Bienaimé is an artistic perfumery brand committed to perpetuating the legacy of the great master perfumer Robert Bienaimé, through constant research aimed at creating a sensory experience that evokes a feeling of sweet nostalgia. With their dreamy and poetic universe, Bienaimé fragrances celebrate memories of the past and immerse us in the heart of eternal beauty.

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Bienaime Perfumes

The artistic perfumery brand created in 1935 by the master perfumer Robert Bienaimé, committed to perpetuating the legacy of its renowned founder. Through constant research aimed at creating a sensory experience of sweet nostalgia, Bienaime perfumes celebrate memories and love for the past, immersing the wearer in a poetic and dreamlike universe


History and Philosophy of Bienaime Perfumes

Robert Bienaimé is a visionary perfumer who leaves an indelible mark on the perfumery world. Although he began his career as a chemist, he quickly developed an interest in artistic fragrances, proving to be one of the brightest talents of his generation. It was in 1909 that Bienaimé's destiny intertwined with that of Paul Parquet, director of the renowned maison Houbigant, who guided him into the fabulous world of perfumery, opening doors to new possibilities and discoveries.

After the premature passing of Parquet in 1916, Bienaimé took the reins of Parfumerie Houbigant, continuing to shape the olfactory landscape with his boundless creativity. Moreover, besides being a master perfumer, Bienaimé is also an expert in cosmetology, capable of creating innovative formulas for the skin.

His ambition knows no bounds, and in 1935, he realizes the dream of establishing his own Maison, which he decides to name after himself: Bienaime. In the first year alone, the perfumer launches five unforgettable fragrances of his own creation, including the still-celebrated La Vie en Fleurs and Vermeil. After his death in 1960, the brand experienced a period of silence and inactivity lasting decades, until, in 2021, it was revived under the passionate guidance of Cécilia Mergui.

Cécilia approaches this artistic perfumery brand in a curious and unusual way. Always fascinated by Art Deco aesthetics, she has been collecting objects from this period since childhood, and it is while browsing an online flea market that she discovers a powder compact from the Bienaimé brand. So captivated is she by the quality and details of this object that it's almost automatic for her to delve deeper into the brand's history. This is when the magic happens: the brand embodies everything she has always loved, and she decides to acquire and relaunch it. Driven by the desire to cultivate beauty through Art Deco style, she combines respect for Bienaime's legacy with a modern and innovative perspective.

The return of Maison Bienaime to the scene is not just a commercial revival, but an opportunity to keep alive the timeless elegance of beauty treasures from the past, creating a sensory experience that evokes sweet nostalgia. Bienaime, with its dreamlike and poetic universe, celebrates memories of the past and enchants with eternal beauty.

Furthermore, Bienaime actively supports women, endorsing dedicated programs such as the one by the Josephine Association, which uses beauty and wellness treatments to promote the social and professional integration of women in need.


Ethics and Sustainability of Bienaime

Since its foundation in the early 20th century, Bienaime has always prioritized durability and beauty of its containers. The inspiration from Art Deco elegance is still reflected today in every product, with cases designed to be reused and recycled, becoming true art objects. This combination of beauty and sustainability is also reflected in the choice of materials, blending refined aesthetics with an ecological approach. The packages, made with durable and sustainable materials, are designed to be reused.

Furthermore, Bienaime actively pursues ethical cosmetics, favoring natural and sustainable ingredients and investing in research and development of skin and environmentally friendly formulas, without compromising quality.


Best Selling Bienaime Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Bienaime Vermeil Eau de Parfum: Like a masterpiece unfolding on the skin, enchanting the senses, this fragrance evokes the delicacy of rice powder and diffuses an aura of pure beauty. Vermeil is a sensory experience that transports to a world of refinement and sensitivity, enveloping the soul with whispered notes and timeless elegance. The ideal companion for those who appreciate beauty in all its shades!
  • Bienaime Le Vie en Fleurs Eau de Parfum: A light fragrance capable of transporting the wearer into an enchanted world, evoking the sensation of flying among flowers. With the harmony of floral and fruity notes, Le Vie en Fleurs offers an engaging sensory experience, with flowers dancing in the air. With every spray, it's like stepping into a rose garden in full bloom on a bright spring day!
  • Bienaime Fleurs d'Ete Eau de Parfum: A fragrance that enchants with its freshness and brilliance, thanks to the floral notes that envelop the senses in an embrace capturing the sun's rays. Fleurs d'Été is an invitation to enter a flower-filled garden in full summer beauty, with each flower emitting an irresistible fragrance. A fragrance that embodies the joy and vitality of summer with elegance and delicacy.
  • Bienaime Jours Heureux Eau de Parfum: A delicate symphony of floral and oriental notes that brings a feeling of comfort and tranquility. Like an olfactory caress, Jours Heureux transports to a world of joy and serenity, evoking memories of happy days. This niche perfume is the epitome of authentic refinement, capable of immersing the wearer in a universe of sweetness, where each spray celebrates the beauty of precious moments.


Bienaime Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Reviews!

  • Bienaime Lip Balm: "One of the best lip balms I've ever had! Convenient to carry in my bag and super effective for moisturizing dry lips. And the almond scent is delightful." Emilia
  • Bienaime Jours Heureux Hand Cream: "I bought this cream because I already owned the corresponding Jours Heureux perfume, and I must admit I was surprised by how soft my hands felt after use." Alice
  • Bienaime Vermeil Dream Balm: "A body cream that, thanks to its scent, even makes me want to moisturize my skin (which now thanks me). Word of a lazy person!" Camilla
  • Bienaime La Vie en Fleurs Candle : "I received this candle for my last birthday, needless to say, as soon as it ran out, I decided to repurchase it. I completely fell in love with it!" Cristina

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