypress. Ambrette, musk and Caraway are not left out. A base of grey amber whispers from afar. Exciting and delicately comforting at the same time, it tastes of leather. A masterfully balanced pyramid. I do not recommend it for summer because in the heat on me, it loses that ethereal cleanliness it normally has. A phenomenal fragrance, if a little whimsical. Absolutely to try.” Giorgia
  • Wiener Blut Klubwasser Eau de Parfum:  “Green, green, green! A really pleasant green explosion to feel on you. My favourite fragrance for the whole year! ” Dorian


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