La Bouche Rouge

La Bouche Rouge
La Bouche Rouge Paris is an entirely ecological French make-up brand: from its "clean" formulas, free of petrochemical derivatives, silicones and microplastics, to its recyclable, plastic-free packaging, La Bouche Rouge rewrites the meaning of the word "quality", inextricably linking it to care for the environment. All La Bouche Rouge make-up is contained in refillable and recyclable cases!
La Bouche Rouge
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La Bouche Rouge Makeup

The new luxury is also committed to our future, and La Bouche Rouge proves it: it is the first French ecological make-up brand to commit to safe formulas in refillable and recyclable plastic-free cases. A luxury that does not pollute, destroy or damage, that makes us feel beautiful both inside and out.

The brand rewrites the meaning of the word 'quality', linking it inextricably to care for the environment. Buying a La bouche Rouge product means making a responsible choice, allowing us not only to hold in our hands a good product and an exclusive design object, but also to be sure that we have made a sustainable choice that leads to a cleaner world.

The Maison tries to make the best choice case by case, without falling into clichés. This is why it uses raw materials such as mica and real leather, demonised in other fields. Aware of the worrying reality of working conditions in mica mines, it only uses ethical sources to address the economic and social roots of this problem and promote lasting change. 


Similarly, the leather used in La Bouche Rouge's cases is a recovered material, as infinitely recyclable as all the other raw materials used in their products. These handmade cases, made from the finest recycled leather by Les Tanneries du Puy, become design objects to be handed down from generation to generation. For the more demanding there is also the possibility of a totally vegan choice: La Bouche Rouge beauty products can also be used in their original case. 

La Bouche Rouge also has a long blacklist: in addition to the 1300 ingredients banned in cosmetics by the European Union, their formulas are developed without petrochemicals, toxins, plastic powder, microplastics or silicones. No beeswax or preservatives, no animal testing.

All their products are redesigned in close collaboration with the greatest French scientists and craftsmen. This gives rise to products such as the first refillable lipstick case, the first all-metal lipstick mechanism or the world's first mascara in a tube made entirely of glass, with an organic cap and brush. All ingredients are grown in a way that respects the planet, is traceable and as local as possible. They are analysed and brought together in their laboratory, where they create powerful, natural and high-performance formulas in which all ingredients provide uncompromising active care. Unique, patented formulas contain between 60% and 91% active ingredients. The brand also donates to various charities.

La Bouche Rouge means 'red lips' in French, but also to have a voice, to send a message: an invitation to change. A change in our forms of consumption, as well as in production and redistribution, with the aim of leaving a positive impact on the whole line.

La Bouche Rouge Best Seller Products on 50 ml

La Bouche Rouge Mascara Leather Sleeve: Add a touch of elegance to your daily beauty ritual with this premium leather mascara sleeve, designed to protect and embellish La Bouche Rouge's Le Sérum Noir mascara and eyebrow serum. A precious object, designed without plastic.

La Bouche Rouge EyeShadow Refill: Four luminous shades enriched with hyaluronic acid. An infusion of ultra-concentrated pigments with 91% ingredients of natural origin, no microplastics, talc or silicone and Cruely Free. The paper Eye Shadow Refill can be used as a stand-alone eyeshadow palette or inserted into the leather case.

La Bouche Rouge Lipstick Refill: a beautiful and comfortable lipstick composed of 88% natural ingredients. The serum formula is enriched with a powerful anti-ageing algae hand-harvested in France. The lipstick formula is vegan, cruelty-free and without beeswax, petrolatum or silicones.

La Bouche Rouge Refillable Lipstick Case: Fine leather lipstick case handmade in France, infinitely reusable and recycled from the Tanneries du Puy. Designed without plastic and entirely reusable and recyclable. The saddle stitching on the case is the handmade signature of La Bouche Rouge

La Bouche Rouge Le Serum Noir Mascara: The first 100% recycled glass mascara, recyclable and developed without plastic. Contains 99% ingredients of natural origin and no microplastics. It thickens, lengthens and lifts the lashes from root to tip, giving density and glamour to the eyes, with a 60s spirit.

Makeup La Bouche Rouge Reviews: Discover our customers' opinions!

La Bouche Rouge Eyebrow Serum Gel: "I had thinned my eyebrows too much, so I decided to do something about it. A bunch of online comments recommended this serum...thank God! It gave me insane results after one moth of use" Gaia

La Bouche Rouge Bronzer Refill: "I'm a MUA so my choices when it comes to make-up are really important: I need quality products, but I prefer something sustainable given how many I use. These bronzers are perfect in both areas: look and quality! Suitable for even the most demanding customers and when I run out I just have to change the refill" Marco

La Bouche Rouge Highlighter Refill La Lumière: "I love highlighters, and I couldn't miss this one. It blends well and has an adjustable effect depending on the amount used, I use very little for a natural effect during the day, much more in the evening or for flashy makeup photos. A must have!" Angela

La Bouche Rouge Refillable Compact Case: "Two months ago I got my wife some products from this brand and she always carries them in her handbag, so the other day I decided to get her a few more products from this brand. She was really happy! I have to say that I don't know much about make-up, but I can definitely tell that the leather is good quality and the stitching is well done." David

La Bouche Rouge Lip Pencil: "It's the first time I buy this brand and I have to say I'm impressed! The pencil is very soft and gliding, with an intense colour, so it only takes me one swipe to have the most perfect base for my lipstick." Brigid


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