Nobile 1942

Nobile 1942

Nobile 1942 is the result of a love for perfumery passed down through generations since the time of the Second World War. This passion inspired the creation of a brand that represents Italian elegance worldwide. Sensitivity to beauty, attention to detail, and the pursuit of quality are the distinctive features of Nobile 1942 perfumes.

Nobile 1942
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Nobile 1942 Perfumes

Nobile 1942 is a renowned brand in the world of luxury fragrances, built on passion and tradition passed down through generations. It all began with Umberto Nobile, Massimo's grandfather, who made a lasting impression in the industry since the 1930s, representing prestigious perfumes from Nina Ricci. Amidst the Second World War (1942), Umberto decided to open a perfumery in Rome for his wife, starting a family tradition that would grow. Benito, Massimo's father, followed his grandfather's footsteps by opening a perfumery in Naples for his wife, as did Massimo's brother, inspired by love for a Tuscan woman.

Guided by the legacy of elegance and passion passed down through generationsMassimo Nobile created something extraordinary: in 2004, together with his wife Stefania Giannino, they founded the Nobile 1942 brand, becoming ambassadors of Italian elegance globally. Their approach doesn't follow fleeting trends but focuses on eternal refinement, meeting the most sophisticated expectations of customers.


The Nobile 1942 Collection

Nobile 1942 is a perfume house that goes beyond merely creating perfumes to offer extraordinary sensory experiences! Each fragrance tells a unique story, enveloping the wearer in an atmosphere of elegance and Italian tradition. Among the numerous collections offered by Nobile 1942, examples include "I Rituali", a collection of scented amulets inspired by gestures and superstitious rituals of Italian culture, "I Rigati", a line that pays tribute to the city of Genoa, where Nobile 1942 has its laboratories, and its architectures, and "Paradiso Perduto", a collection offering a surreal olfactory experience, evoking dreamlike worlds and childhood memories.

The splendid collections of Nobile 1942 masterfully illustrate the diversity and richness of the brand, which continues to surprise and delight niche fragrance lovers with its creativity and commitment to Italian craftsmanship excellence!


Best-Selling Nobile 1942 Perfumes on 50 ml


  • Nobile 1942 La Danza delle Libellule Eau de Parfum: a sweet fragrance for women that embodies an invitation to live life with carefreeness and lightness. Inspired by Franz Lehar's lively operetta, this long-lasting fragrance offers a mix of sweetness and freshness suitable for any occasion. The perfect fragrance to indulge in during the busiest moments of the day!
  • Nobile 1942 Perdizione Eau de Parfum: a unisex citrusy fragrance that transports the mind to a world of seductive sensuality. With a floral bouquet and a predominant note of Vanilla, this fragrance offers an immersive and intense experience, ideal for those seeking emotional depth in perfumes.
  • Nobile 1942 Levante Eau de Parfum: this sweet fragrance for men and women evokes the vibrant and refreshing atmosphere of Mediterranean coastal countries. With notes of seawater and a light freshness, this intense fragrance embodies the lively and luminous spirit of the Ligurian coasts, perfect for those who love light and refreshing sensations.
  • Nobile 1942 Shamal Extrait de Parfum: a unisex oriental fragrance that celebrates inner strength and perseverance. Inspired by the sweet but relentless wind of the Shamal, this fragrance offers a mix of dates, incense, and childhood memories, creating a comforting and reassuring atmosphere.
  • Nobile 1942 Malia Extrait de Parfum: A fruity fragrance for women that tells the story of a rebellious woman condemned during the Spanish Inquisition. With notes of Osmanthus and a touch of seduction, this sexy fragrance enchants and bewitches like a spell, revealing its magical aphrodisiac properties.


Nobile 1942 Perfume Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Reviews!


  • Nobile 1942 Petali e Spade Extrait de Parfum: "A unique fragrance that captivates with its delicacy and strength. It made me feel brave and full of life; I would recommend this perfume to anyone who wants to express their femininity with elegance!" - Martha
  • Nobile 1942 La Stanza delle Bambole Extrait de Parfum: "A true joy for the senses, it brought me back to childhood with its sweetness... what a nostalgic feeling! It's a fragrance that fills your soul with joy and warmth, perfect for anyone who wants to relive wonderful memories." - Viktoria
  • Nobile 1942 Rudis Extrait de Parfum: "Virile and powerful, this perfume gives me energy and confidence. The fragrance lasts long and leaves an intense trail; it made me feel ready to conquer the world!" - Matthew
  • Nobile 1942 Anti Malocchio Eau de Parfum: "After a rather unlucky period, a friend of mine gifted me this perfume to cheer me up. Well... it's my new lucky charm, it gave me tranquility and security! I recommend Anti Malocchio to anyone who wants to attract only good vibes into their life." - Julia
  • Nobile 1942 Malvs Eau de Parfum: "A mysterious and seductive fragrance that captivates the senses. Charming and with a magnetic trail, it's now one of my all-time favorite perfumes! - Mark


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