Hermetica Paris represents a new approach to fragrances that combines nature and chemistry into four collections of long-lasting and moisturizing perfumes. In their quest for the ultimate fragrance elixir, Hermetica decided to create a revolutionary combination of the best natural ingredients and molecules to preserve them: a conscious step towards making sustainable and green fragrances possible.
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Hermetica Paris Perfumes

Hermetica Paris is a small sustainable revolution in the world of perfumes. Created in 2018 by Clara Molloy, poet and artistic director of four perfume maisons, Hermetica represents by far the perfume house that looks to the future. Natural raw materials from carefully selected sources are combined with the most innovative synthetic molecules to create a unique fragrance on every skin. Its alcohol-free formula makes Hermetica fragrances actual beauty products that moisturise and care for the skin. They are also perfect for spraying generously on the hair, making it fresh and fragrant without damaging it. Hermetica is committed to a more sustainable future, choosing vegan and cruelty-free formulations. The elegant emerald green bottle is made of recycled glass and originally produced from local sands to reduce the carbon footprint. Discover the universe of Hermetica's alcohol-free and molecular fragrances!


Hermetica perfumes: passion and commitment for sustainable perfumery

Clara and John Molloy challenge the conventional dogmas of perfumery to create, in 2018, Hermetica, a maison in which originality, nonconformity and scientific innovation are a real mission. Hermetica takes its name from Corpus Hermeticum, a medieval alchemical treatise, and starts from the concept of “Alchemy Green”, inspired by ancient extraction procedures of the alchemical art, for the formulation of its fragrances. For this, the Parisian maison employs two internationally renowned noses: Aliénor Massenet and Philippe Paparella.Hermetica chooses raw materials of high quality and notes synthesised from the reuse of secondary materials: 50% of the natural ingredients of its formulations come from the reuse of materials, with the utmost respect for nature's resources. The house's commitment to a sustainable future is reflected in its vegan and cruelty-free formulations with impeccable inci, as well as in its elegant recycled glass packaging made from local sands.

The absence of alcohol makes the application of all Hermetica fragrances extremely pleasant. They can be massaged into the skin just like a body cream or generously sprayed on the hair, as they also act as a hair fragrance. And they have the same moisturising and perfumed effect as the body cream. In fact, a special feature of Hermetica perfumes is that, precisely because they contain no alcohol, they have no evolution of the olfactory pyramid. The perfume is exactly what you smell as soon as you spray it on, and it does not evolve any further; in short, with fragrances such as Figfever, Rosefire, Verticaloud, Sandalsun and Megaflower you are on the safe side from the first spray. Like a body lotion, the scent remains subtle, delicate, but with a persistence that allows you to enjoy the fragrance for several hours.


Let yourself be captivated by Hermetica fragrances

At the heart of the maison, Source¹ EDP: the true starting point of all the maison's fragrances, it is a unique scent, perfect for layering in combination with the entire Hermetica collection for a modern and vibrant touch. Perfect both as a fragrance amplifier and as a perfume in its own right, in this fragrance the luminous side of bergamot essence combines with the molecules of dried amber and musky wood to bring a warmth and verticality that becomes pure pleasure on the skin.  


Dry Waters Collection: Hermetica fragrances dedicated to flowers

  • Megaflower EDPa bouquet of orange blossoms gently surrounded by Vetiver oil, which gives it an intoxicating warmth and joyful intensity. Like love at first sight, this powerful and delicate Eau de Parfum strikes like lightning, bewitching and delighting, creating an addiction with its mandarin molecule and orange blossom absolute.
  • Rosefire EDPinspired by red roses, celebrates the Turkish Delight rose. Top notes of Rose Absolute and Violet Molecule accentuate its floral tones, while Essence of Davana, an aromatic herb, adds a liqueur-like touch.
  • Peonypop  EDP: combines Osmanthus absolute and Peony molecule bring a sweet presence to this rosy fragrance and Raspberry essence reveals its gourmand touch on the skin. Peonypop is a clean, alcohol-free fragrance.
  • Multilotus  EDP: is inspired by the spirituality of the lotus: in Sri Lanka this flower is venerated and presented as a gift to the gods. Bergamot essence enriches the fragrance together with Osmanthus absolute and Lotus molecule. Multilotus is a clean, alcohol-free fragrance. Its formula offers a perfect alchemy between the fragrance and the skin with a long-lasting effect. Its moisturising base nourishes the skin all day long.
  • Eterniris EDP: is one of the maison's most surprising compositions: Iris concrète meets Oud oil to create an extraordinarily new duo. The Eau de Parfum unfolds all its uniqueness and multifaceted richness, revealing a white bouquet thanks to its lily of the valley molecule.
  • Lavincense EDP: reinterprets the richness and infinite nuances of lavender with modernity and refinement. Based on the exquisite qualities of lavender and lavandin oils, Lavincense by Hermetica develops a highly aromatic bouquet, including a molecule of sage, complemented by precious frankincense oil.


The green fragrances of Hermetica: the Emerald Stairways Collection

  • Figfever EDP, a fig tree whose green hues of its leaves are enhanced, revealing all the freshness and luminosity of this Hermetica Eau de Parfum. But Figfever also has a full-bodied, almost languid facet, recalled by the juicy nectar of plum, apple and something warmly spicy reminiscent of cinnamon.
  • Greenlion EDP, his favourite from the Hermetica collection. Greenlion plays on the contrast between strength and sensuality. The fragrance opens with an aromatic freshness provided by the essence of basil oil and juniper berries, which enhance the cool, spicy notes of the cardamom molecule. The essence of rosemary and the molecule of lily of the valley evoke strength and stability, leading to the intoxicating sensuality of vanilla absolute and the spicy molecule of amber wood.
  • Jade888 EDP evokes the vision of dense foliage and a dense tangle of tangled vines, as lush and untamed as the Amazon jungle. The main notes of this sweet and verdant eau de parfum are Iris oil, C02 Ginger extract and Lily of the Valley molecule.
  • Ivyme EDP is a fragrance as green as leaves, airy and ethereal, Ivyme reveals an earthy facet reminiscent of morning dew, the freshness of grass after rain. The green-blue sheen of the Ivy accord illuminates the warm depths of the musk molecule, while the Turkish rose absolute creates a floral, powdery veil.
  • Spiceair EDP is the image of a nostalgic London in the rain – a contrast between the lightness of the clouds and the warmth of the city. The mist rising from the city's wet pavements is recreated by the note of the green moss molecule, combined with the intriguing touch of cinnamon oil and bergamot essence, which capture the sophistication and mysterious charm of London.


The Door Collection: all woody fragrances by Hermetica

  • Cedarise EDP: Cedarwood is often compared to the smell of a freshly sharpened pencil, soft, powdery, enveloping, often associated with flowers. Hermetica, with Cedarise, combines it with vetiver, which, with its more bitter notes, takes away the creaminess of cedar, making the fragrance fresh and slightly spicy, with notes of pepper and cardamom in the background.
  • Sandalsun EDP is the scent "of wafers with hazelnut cream". In addition to hazelnut, the fragrance has an extremely creamy facet provided by vanilla, which is combined with a hint of heliotrope and sandalwood to increase the creaminess and the milky aspect of this hazelnut.
  • Darkoud EDP  is a pure and spicy fragrance, luxurious and enchanting due to the inestimable presence of Oud essence. The high concentration of Source1, added to the Rose absolute, brings luminosity and freshness to an irresistibly hypnotic elixir. The warm nuances brought by the saffron molecule make this eau de parfum deeply intense.
  • Woodysandal EDP is the perfect union between the sumptuous creaminess of Sandalwood essence and the fruity intensity of the Blackcurrant molecule, made even more intriguing by the fair trade Tonka Bean oil, which reveals the deepest secrets of this fragrance.


Vertical Amber Collection: when earth and cosmos become fragrance

  • The enveloping sweetness of Amberbee EDP, intense and refined, delicately highlighted by the essence of myrrh. Its incredible facets are illuminated by the essence of bergamot and warmed by a molecule of sweet amber.
  • The intoxicating exoticism of Vaninight EDP transports one into the dreamy atmosphere of the Arabian Nights, evoking a drop of vanilla, a pure and luxurious pearl. The floral amber molecule and almond oil add a note of sensuality.
  • The vibrant vertical nature of Verticaloud EDP, a mystical fragrance that selects surprising and incredibly precious notes: Rose oil and Oud accord. Oud, the priceless resinous wood from the Middle East, is revisited with sophistication, and the vibrant note of the amber molecule brings a unique touch of wonder to the fragrance.


Best Seller Hermetica Perfumes on 50 ml 

All Hermetica fragrances are alcohol-free molecular and moisturising fragrances of the highest quality. Here are our customers' favourite Hermetica fragrances:

  • Figfever Eau de Parfum: an enveloping embrace of a Mediterranean fig tree under the warm summer sun.
  • Greenlion Eau de Parfum: Greenlion plays with the contrast between strength and sensuality. It opens with the aromatic freshness of Basil and Juniper Berry, then blends harmoniously with the cool, spicy notes of Cardamom.
  • Amberbee Eau de Parfum: illuminated by the freshness of bergamot and warmed by the sweet molecule of amber, this clean, warm fragrance offers a lasting experience that nourishes the skin.
  • Discovey Kit Eau de Parfum: all Hermetica best sellers in a discovery kit!


Hermetica Perfumes Opinions: Discover our customers' reviews!

  • Megaflower Eau de Parfum: "It's a fantastic scent, enveloping, literally a hit!" - Carla 
  • Figfever Eau de Parfum: "Super juicy, it reminds me so much of the figs I pick every year in my mother's garden"  - Francesca
  • Cedarise Eau de Parfum: "A sophisticated and rich fragrance, I love the balance between Cedar and Vetiver!" - Valerio 
  • Amberbee Eau de Parfum: "Here the amber note is beautifully rendered thanks also to the light of bergamot. A great job!" - Laura

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