Nasomatto is a revolutionary brand that loves to break with conventions, including those of artistic perfumery itself. Forget the usual fragrances, reassuring smells, revealing names: you will not find them. Nasomatto has a strong personality and no intention of hiding it. More than perfumes, the bottles hide extracts with intense and surprising smells.
Set Descending Direction

Nasomatto Perfumes

What happens to perfume when you don't follow the rules, when the timid barriers of art are overcome by the creativity of one man alone? Nasomatto fragrances are born! a true olfactory revolution, the result of creative, exuberant and irreverent thinking, without limits, in a word: genius. With Nasomatto fragrances, Alessandro Gualtieri decided to go beyond and rewrite some of the rules of niche perfumery: discover all Nasomatto Extrait de Parfum on 50 ml and follow us in the punk-fairy-tale reality of Nasomatto Fragrances!


The Story of Nasomatto and Alessandro Gualtieri

The history of Nasomatto is inextricably linked to that of its founder: Alessandro Gualtieri, a whimsical and brilliant mind, who has marked the history of artistic perfumery. Born in Italy to two butchers, Alessandro spent the first part of his youth in the Bel Paese, helping his parents in the family shop, where he worked on boning meat. Soon, however, destiny (and initiative) opened up a new path for him, leading him to Amsterdam, where he worked for Bayer, the famous pharmaceutical company, and it was here that our young nose began to develop a passion for the world of molecules...

After being kicked out for his exuberance, Gualtieri returned to Italy and created his first line of perfumes: Nasomatto. The brand immediately distinguished itself for its Extrait de Parfum inspired by the truest and most indiscreet odours of the human body and the animal world, distinguishing itself not only for its artistic approach, but above all for the clearance of the use of synthetic materials within the niche perfumery. The revolution began: Nasomatto perfumes became an undisputed icon of a new way of creating and thinking about artistic perfumery. Like the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, Gualtieri unleashes his most creative side without, however, leaving anything to chance: each Nasomatto perfume bottle is characterised by caps that look like couture hats, created with the finest, most imposing and massive woods, an undisputed statement of Nasomatto's style. In 2014, Gualtieri decided to further explore the world of scents and founded Orto Parisi, a line of fragrances inspired by the smells of the human body and the animal world, but above all by his beloved grandfather's vegetable garden, where he spent much of his childhood. Among the best-known Orto Parisi fragrances, we can only mention Megamare, Cuoium, StercusTerroni and, of course, Seminalis. Discover the whole line on 50 ml!


Nasomatto - How to Rewrite the Rules of Perfume

In order to rewrite the rules, it is usually necessary to break at least a couple of the existing ones: we can safely say that Gualtieri has rewritten far more than two. Nasomatto perfumes are veritable olfactory revolution: from the packaging to the mysterious olfactory pyramids, from the irreverent inspirations to the use of synthetic materials, nothing in Gualtieri's fragrances can be classified as banal or regular. All Nasomatto Extrait de Parfum are distinguished by their uniqueness and persistence, due to an impeccable selection of the raw materials used in each fragrance. Flair and quality have given life to Nasomatto's best seller fragrances such as Fantomas, Black Afgano, Baraonda, Narcotic V., Duro, Nudiflorum, Blamage, Silver Musk. Browse the catalogue to find the Alessandro Gualtieri creation that suits you best!


Nasomatto Best Sellers Perfumes on 50 ml

If you don't know which Nasomatto perfume to choose, here's our ranking of the best-selling fragrances of the line:

  • Nasomatto Black Afgano Extrait de Parfumone of Nasomatto's most famous fragrances ever, inspired by the finest quality of hashish. The olfactory notes play with scents of Cannabis, Green Notes, Resins, Woody Notes, Tobacco, Coffee, Agar Wood (Oud), Incense, for a unique effect. Discover Nasomatto Black Afgano 50 ml at the best price!

  • Nasomatto Fantomas Extrait de Parfum: this fruity fragrance is one of Alessandro Gualtieri's latest creations and is distinguished by its rich, hypnotic notes that make it a sexy and overwhelming scent, like the ruthless and unpredictable class of the most elegant villain. Fantomas is a persistent fragrance that leaves an undeniable mark, like the perfect crime.

  • Nasomatto Blamage Extrait de Parfumthis unisex woody scent by Nasomatto is perhaps one of the most loved in Gualtieri's collection. Nasomatto Blamage is a persistent, senseless and unbridled fragrance, playing with notes of Bethulla, Musk, White Woods, Leather. What about the bottle? To say that it is incredible is perhaps not enough: the cap and bottle are entirely inspired by the creamy white wood of birch. A real collector's item!

  • Nasomatto Baraonda Extrait de Parfum: this unisex oriental fragrance is an invitation to discover the naked taste experience. The Baraonda Nasomatto perfume is the result of a frantic search that has magically returned everything from the insignificant. The notes of whisky, woods, ambrette seeds (musky mallow), ambroxan, rose and musk leave a mark on the skin. The sillage is excellent, as with all Nasomatto perfume extracts.

  • Nasomatto Duro Extrait de Parfum: if we were to describe Duro in simple terms, we could say that it is a masculine woody scent, but that would be too little…Duro is so much more: it's a sexy man's scent, inspired by the height of virility. Duro by Nasomatto is an ode to the most virile facets of being a man.

  • Nasomatto Narcotic V. Extrait de Parfum: if Duro is the expression of virility, Nasomatto Narcotic V. is a fragrance extract that encapsulates all the feminine intensity that is contained in the act of seduction, subtle yet powerful. Notes of Tuberose, Jasmine, Lily and Spices shine strongly in this feminine floral fragrance.


Try the Nasomatto Kits!

For those who are dying to try all the brilliant creations of Alessandro Gualtieri, but still have no idea where to go, Nasomatto offers three Roll On perfume kits to test the best Nasomatto fragrances at a good price, all without having to renounce to do “the”Nasomatto experience” Nasomatto in full, thanks to the miniature Nasomatto bottles!

If you are wondering where to buy Nasomatto in Milan, we remind you that 50 ml has a boutique in Viale Monte Nero 16, Milan. But that's not all! 50 ml is an official online retailer Nasomatto. Discover all the Alessandro Gualtieri perfume extracts: we remind you that 50 ml gives you the possibility to buy Nasomatto samples. Try all the fragrances to find the perfect one for you. You can find a wide selection of niche perfumes here. Don't miss our catalogue of natural skincare products for face and body! Free samples upon request in every order.