Headspace perfumes offer a selection of life moments captured through the analysis of human 'mental spaces', combined with carefully selected raw materials handcrafted to preserve olfactory quality. This innovative technology invented in the 1970s allows perfumers to capture the essence of indelible life moments. The result is natural and poetic fragrances, encased in minimalist design bottles.

Set Descending Direction

Headspace Perfumes

Headspace is a new French brand of modern and radical niche fragrances, dedicated to capturing impressions and fleeting moments, revisited through imagination and restored with exceptional natural raw materials treated in overdose and carefully selected 'Headspace' extracts.  The result of this attention to detail è the creation of rare and unique fragrances, paving the way for a new form of high poetic perfumery, which revitalises the unattractive. The aim is to reinvent life and capture the world in all its facets in a single perfume, every perfumer's dream.


Jules Dinand, the founder of Headspace

Jules Dinand found the inspiration for the elegant bottles on the facing desks of the most renowned perfumers, where countless bottles are distributed. His life-size reconstruction captures the origin of each perfume, i.e. a unique composition of the most exclusive raw materials. To better align with the times, this inspiring creative also likes to compose olfactory signatures for brands or places. As long as perfumes and emotions are involved, the unfailing dreamer's imagination will stop at nothing.


Features of Headspace

The Headspace collection offers a selection of captured, trapped, encapsulated, out-of-time moments of life that convey an imagery that is impactful and poetic. They are moments of universality, named simply by the raw material that transcends them.  Natural raw materials are carefully selected, hand-picked and processed to preserve all their olfactory qualities, and combined with a headspace extract to create a fragrance never before seen in haute parfumerie.  If modern perfumery is born from the marriage of natural and synthetic raw materials, Headspace grants a generous naturalness to its fragrances as seen through the prism of a sometimes unexpected emblem.


Discover Headspace Fragrances Bestsellers on 50 ml

  • Styrax Eau de Parfum: the fragrance evokes this image of a polished saddle, warmed against the body of a steed, è a fragrance that combines leather and apricot notes of styrax and osmanthus, in a tribute to the skin of all kingdoms: vegetable, animal and human. Labdanum and amber complete the picture, lending the perfume an aura of mystery and seduction.
  • Santal Eau de Parfum: the innocent praise of lightness, of pure weightlessness and simplicity of existence is perceived the moment one sips such a fine champagne. It captures the energy of that magical moment when the unknown is no longer frightening and everything becomes effortless, when one inevitably feels magnificent and invincible, as if walking on air. The luminous, uninhibited waves of red fruits, the pungent breath of saffron that spreads its wings and the warm breath of sandalwood that acts as a protective armour against the blows of destiny are just some of the sensations you experience in this airy perfume, free of all effort and gravity, that invites you to enjoy life in a light and carefree way, even if only for an evening.
  • Myrrhe Eau de Parfum: the sound of the waves crashing on the beach and the scent of the sea create a magical atmosphere, inviting relaxation and contemplation. The white of the sand and the blue of the sea blend in perfect harmony, relaxing the eye and the soul. This is an unspoilt place, where nature reigns supreme and where one feels in communion with it.


Headspace Perfumes Reviews: Discover our Customer Reviews

  • Tubereuse Eau de Parfum: “A wonderful fragrance, for those who love tuberose and fleshy, sensual floral notes. A persistent and seductive scent” Marisa
  • Sauge Eau de Parfum: “One can clearly smell the note of sage, a note not so obvious in a perfume. Very aromatic, deep, multifaceted. Try it before you buy it” Daniele

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