Perfumed Water

Fresh, pleasant, ideal to be sprayed with no worries, perfumed water is the ideal solution for those who love to wear perfume, but without the intensity of an Eau de Parfum. In the 50 ml catalogue you will find a wide choice of perfumed waters to rediscover all the pleasure of wearing perfume. Use the filters available on the website to find the fragrance that suits you!

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Perfumed Water

Wearing a fragrance means completing your look with an invisible jewel to the eyes but capable of making a difference. The many types of perfumes available allow you to explore olfactory notes and understand which fragrance best expresses your identity. If your wish is to find a delicate perfume, suitable for everyday life and not weighing you down, the perfect fragrance for you might be a Perfumed Water. Let's discover together what it is!


What is a Perfumed Water?

Perfumed Water is a water-based fragrance, with a very low alcohol content, enriched with a small percentage of essential oils that give a pleasant and delicate scent to the skin. It can be an exceptional resource for gently perfuming yourself in daily life, on all those occasions when you prefer to be discreet, or during summer when you want to smell good without feeling the annoying sensation of oiliness on the skin that traditional perfumes can leave in excessive heat.

Suppose you've ever wondered where to spray perfumed water. In that case, we have an excellent answer for you: although it's often also called body mist or body spray, it can be sprayed on hair and even clothes without the risk of staining them (still, pay attention to more delicate fabrics like silk). Perfumed water has an average duration of about two or three hours, so it's a good habit to carry a perfume sample with you to reapply it during the day.


What's the Difference Between Body Mist and Perfume?

For many, the difference between body mists and perfume remains a mystery. Some even think that these two terms are used as synonyms. That's not true! The difference is very concrete and lies precisely in the different concentrations of essential oils present in the product. While Perfumed Water has a percentage of essential oils of about 3 / 5%, classic perfumes such as Eau de Toilette and Eau De Parfum have respectively 5/15% and 15/20% of essential oils: a much higher amount that results in a more intense and persistent fragrance.


How is Perfumed Water Made?

One of the most commonly used techniques to obtain perfumed water is distillation: it's a rather common extraction method, which, starting from a vegetable matrix, whether it's made up of flowers, leaves, stems, or roots, can transfer some of the substances contained in the plant material into the water through evaporation. This ancient procedure for preparing aromatic waters can also be replaced by a different, much more immediate method: distilled water is directly enriched with drops of essential oil previously extracted.


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