Costume National

Costume National
Costume National Scents celebrates master perfumers' savoir faire, creating beauty in every collection, as well as the purity of precious raw materials. The maison reinterprets the most refined ingredients of the art of perfumery, such as amber, sandalwood, saffron, jasmine, ylang-ylang and patchouli, in elegant and contemporary essences through a timeless made in Italy.
Costume National
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Costume National Perfumes

Costume National is a niche perfumery brand founded in 2001 by Ennio Capasa, combining Japanese minimalism with the Italian sartorial approach to create wonderful and original artistic perfumes. Costume National fragrances have an innovative soul, a modern identity, and a strong connection with Italy and the artistic tradition of high perfumery. These unique scents are created following a contemporary and essential style, which is reflected in the high quality and purity of the raw materials used.


The Costume National Collection

Master perfumers, with their great skill, create authentic works of art in each of the brand's collections, using high quality ingredients. The main goal of Costume National is to give new life to precious ingredients from the perfumery art, such as amber, sandalwood, saffron, jasmine, ylang-ylang, and patchouli, transforming them into elegant and modern fragrances that maintain a timeless style. A brand with a refined taste, which is also reflected in the iconic design of its flasks, sculpted following a plaster model created by the founder himself. There’s no doubt: these flacons represent a manifesto of style and beauty, capable of satisfying both the eye and the nose of the most demanding enthusiasts!


Costume National Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Cyber Garden EDP: a fresh, enveloping scent inspired by a futuristic garden where rare and unusual notes create a vibrant balance. 
  • Pop Collection EDP: Pink Grapefruit and Jasmine mingle with woody notes of Patchouli and Cashmeran, in an elegant minimalist fragrance that balances simplicity and originality.
  • Soul Parfum EXT: a pure and elegant unisex oriental fragrance! The Amber heart creates a unique, noble and romantic olfactory symphony.
  • Free d’Homme EDP: a metropolitan and nonconformist scent, thanks to a mix of citrus notes, Cypriol, Saffron and Incense!
  • J EDP: a tribute to Japanese tradition with a modern twist. The fragrance combines fine ingredients with typical Japanese delicacy, creating an ethereal and luminous fragrance. 


Costume National Perfumes Opinions: Discover Our Customers' Reviews!

  • Scent Intense EDP: "Wow, this fragrance is amazing! One spray, and I feel surrounded by an incredible and magnetic aura!" - Elisa
  • Secret Woods EDP: "I prefer to wear it in the evening, for special occasions: it has an undeniable charm that has never failed to impress me!" - Humbert
  • Homme EDP: “A fresh, citrusy, woody scent that gets you going! My friends loves it, and even my wife can't resist sneaking a spray or two " - Fabrizio
  • 21 EDP: "This fragrance is so pure and candid! It smells like milk, but also has spicy notes that create a wonderful contrast…wow!” - Grace
  • I EDP: "When I wear it, I feel like a queen! With this warm and intense trail it's always a safe bet!" - Mary

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