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Hi Smile
Hi Smile created an at-home teeth whitening treatment without the common side effects. Every day their team of expert continue to work to find the best formula to shape the future of teeth whitening. Hi Smile community works with science driven by the belief that smile care can be effective, safe and approachable.
Hi Smile
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The Hi Smile Collection

Hi Smile was born out of a reflection on traditional teeth whitening: why it is not a great experience? It's painful, expensive, causes sensitivity; and you have to go to the dentist. After much research, talks with experts and learning a lot about traditional whitening methods, Hi Smile discovers the cause of the problem: The peroxide.

Hi Smile Features

The goal of Hi Smile then becomes to create a whitening treatment for teeth at home that was as effective as peroxide, without the side effects of peroxide.  Thus, in 2014, they launched the first teeth whitening kit, a safe,easy-to-use and completely peroxide-free kit. After the launch, the Hismile Research Center was created, an in-house facility specifically for product formulation and testing. The Hi Smile team continues to collaborate with leading dentists, product experts, and the community to shape the future of tooth whitening.


Bestselling Hi Smile Products on 50 ml

  • V34 Colour Corrector: this whitening gel makes teeth bright and reduces the appearance of stains and discolorations starting from a very simple principle: that of color contrast! In fact, the purple-colored liquid complements the yellow, so this soluble dye will eliminate any yellow undertones once applied.
  • Tooth Whitening Capsules: a kit of 6 capsules for 6 whitening treatments. Use half a capsule for the top of the applicator and the other half for the bottom. 
  • PAP+ Whitening Strips: Whitening Strips, which is the easiest way to whiten your teeth! Apply the strip to your teeth and it will release the PAP+ whitening principle.


Hi Smile Reviews: See all of our Customers' Reviews

  • PAP+ Whitening Toothpaste: “The most effective toothpaste formulation to date. My teeth are noticeably more bright” Carlo
  • LED Teeth Whitening Kit: “The perfect kit to whiten your teeth and avoid going to the dentist – at least for cosmetic issues…” Jasmine
  • PAP+ Whitening Mouthwash: “It dulls sensitivity and improves the brightness of teeth. Try it, it works” Guido

Discover V34 Colour Corrector and all the brand's other products for the whitest teeth! Still don't know what product to choose and what to start with? We're here to help: contact our Customer Service. Also explore the best body products and the best hair products on 50 ml. Please note that at 50 ml  you can buy samples of all fragrances. Free samples on request with every order.