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Olfactive Studio

Olfactive Studio is a niche perfume brand born from the encounter of two arts: contemporary artistic photography and perfumery, creating a perfect union between the eye and the nose. Each Olfactive Studio fragrance is inspired by the work of one of the photographers collaborating with the brand, with the idea of reigniting, through the sense of smell, the memory of past experiences captured by the lens.

Olfactive Studio
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Olfactive Studio Perfumes

The epitome of artistic perfumery, thanks to its original concept of creating a meeting point between contemporary artistic photography and perfumery. All fragrances, just like angels, are genderless and encapsulate the work of perfumers and photographers with undisputed talent, generating a universe of emotions.


History and Philosophy of Olfactive Studio Perfumes

The story of the Olfactive Studio perfume brand is fascinating and brimming with passion for art in all its forms. The founder, Céline Verleure, dreamed of becoming an architect as a child, but her destiny led her into the world of perfumes. After completing her studies, she had the opportunity to join the creative team of Kenzo's fashion house and work alongside Pierre Broc, the brand's fragrance creator. Alongside this renowned perfumer, among others, Céline gave life to some highly successful fragrances.

It was only after several years spent in the fashion house creating fragrances that, driven by her love for artistic perfumery, she decided to launch a blog dedicated to the world of perfumes. And it was precisely this blog that became the springboard for her personal brand. Olfactive Studio was officially launched in 2011 in Paris. Since then, the brand has enjoyed great success worldwide, in over 30 countries on all continents.

Olfactive Studio celebrates artistic intuition and the pleasure of creation, offering unique perfumes that combine contemporary photography and perfumery. Each Olfactive Studio fragrance is inspired by the work of one of the photographers collaborating with the brand, merging eye and nose in perfect sensory harmony. It is the first time that photographers and perfumers come together to draw mutual inspiration from their works. The images captured by the photographs are transformed into olfactory essences, creating an intimate and poetic relationship between images and perfumes that awakens memories of past experiences.

Olfactive Studio fragrances are conceived as true olfactory works of art, made with high-quality raw materials and characterized by a strong personality. They embody an elegant modernity and are designed for men, women, and anyone who wants to explore the world of perfumes without gender limitations. In this extraordinary olfactory universe, perfumes are like angels: without gender but with a vibrant soul.


Ethics and Sustainability of Olfactive Studio

Olfactive Studio's mission is to celebrate the beauty of the world through the eyes and nose. For this love of the wonders of nature, the brand's commitment is to participate as much as possible in conservation and restoration of the planet. Olfactive Studio's interest in this regard is so deep that it invites its customers to recycle perfume bottles when they are empty. On the brand's website, there is also a video providing instructions on how to separate the various parts of the perfume bottle and place them in recycling bins.


Olfactive Studio Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Olfactive Studio Autoportrait Eau de Parfum: An ode to intimacy and depth, a unique personal experience to live. This niche perfume is designed to be worn in harmony with one's inner essence, offering a warm and familiar embrace. Woody notes reveal the soul of the fragrance, while a touch of natural resin gives a feeling of comfort and serenity. With each spritz, this perfume reveals its beauty captivatingly, leaving behind a magnetic sillage that enchants the senses.
  • Olfactive Studio Flash Back Eau de Parfum: Immerse yourself in a timeless journey with this niche perfume. Fresh and lively, Flash Back, as the name suggests, is a true reminiscence of sweet memories. The energy of citrus and the freshness of rhubarb harmoniously blend, bringing to mind the sweet delights of childhood. Notes of vetiver and cedar add a warm sensuality, giving the fragrance an irresistible charm.
  • Olfactive Studio Still Life Eau de Parfum: A lively and effervescent celebration, an ode to the joy of living. With the sparkling freshness of Japanese Yuzu and a enveloping mix of rare varieties of pepper, rum, and warm woods, this fragrance embodies the joy of an intoxicating party. The harmonious combination of fresh and enveloping notes creates a surprising contrast, evoking an atmosphere of carefree vitality that leaves an unforgettable impression.
  • Olfactive Studio Ombre Indigo Eau de Parfum: A sensory journey into enveloping and mysterious darkness, embodying the enigmatic charm of shadows. Notes of smoked woods and resins harmoniously blend, creating a smoky and voluptuous atmosphere. The opulent brightness of tuberose intertwines with saffron, forming a captivating and seductive bouquet that gently dissolves into a whirlwind of papyrus, incense, and benzoin. This fragrance captures the very essence of shadow, leaving an indelible impression on the soul.
  • Olfactive Studio Chambre Noire Eau de Parfum: A mysterious and sensual creation distinguished by its enigmatic aura. Like a ray of light through the darkness, this fragrance reveals its charm with a vibrant and enveloping top note of pink pepper. Designed to be shared in intimacy, this unisex perfume gradually reveals its character, with a symphony of warm, opulent, and sensual leather notes enveloping the senses. An olfactory experience that enchants and seduces, lingering in the air and memories.


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