Histoires de Parfums

Histoires de Parfums
An olfactive library telling stories about famous characters, mythical years, poems and music. With his luxuriant imagination, the maison has chosen to bring the creator's stories to life in perfumes, a sensitive and sensual medium. Histoires de Parfums releases its fragrances to be read on skin.
Histoires de Parfums
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Histoires de Parfums and its founder

Gérald Ghislain gave birth to Histoires de Parfums in 2000. Since then, there has been a collection of rare, authentic, at times romantic and full of character jus making their mark on the world. Ghislain chooses to tell his story with the fast-paced, engaging rhythm of someone who puts his whole self into what he does. Impulsive and eclectic, ardently passionate about his work, Gérald Ghislain loves to savour everything in life, enriching his everyday life with refinement, elegance and just the right amount of madness. With the insatiable curiosity that defines every artist, Gérald is constantly searching for new olfactory horizons, drawing inspiration from his every journey and encounter.


Characteristics Histoires de Parfums Perfumes

The creation of Histoires de Parfums is a reinterpretation of the classic olfactory families in a new way and draws on unexpected elements to create an original and surprising collection.  The fragrances are very persistent, with dense and extremely sensual notes. Imagine an olfactory library that tells stories of famous people, mythical years, poems and music. The collection created by Gérald Ghislain is not governed by inspiration: thanks to his marvellous imagination, this sui generis Parisian has chosen to transform his stories into perfume, an extremely ductile and sensitive tool. The Parisian maison publishes its fragrances in Deluxe editions to read on the skin, perpetuating the know-how of French Haute Parfumerie, the refinement of raw materials, nobility and creativity. Histoires de Parfums celebrates, within its various collections, extraordinary historical personalities such as Mata Hari, Casanova, Colette, literary works that have marked history, the highest poetry ever written between East and West, art, the great divas of Opera. With his Olfactory Library, Gérald Ghislain evokes stories through fragrance just as books are written with emotions.


Bestselling Histoires de Parfums Perfumes on 50 ml

  • 1740 Eau de Parfum: an intense fragrance for the modern pleasure seeker, in which a sensual accord of leather and davana celebrates the libertine attitude of the Age of Enlightenment. Davana, labdanum and patchouli reveal the depth of woody notes evoking a charismatic and seductive nature.
  • 1969 Eau de Parfum: in the wake of this oriental and gourmand scent, all the sensuality of a bouquet of spices is expressed. A perfume that celebrates the great eroticism of the legendary year 1969, the sexual revolution, an air of freedom, with notes of chocolate and white musk.
  • Fidelis Eau de Parfum: gold joins copper, the metal dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love and seduction… a perfume composed of coffeeè, saffron and spicy amber. Thus Love, born in the heart of a rose intertwined with patchouli, surrenders to the insistence of the intoxicating oud.
  • Ambre 114 Eau de Parfum: an extraordinary raw material animates a composition of no fewer than 114 elements. An explosion of olfactory nuances that enhances the natural sensuality of grey amber, sweet and pervaded with exoticism: a balsamic and spicy fragrance, very sensual.
  • Encens Roi Eau de Parfum: the mysterious breath between the sacred purity of frankincense and the mystic warmth of precious balsams: Encens Roi è an ode to the most fragrant and ancient of offerings.


Histoires de Parfums Perfumes Reviews: Discover all our Customer Reviews

  • 1889 Moulin Rouge Eau de Parfum: “A perfume that manages to evoke the smell of a vintage make-up palette in a wonderful way: it really does smell of talcum powder and lipstick. You can obviously smell the iris as the absolute protagonist, with all its hyper talky component, slightly softened by fruity notes” Rossana
  • 1472 Eau de Parfum: “This perfume is a very pleasant luminous amber, perfect for autumn” Francesco
  • 1725 Eau de Parfum: “A barbershop-style fougere. The opening is very good, with citrus, grapefruit and a fresh spiciness, liquorice can be smelled. As the minutes pass, star anise and a hint of lavender emerge. Saying an excellent office fragrance” Maco
  • 1804 Eau de Parfum: “A very fruity opening, with pineapple as the protagonist, natural and sweet. In a short time the fruitiness fades, to make way for a floral heart rich in patchouli and amber” Alice

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