Tata Harper

Tata Harper
Tata Harper is a pioneer in natural luxury skincare. Since she couldn't find 100% natural products that were up to her impeccable standards of efficacy, quality, and purity, she started Tata Harper Skincare to make them from scratch by always sourcing radical new revelations in botanical beauty, with high quality ingredients that come from around the globe.
Tata Harper
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Tata Harper Skincare: for uncompromising women

Tata Harper was born out of Tata's difficulty in finding beauty products that met her needs: natural, effective and powerful products that did not contain substances harmful to health. Thus, she decided to create a skincare brand for herself and for all women who, like her, are unwilling to risk their health for beauty. Products that not only care for your skin, but also for your well-being and health.


Why choose Tata Harper

Tata's formulations follow a simple rule: more is better! In fact, instead of focusing on a single natural ingredient and filling the rest of the bottle with artificial formulations, Tata carefully studies a formula that contains as many ingredients as possible, at the highest possible concentration for extreme effectiveness. The ingredients are carefully selected from all over the world, respecting the rhythms of nature (you will notice that sometimes products are out of stock... probably because a storm in the Galapagos did not allow supplies of Prickly Pear extract).


Features of Tata Harper Skincare

No shortcuts in Tata's skincare. 100% natural, no artificial elements. The wreath of flowers that appears on the now iconic green bottles symbolises precisely the promise made to itself and its customers: products with studied formulations, with concentrated extracts of the best plants selected from around the world. The packaging is carefully designed to be ecological in all its aspects: each bottle is strictly made of glass, the most recyclable material, and can be reused indefinitely. The plastic is derived from sugar cane, therefore biodegradable, and the cardboard comes from responsible sources.


Tata Harper Skincare's best sellers on 50 ml

  • Tata's Daily Essentials: a concentrate of delicious mini-essentials for a 7-step skincare routine: a perfect kit for getting closer to the brand and for travelling. In the Daily Essentials you'll find: Regenerating Cleanser, Resurfacing Mask, Hydrating Floral Essence, Rejuvenating Serum, Restorative Eye Creme, Repairative Moisturizer, Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil.
  • Resurfacing Mask: an illuminating treatment for instant glow. Particularly indicated in the case of clogged pores, dull skin and uneven texture, it transforms the skin, leaving it radiant thanks to pomegranate enzymes, rose extract and calendula.
  • Clarifying Cleanser: a foaming gel cleanser that combats impurities and oily skin by rebalancing sebaceous production. The skin acquires a matte texture thanks to Cassava Tapioca and Yucca extract. For deep cleansing without ingredients harmful to the skin.
  • Illuminating Eye Cream: An anti-ageing treatment with a gentle glow from diamond powder. It gives a light coverage and is perfect for covering dark circles, fine lines and dry skin.
  • Nourishing Oil Cleanser: Multi-vitamin oil that gently dissolves make-up, leaving the skin clean and deeply nourished. Enriched with various pure plant oils, the formula contains Vitamin E, Squalane, Calendula.


Tata Harper Reviews: our customers' reviews

  • Water-Lock Moisturizer: "Hydrates skin divinely - I can't get enough of it anymore. Super light texture." Marta
  • Regenerating Cleanser: "The light scrubbing action of this cleanser is really wonderful: it brightens the skin so much without irritating it. "Sara
  • Rejuvenating Serum: "I use it on my skin while it's still damp. It has really improved the appearance of my first few wrinkles, so I would recommend it a thousand times over" Giorgia
  • Purifying Gel Cleanser: "For someone like me who has oily skin and also lives in the city, this purifying cleanser is a must-have" Vanessa
  • Restorative Eye Creme: "An eye cream I can't give up any more, it refreshes them, gets rid of dark circles, in short, it does everything. Too bad about the price, I always wait for some Tata Harper offer." Lucy


And you, have you chosen your Tata Harper's skincare routine? If you have any doubts about your skin or want more detailed advice, we're here for you: come and visit us in Milan at our boutique in Viale Monte Nero 16, one of the few Tata Harper's shops in Italy, or contact our Customer Service. Still haven't found your favourite skincare brand? Discoverthe best products from skincare, men's, women's and unisex fragrances, home diffusers and candles and much more from the world of the niche. We remind you that at 50-ml.eu you can buy online samples of all perfumes. Free samples on request.