Acqua dell'Elba

Acqua dell'Elba
Acqua dell'Elba has a catalog of essences with an exotic tone, yet fresh and familiar, which enhances the fragrances of the Tuscan island and describes them in a unique way. A paradisiacal panorama, dominated by the woods, few meters away from the sea, with the taste of the salty air, is enclosed in a varied and unforgettable product line.
Acqua dell'Elba
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Acqua dell’Elba Products: When Cosmetics Take Inspiration from an Island

Acqua dell’Elba is a brand of niche products and perfumes born on the Tuscan island of the same name. Each fragrance in the line is inspired by the evocative scents of the Mediterranean maquis and the marine odours of Elba: if you love the sea, you will adore each fragrance and suddenly feel like you are on a beautiful beach. Acqua dell’Elba has managed to encapsulate all the facets of the sea and its essence in fragrances such as Mediterraneo, Arcipelago and Mare, unique, precious and unforgettable... just like the island of Elba.


Elba Water: A Story on the Perfume Route

Acqua dell’Elba is a niche family perfumery brand, born from the passion of three young men for perfume and, in particular, for the extraordinary fragrances of the Island of Elba. Their product line was created with the precise intention of reviving the beauty of the Tuscan sea and of the Mediterranean maquis in the Tuscan Archipelago National Park.

The story of Acqua dell’Elba begins, like many things in this life, with a journey: The protagonists of this adventure are Fabio, Chiara and Marco, who decided one day to set off from Mariana Marina, accompanied by the fresh, perfumed breeze of Elba, and to stop in front of the Paolina rock, where in the hold of a sailing ship they found an ivory statuette that served as a stopper for a precious essence. It was from that discovery that the Mare perfume was born, and another adventure began, always in the name of perfume.

Following this journey, the three protagonists of the brand developed a series of “maritime” and other fragrances. The Acqua dell’Elba perfumes recount not only the scents of the sea, but also those of the island (think Limonaia, for example, or Monte Capanne) to bring the Tuscan Archipelago to life in three hundred and sixty degrees. Thanks to the help of the best master perfumers, Fabio, Chiara and Marco have succeeded in creating a line of products that is the pride of Tuscan excellence: simplicity, quality of ingredients, and Tuscan artisan pride are the three key words behind the Acqua dell'Elba perfumes. The Acqua dell’Elba line has expanded greatly in recent years, encompassing room perfumes, room sprays, candles, and scented chalks, as well as personal and bathroom accessories. Each product is designed and handcrafted to guarantee the highest quality.

A final aspect that is fundamental to understanding the history of this brand concerns the social commitment that the three founders have made to their island: in addition to recreating the precious marine fragrances of Elba, Acqua dell’Elba has established that entrepreneurs living on the island must give back part of the proceeds to the local community and territory. Thanks to this initiative, various projects for the environmental, artistic, cultural and social enhancement of the Tuscan island have been created and launched. One more reason to try all the Acqua dell’Elba perfumes!


Acqua dell’Elba Fragrances: Unique Men's and Women's Fragrances

The Acqua dell’Elba fragrance line is now famous over the world: each men's and women's fragrance is, in fact, inimitable and highly sought-after. Available in both Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette formats, the Acqua dell’Elba fragrances include big names such as: Classica, Blu, Arcipelago, Sport, Essenza dell’Isola and Altrove. Each fragrance is available in a Men's and Women's variant (e.g. Classica Donna, Classica Uomo, Donna Blu, Uomo Blu etc.) Acqua dell’Elba Classica is together with Acqua dell’Elba Blu, one of the brand's most iconic fragrances: the Classica line was one of the first developed by the brand and is timeless thanks to its mix of seaweed, rosemary, mandarin, musk and woody notes. Blu EDP or EDT has also established itself as one of the most popular fragrances, thanks to its marine notes, combined with those of flowers such as jasmine, cedar and water lily and orange, which give a fresh, floral scent.


Body Creams, Aftershave and Shower Gel Acqua dell’Elba: The Fragrances of the Sea on Your Skin

Acqua dell’Elba has completed its line with a wide range of shower and personal care products: shower gels, body creams, deodorants and aftershaves to carry the scents of the sea with you at all times. The fragrances available are varied: Blu, Classica, and Arcipelago, to mention but a few. Each product in the line is designed to be delicate and deliciously perfumed on the skin: the Acqua dell’Elba deodorant, in particular, is comfortable and refreshing, perfect for getting through the day.


Acqua dell’Elba Home Fragrance

Acqua dell’Elba, in addition to men's and women's perfumes, a bath and skincare line, has also created elegant room perfumers and room sprays, perfect for filling your home with the perfumes of the sea and the island of Elba. Discover the Mare room perfumer, with its woody notes of rosemary, seaweed, lily, red cistus and lemon, which is also ideal for the kitchen, or Casa dei Mandarini, which with its fruity notes can make any room in the house cosy.


Acqua dell’Elba Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Aqua dell'Elba Donna Classica EDP: a feminine floral eau de parfum. This is an ode to the island, enhanced by the special combination of notes reminiscent of Elba. The flowers of the island with a skilful and shrewd combination of gardenia, jasmine, myrtle and hesperidian orange are juxtaposed with the freshness of marine cistus. The Classica line was the first line to be created and takes its inspiration from the Island to which it is linked and in particular its landscapes, scents and emotions.
  • Acqua dell'Elba Profumatore d'Ambiente Mare: a room perfumer with a marine fragrance. Experience the emotions of a morning swim, the caress of the wind that swells the sails and the fresh scent of an isolated cove with the fragrance that restores the deepest essence of an island: Mare. A fresh accord created with the notes of lemon, rosemary, sea lily, seaweed, sea cistus and Mediterranean scrub woods.
  • Aqua dell’Elba Discovery Kit DonnaSobre, sparkling, elegant, adventurous, deep, sporty? However, you feel, the scent of the sea is always with you. Acqua dell'Elba Preziosa was born. A journey through all the Acqua dell’Elba fragrances. A gift for yourself. A gift for your loved ones. It contains: Donna Classica, Donna Arcipelago, Donna Blu, Donna Smeraldo, Acqua (all 15 ml Eau de Parfum).
  • Aqua dell'Elba Smeraldo EDP: a feminine citrus eau de parfum. The fragrance is sweet, more articulate and designed for a free woman, endowed with grace, yet veiledly sensual. The inspiration is the morning when dew gently drips from the petals. The sun gently warms the air as it paints the sea with its rays. From above you observe everything: the sea-scented wind ideally lifts your body for an instant, while the sweetness of the flowers takes hold of your breath. A jewel of the sea without which you will no longer know how to be.
  • Acqua dell'Elba Blu EDP: a unisex fougère eau de parfum. The perfume is meant to inspire the horizon beyond the sea. It belongs to the Blu line that, with its name and colour, wants to refer to the colour of the sky and the sea that dominate the landscapes of the Island of Elba. Blue is the colour that symbolises the power and infinity of the sea enclosed here in an ampoule of fresh and pleasant fragrance that inebriates the senses.


Fragrances Acqua dell’Elba Reviews: Discover the Opinions of Our Customers!

  • Acqua dell'Elba Donna Classica EDP: "I recently discovered the Acqua dell'Elba Donna Classica EDP perfume and was completely enchanted. The floral notes are so delicate and feminine. A fragrant bouquet evokes images of blooming gardens under the summer sun, and the addition of orange and cistus notes adds a fresh, marine touch reminiscent of ocean breezes. Wearing this fragrance, I feel enveloped in the atmosphere of Elba Island. It is as if I can take those wonderful coastal views and the scent of the salty air with me wherever I go. The persistence is remarkable, remaining delicately present on the skin for many hours without being overpowering. Great care has been taken to capture not only the smells but also the feelings and emotions associated with that enchanting place. Annika
  • Acqua dell'Elba Classica EDP: "The fresh, salty notes of this fragrance immediately transported me to the coast, with the smell of the ocean mingling gently with citrus scents. The combination of mandarin, lemon and rosemary is refreshing and lively, evoking the energy and vitality of the sea. Much more than a simple fragrance. is an olfactory journey that tells the story of the sea and the Tuscan land. " Martina
  • Acqua dell'Elba Isola d'Elba Diffuser: The diffusion of this room fragrance is excellent. It fills the room with a delicate but persistent fragrance, enveloping the room with the essence of Elba Island. It is never overpowering but rather creates a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. It is like having a window open to the sea, offering a fragrance that caresses the soul and refreshes the spirit. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves marine fragrances and wishes to transform their space into an oasis of serenity." Azzurra
  • Acqua dell' Elba Hand Sanitizing Gel: "Not only does it do its sanitising work effectively, but also its scent is a real treat for the senses. After use, hands are not only clean but also soft and moisturised. This is a very important point for me, as many sanitising gels tend to dry out the skin. Not only does it offer protection and cleansing, but it also gives a touch of aromatic luxury that makes me feel like I'm on holiday on the island of Elba every time I use it. 10/10." Alessia
  • Acqua dell'Elba Mare Room Spray: "A true joy for the senses. This perfumer is ideal for transforming any space into a refuge of marine freshness: it manages to magically capture the deepest essence of the island and the sea, giving you an extraordinary sensory experience. I am delighted!" Valeria


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