About Us

50ml adventure began with Fabio and Matteo, two Milanese brothers with very different, yet complementary, personalities and interests: on one hand Fabio, with his mathematical mind and a great passion for digital platforms and online sales strategies; on the other, Matteo, with his creative spirit and a visceral interest in art and its promotion.

In 2013, Fabio decided to challenge himself and the niche world, starting his own business with an online sales platform: this choice, far from obvious at the time, meant he had to experiment step by step the best way to offer an impeccable service and how to develop effective sales strategies in an as yet unexplored territory. Matteo's arrival was accompanied by the introduction of artistic perfumery and the expansion of the range of products available on the site. Matteo quickly became passionate about the world of niche fragrances, which, thanks to its richness, history and unparalleled craftsmanship, opened a new insight on the world of art that he was so interested in.

In the early years of their business, Fabio and Matteo worked hard, experiencing the entire sales process first-hand: this is how they managed to develop a great attention to detail and get closer to the needs of the customer who buys online. The e-commerce was created from the outset with the intention of being a safe, human and reliable space, where customers know they can find support and answers to their questions, rediscovering the experience of buying in a regular shop even while buying online.

The arrival of the boutique marks another step in the growth of 50ml: the shop in Viale Monte Nero 16 is felt by the two brothers as a necessity to further improve the online service, discovering even more closely the products and the tastes of their customers. The boutique becomes a training ground for understanding how to bring some elements of the in-store shopping experience to the e-commerce platform as well: the idea behind 50ml, in fact, is that there is no reason to think that the customer who buys online should have different questions and needs from the one who comes to the shop. 

Even the boutique experience turns out to be an incredible opportunity for growth and knowledge. Step by step 50ml turns into what it had always wanted to be: a pleasant, innovative and safe space, where humanity and trust find their place alongside the effectiveness and convenience of online shopping. 

During this long process of growth, Fabio and Matteo decided to surround themselves with a young team, looking for collaborators from different types of backgrounds (Law, Economics, Humanities) and thus ensuring that the company will always have a fresh insight on the future.


Why should you pick 50ml

  • Young team. The saying goes "He who praises himself gets cheated"! But we, rather than praising ourselves, want to tell you about our passion: we are a young team, full of desire to work and improve in order to offer you an increasingly efficient service. Every day, we try to engage with our customers, aware that their contribution is our first resource for growth.
  • We carefully select the brands. At 50ml, no brand arrives "by chance": we carefully select the brands we want to acquire, after investigating and testing the products ourselves. That's why on 50ml you will find brands such as Penhaligon's, Diptyque, but also Fragonard, Hermetica and D.S. Durga. Or even, in the case of cosmetics, Tata Harper, Augustinus Bader, Madara: we pick the best of the niche from both Italy and the world.
  • Experience improves service. All these years of activity have helped us to refine our technique, enabling us to select the most reliable and fastest couriers and to manage shipments worldwide quickly and safely.
  • Attention to detail. Packaging is an art! Our products will always arrive to you carefully packaged (Matteo likes to say that "we make gift packs with bubble wrap") and paired with free samples.
  • Our passion is to introduce you to the best niche products. Our aim is to make the online shopping experience simple and enjoyable. That's why we strive to always be ready to answer your questions, thanks to our Customer Service:  if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!
  • Free samples. All packages leaving the 50ml warehouse contain free samples, but you can also request specific samples in the “Comments section” of your order (e.g. you can ask for that specific fragrance you are thinking of buying). “On-demand samples” are also perfect if you want to give or receive a perfume as a gift: ask for a sample of the same fragrance you bought to test it before opening the package. This will ensure you have the possibility of asking for a return.


50ml today

You can discover the world of 50ml not only by exploring our website, but also by visiting us in Viale Monte Nero 16, to discover the boutique (find out more here). 

We are always at your disposal for doubts or questions. You can also follow us on our Social Media platforms:

  • Instagram and Facebook, where you will find informative content on both artistic perfumery and skincare, to help you explore the niche world, which by being so exclusive can seem, at times, a little distant.
  • YouTube. Check out our latest project (Profumi di Nicchia): the ideal channel if you want to learn all about niche perfumes and you want to feel like you're in our boutique having a chat with Matteo.