Abaton is an artistic perfumery founded in Savona in 1980, which has evolved into a workshop of ideas for the creation of excellent products. Abaton perfumes are distinguished by their high quality, which aims to conquer the tastes of true perfume enthusiasts. The name Abaton comes from the Greek and represents an exclusive place of prayer within a temple.

Set Descending Direction

Abaton, the brand that celebrates Chinotto

Abaton è a artistic perfumery operating since 1980, founded with the aim of becoming a point of reference for perfume lovers and those who create them. This family business has developed in Italy and the United States, becoming known for its niche of high quality products, refinement and originality.The name Abaton derives from the Ancient Greek and represents a niche within a temple, reserved for the prayer of travelling pilgrims. This invokes curiosity to discover and disseminate small and large masterpieces, from perfume to candles, from soaps to organic cosmetics, from fashion accessories to jewellery and even mouth-watering delicacies.


Features of Abaton perfumes

Each of the three original fragrances è built around the essential oil of Chinotto citrus fruits, grown on Abaton farms. All of these products are exclusive and beautiful, destined for connoisseurs and the best niche shops. The passion for artistic perfumery is shared by all the members of the Abaton team, who have contributed to making this business a point of reference for those who love perfumes and beauty in general.


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  • Chinotto Dark Eau de Toilette: Smoky, wormwood alcoholic, aromatic, with the note of chinotto, a particular citrus fruit that here reminds one of the drink even more than the fruit. A round, well-balanced perfume, without asperity. A chinotto with a beautiful persistence, whose name sounds perfect, also very characterised by incense: a “nocturnal”,enigmatic, dark and mysterious.
  • Chinotto Gourmand Eau de Toilette: If you like gourmand,  è the one I love the most: a ripe, juicy, “witty” chinotto that marries a note ofsalted caramel. To my nose (it will be the combination of chinotto and caramel) a very interesting sensation of roasted arachid


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  • Fior di Chinotto Eau de Toilette: “A beautiful fragrance in which the citrus note of chinotto joins an amber floral bouquet, culminating in a sweet and honeyed base. ” Martina

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