Integrating simple daily grooming gestures is the first step to taking care of yourself: in this 50 ml section, you will find the best skincare, body and shaving products for men, chosen by our team to meet the specific needs of men's beauty routines. Discover brands such as Molton Brown, Czech & Speake, Bullfrog, Barber Mind, Carthusia and Barberino's.

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Discover Our Selection of Body, Hair, Beard Products and Skincare for Men!

The ancient Greeks already knew it: body care is essential for every man! From facial to body skin, all the way to beards and hair, every man knows the importance of finding the right products for a perfect shave, for strong and healthy hair, and even for men's creamsenergizing shower gelsmoisturizers for the body, and the right deodorant to tackle everyday life with an extra boost. 


Best Beard Products for Man

Shaving is a true morning ritual: the feeling of order and freshness that follows is an energy boost to start the day on the right foot. Over the years, every man learns what works for him and what doesn't, which products to use and which to avoid: for impeccable beard care always remember that the best shave starts with an excellent blade and shaving foam, capable of saving you from irritation and abrasions. 


  • Pre-shave oil or lotion: ideal for preparing the skin for shaving, soothing and softening the entire area and beard, avoiding too aggressive friction on the face. 
  • Shaving cream or soap: perfect for those who love a traditional, gentle shave, using shaving brushes to obtain a soft and homogeneous foam. 
  • Beard razor: discover our selection of blades and razors for a perfect shave! 
  • Aftershave: lotions and serums to apply after shaving are what will save your skin from any type of irritation, leaving it soft, compact, and hydrated. 


Best Skincare for Men

Discover the best skincare for men! Male facial skin has specific needs: it is on average 20% thicker than female skin and gradually reduces collagen production, ensuring less abrupt skin aging (women tend to experience a decline in collagen production with menopause, which generally results in more noticeable signs of skin aging). Male skin also tends to produce almost twice as much sebum as female skin, reducing the likelihood of dry skin in adult men, but making it more prone to impurities

In recent decades, men's cosmetics have developed increasingly specific formulations for the needs of male skin, aiming to maintain balance and hydration and to protect the face from external agents such as pollution, humidity fluctuations, and even repair the skin after a perfect shave. In our selection, you will find moisturizing face creams for men, but not only: gentle facial cleansers, serums, oils, and toning lotions for men to always have firm, toned, and impurity-free skin. Finally, don't forget sunscreen. Use the filters available on the website to find the perfect men's skincare for you: dry skinoily skin, or sensitive skin will no longer be a problem! 


Best Men's Hair Products

Hair also needs attention: choosing shampoo and conditioner tailored to your needs and gentle on the scalp is the first step to having strong and healthy hair. Start by identifying the specifics of your scalp: dryness, oiliness, dandruff, hair loss, etc. This will allow you to select the anti-hair fall shampoo for men, anti-dandruff shampoo for men, or men's shampoo for frequent washing most suitable for you and avoid stressing both hair and scalp. Don't miss out on hair styling products for men: hair gel, styling lotions, and much more! 


Gift Sets, Travel Size Miniatures and Men's Accessories

Perfect as gift ideas for him, but also as a self-gift before traveling (mini-sizes are always a lifesaver!): product sets are the perfect solution to try out a product before committing to purchasing the full-size. Also, discover our selection of shaving soap dishesbeard brusheshair and beard combs and razors! 


Body Care for Men 

We have selected the best men's bath and body products to help you build a healthy body care routine: because healthy skin starts in the shower and with small attentions to ingredientshydration, and the right fragrance! Always prefer gentle cleansing to maintain the pH balance of the skin, without sacrificing deep and optimal body cleansing. Discover our shower gelsmoisturizing lotions, and soaps


Five Habits for Always Feeling Good


  • Do not neglect body care and self-care: taking time for a relaxing hot shower or shaving is not only a matter of hygiene but also of mental health. Every time we take care of ourselves, knowing how to organize our time and making taking care of our well-being a real ritual, that's when we manage to cultivate confidence in ourselves, in our ability to always start again from small things, despite difficulties. 
  • Discover what enhances you: search online for different hair and beard styles, and don't be afraid to experiment: both grow back, impossible to go wrong (a wrong haircut is a lucky haircut: laugh about it for a few weeks before going back to the hairdresser!). 
  • Try out new products: getting attached to a product is beautiful, but this habit should not lead to settling! Sensibly test new products until you find the one that truly suits your needs. 
  • Always observe your face: the needs of the skin change over time, depending on the climate or stress. Pay attention to what your skin is telling you: cracks, dryness, or irritation can help you understand when to change products. 
  • The essential is invisible to the eye: select a few products for your skincare routine that you are sure you will use, and store them in a dry, clean, and preferably light-protected place. 


Best-Selling Body Care & Skincare for Men on 50 ml!


Best Beard Care Brands on 50 ml!  


We've carefully selected all the best men's beauty products to ensure that every single purchase satisfies you to the fullest! Here you'll find the best bodybeard, and hair products for men, along with a wide selection of men's skincare! But it doesn't end here! Discover the whole world of 50 ml: we have plenty of room fragrances and niche perfumes waiting for you! Here, you can buy perfume samples that intrigue you the most! With every purchase, you are also entitled to free perfume and skincare samples upon request! Follow us on Instagram - @50ml_milanoFacebook - 50ml MilanoYouTube - Profumi di Nicchia, and Tik Tok - @50mlmilano