Frapin is a story about perfection. We are not just talking about perfumes, but about a family that has been producing cognac for eight hundred years, making the tasting of flavors a tradition full of passion. Today, to underline the relationship with these extraordinary artisanal productions, Frapin has decided to offer a line of fragrances inspired by its cognacs.
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Frapin, Story of a Passion: Cognac and Perfumes

The quintessence of the earth and time, sensuality and emotion, know-how and the French art of living have been harnessed by the family-run artisanal company Frapin since 1270, when the methods of making Cognac were honed by mastering each stage to perfection. To extend this approach and emphasise the complicity between two exceptional skills, fragrances inspired by the history and land of Frapin have been offered. The fragrances tell the story of the French passion for quality, the art of living and tradition, expressing the timelessness of the finest raw materials, ancestral knowledge and the love for beauty and goodness.


Frapin Parfums features

The production of the company's Cognacs and perfumes follows a tradition of excellence and know-how honed over centuries, taking the time to seek out and select the finest raw materials and to create sophisticated compositions that enhance their richness. The creations are produced on a small scale to preserve their extreme quality and are presented in bottles with pure lines, with handcrafted beech wood stoppers that recall how the wood of the barrels, in addition to the grapes, contributes to the flavours of the cognac.  The company has given its perfumers freedom to express their style and draw inspiration from a new source: the cognacs produced by the company. In this way, the aim is to revive the prestige and originality of the great French perfumery, carrying on the tradition of the art of living and artisan excellence.

Discover Frapin Bestsellers on 50 ml:

  • Isle of Man Eau de Parfum: created for free spirits and those who love adrenaline. It is not just a perfume inspired by motor racing, but a whole philosophy of life that invites you to live every second intensely as if it were your last. Citrus notes blend with salty floral accords, creating an olfactory harmony that evokes the thrill of adrenalin and racing.
  • The fragrance is not just a fragrance inspired by adrenalin.
  • If by R.K. Eau de Parfum: "During a charity race this year, I was fortunate enough to travel from the far north to the south of India. On my way, passing through the city of Mysore, the lines of the poem "If", by Rudyard Kipling, came to my mind. This poem was passed on to me by my grandfather, a great traveller, ever since I was a child. The lesson contained in those lines è something that must be repeated every day to become the person we are meant to be".
  • The Orchid Man Eau de Parfum: Orchid Man is named in honour of Georges Carpentier, a famous French boxer of the 20th century. The fragrance, inspired by the duality of boxing as a sport that requires intense cerebral activity and violent action, opens with the energy of raw, rounded black chilli pepper, which hits like a well-placed punch, while airy bergamot lends a fruity sensation. The heart of the fragrance is an accord of jasmine and leather, both masculine and proudly floral, like the orchid boutonniere Carpentier loved to wear in the city. The versatility of the athlete who trains for life.
  • Bois Blanc Eau de Parfum: This fragrance draws inspiration from the circadian rhythm of days and nights, the changing of the seasons and the wind blowing through the trees. Proximity to nature is an irreplaceable support for those working at Frapin. This closeness constitutes the distinctive style, essence and elegance of the company. "Wood è our age-old wisdom.
  • L’Humaniste Eau de Parfum: In the Renaissance, perfume was considered a princely pastime in Italian courts, but in France it became an art. When François Rabelais imagined the abbey of Thelema as a utopian centre of humanist culture, including the use of the most delicate fragrances such as rosewater, orange blossom water and angel water, they became an integral part of the refined pleasures of its monks and nuns. In this context, the care and harmony of aesthetics were paramount.


Frapin Reviews: Discover our Customer Reviews

  • 1270 Eau de Parfum: "Wonderful opening, I smell pineapple, dried fruits, plum and something sweet and boozy together. Then the perfume almost seems to take on another character, it becomes more gentle and in the drydown I smell notes of honey, rum and plum that are harmoniously spread over an amber background" Sara
  • Nevermore Eau de Parfum: “If you like aldehydated roses è absolutely this, a rose with aldehydes that make the fragrance clear and vintage at the same time. È the scent of a strong woman who knows exactly where she wants to go. A decisive, no-frills fragrance" Nicoletta
  • Terre de Sarment Eau de Parfum: "I have a strong predilection for Frapin perfumes, original and unconventional but always very wearable, and I felt an irresistible attraction for Terre de Sarment from the very first spray. Its performance is inversely proportional to the temperature: the colder it gets, the warmer it warms up on the skin, and the grape - very sweet - becomes almost must, blended perfectly with spices, with a touch of orange blossom and a resinous and balsamic note that remains soft" Lorenzo
  • Caravelle Epicée Eau de Parfum:"Elegant spiciness, sweet but not too sweet, first-rate materials, clean and easily recognisable notes, modernly constructed, with a noticeable impact due to the remarkable aromatic charge of pepper" Henry
  • Speakeasy Eau de Parfum:"Speakeasy è the perfume for those looking for something original, pleasant, natural, persistent and perfectly unisex. È a balance made of clean but concrete aromatic notes; they are clearly perceived if you smell them closely while they blend wonderfully to create a combination that tends to be sweet but not gourmand thanks to the mix of amber, suede, tobacco, helichrysum, sweet orange, liqueur and tonka bean" Marco

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