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Floral fragrances are one of the best-loved and largest categories in the perfume industry. The enchantment of a flower garden, the sweetness of a spring breeze, and the sensuality of flowers in full bloom are all captured in these unique fragrances. Discover our selection of the best floral fragrances in the niche!

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Niche Floral Perfumes: A Complete Guide

Flowers whose scent is only perceived in extracts, flowers that smell only during the day or only at night, flowers whose perfume is impossible to capture, but has been recreated ad hoc by the most brilliant perfumers. Today, we will explore the world of floral perfumes, discovering their origins, the most popular varieties and how to choose the perfect floral perfume for you.


History of Floral Perfumes

The history of floral perfumes dates back thousands of years when ancient civilisations used flowers and essential oils to perfume their bodies and environments. Flowers have been associated with symbolic meanings in various cultures, and their fragrance has often been used for ritual and therapeutic purposes.

However, the production of floral perfumes as we know them today took off in the 18th century, when the technique of extracting essential oils was perfected. This made it possible to more accurately capture the fragrances of flowers and create sophisticated blends. Since then, floral perfumes have become an essential part of the luxury perfume industry. Today, traditional perfume extraction techniques (such as absolute) alternate with more innovative ones, such as the Headspace technique or CO2 extraction.


How to Choose the Perfect Floral Perfume:

Choosing the perfect floral perfume can be a personal and subjective experience. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

  • Test the fragrance on your skin: Each fragrance reacts differently on everyone's skin. Before buying a new fragrance, try a small amount on your skin to see how it develops over time. Remember that on 50 ml you can buy samples of all the best niche fragrances, so you can try the fragrance before you buy.
  • Know Your Tastes: Take into account the flowers you prefer in your everyday life. If you love the scent of roses, for example, you would probably like a perfume in which this note plays the leading role.
  • Consult your taste: Your taste for roses.
  • Consult an Expert: If you have difficulty choosing, come into the shop or contact our customer service team for expert help. They will be able to guide you in choosing the perfect fragrance for you.


Women's Floral Perfumes: Create your own Discovery Set

Floral fragrances are a very large group, with a very ancient history and are traditionally considered more feminine than masculine - although this is not quite so - but we'll find out in a moment. For orientation, it can be very useful to know which are the best women's floral perfumes in the niche:

  • Diptyque Do Son Eau de Toilette: This fragrance is inspired by Yves Coueslant's childhood, in the pagoda in Do Son where he spent pleasant days by the sea, amidst scents of flowers. In this perfume, the encounter between tuberose and Turkish rose gives life to a sugary bouquet made fresher by orange leaves and pink berries, while in the base notes, iris and musky notes give it a poudrè shade.
  • Nasomatto Narcotic V. Extrait de Parfum: a fragrance that is the result of the search for sensations that express the overwhelming power of feminine seduction. Notes: Tuberose, Jasmine, Lily, Spices.
  • Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady Eau de Parfum: a charm emanating from within and boldly manifesting itself on the outside; an expressive representation of modern grace. In the foreground, an exuberant dose of Turkish rose. Below, a heart bed of patchouli is impregnated with sandalwood and incense. An accord of clove, blackcurrant and raspberry ties the perfume together for a final brushstroke of character. Elegance personified.
  • Acqua dell'Elba Donna Classica Eau de Parfum: an ode to the Island, enhanced by the special combination of notes reminiscent of Elba. A skilful and judicious combination of gardenia, jasmine, myrtle and orange are juxtaposed with the freshness of marine cistus. The Classica line was the first to be created and takes its inspiration from the island, especially its landscapes, scents and emotions.
  • Byredo Blanche Eau de Parfum: a transparent fragrance, a tribute to classical beauty: pure and simple but at the same time a little bit crazy. It is an aldehydrated fragrance, fresh and light as a breeze. A hint of rose in the head, an accord of orange blossom and freesia in the heart et voilà. Byredo Blanche has a very high wake and persistence, but very delicate and non-aggressive notes.


Men's Floral Perfumes: Create your own Discovery Set

  • Jeroboam Gozo Extrait de Parfum: a celebration of the Maltese island of Gozo, with its unique and magical aspect. At the crossroads of worlds and times, this island contains vestiges of past settlements and successive dominations. Its coastal creeks are like surreal postcards; in the evening, the winds seem to carry the scents of Africa and Europe. Gozo Extrait de Parfum celebrates this crossroads of continents in a Mediterranean land: generous, sunny and rich with flavours that are at once simple yet rich.
  • Byredo Bal d'Afrique Eau de Parfum: a fragrance with warm, romantic notes inspired by Paris in the late 1920s, when a mix of Parisian avant-garde and African culture gave birth to a unique and vibrant era. Byredo Bal D’Afrique conveys all this: intense life, excess and euphoria are symbolised by the African orange blossom and fruits in the top notes, while unspoilt nature is conveyed through Moroccan cedarwood. The talcum flowers of the heart and the true protagonist of the perfume - vetiver - echo French nature.
  • Perris Vanille de Tahiti Eau de Parfum: There are numerous varieties of vanilla, of which the most virtuous is vanilla tahitensis. A powerful, enveloping vanilla sillage, enriched with flowery notes of Ylang Ylang absolute and Champaca, a fruity-smelling orange-yellow flower also known as the flower of the "tree of joy scent". Vanilla that seduces with warm amber and musky facets, finally intoxicating you with creamy aromas of Sandalwood.
  • Rosendo Mateu #5 Eau de Parfum: discover a different, exotic flower that doesn't exist in nature, like a dreamy floral perfume in a bottle. Its fresh top note based on the lily of the valley provides a natural spring feeling, and combined with spicy notes and saffron creates a perfect balance. The Base Notes are amber musk with a fresh oriental style, combined with a powerful and sensual combination of vanilla, tonka beans and strawberries.
  • Francesca Bianchi Sex and The Sea Neroli: what if you take the classic Sex and The Sea – an extrovert, sensual, warm scent – and combine it with neroli – a shy, pungent, hypnotic scent? The result is so hypnotic and sensual, so refreshing and warm, that it has taken off explosively. Sex and The Sea Neroli presents, like the original, a heart of coconut, of saltiness of the sea, of the sweet sweat of sun-warmed skin, but this time with an opening characterised by a narcotic freshness, which makes the perfume more complex and its evolution more intriguing.


Floral perfumes are a wonderful expression of the art of perfumery, a way of capturing the beauty and complexity of flowers in a bottle. Whether you love the sweetness of the rose or the sensuality of jasmine, there is sure to be a floral scent that reflects your personality and style. Explore the various families and discover the floral scent that makes you feel most confident and charming. With a touch of nature, you can take the enchantment of flowers with you wherever you go. 50 ml is the official online retailer of the best niche floral fragrances: discover the entire selection and buy samples of the fragrances that have convinced you the most! If you decide to order online, remember that you can always ask for free samples!


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