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Jorum Studio

Jorum Studio is a Scottish brand of modern, poetic fragrances that capture the beauty of nature with an unconventional spirit. Jorum Studio offers an evolving perspective on modern fragrance, blending classic techniques with innovative and unique compositions to allow the wearer's creativity and sense of expression to shine through. 

Jorum Studio
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Jorum Studio Fragrances: Telling Nature in an Innovative Way

Discover the enchanting world of Jorum Studio, an independent brand of niche fragrances that emerged from the Scottish landscapes in 2019. Jorum Studio creates modern, poetic fragrances that celebrate the essence of nature with an unconventional spirit. Immerse yourself in the evocative scents of Jorum Studio, a world where the beauty of nature meets artistic innovation. Explore their captivating collections and embrace fragrances that go against the grain, defying convention and allowing your senses to embark on a unique smell adventure.


Jorum Studio Perfumes: the History

The roots of Jorum Studio go back to 2010 when Euan McCall founded Jorum Laboratories, which was responsible for formulating fragrances for famous perfume houses. In 2016, Euan and Chloe Mullen started Jorum Studio in 2019. Based in the vibrant city of Edinburgh, Chloe and Euan quietly develop a maison globally renowned. With a small but diverse team of experts, Jorum Studio offers a new and constantly evolving perspective on contemporary fragrances. They create unique perfumes which allow the wearer to express their creativity and individuality by fusing classical techniques with innovative pyramids.


Jorum Studio Collections

Progressive Botany Vol. I, one of their most popular lines, draws inspiration from nature. Each fragrance in this collection meticulously studies and enhances natural phenomena, creating lively and captivating olfactory experiences. Jorum Studio combines both biological and manufactured materials to realise its artistic vision.

The Mainline collection is highlitghted by its focus on technical excellence and the innovative usages of precious raw materials. Each fragrance pushes the boundaries of perfume creation, offering unrivalled quality and unexpected twists that captivate the senses.

The Selective Memory collection has a fascinating approach, with its way of narrating distorted memories of shared experiences. These fragrances capture the elusive nature of memory, offering abstract and intriguing olfactory narratives that transcend time.

Embark on an adventure to Scotland with Jorum Studio's Scottish Odyssey collection, an exploration of the rich folklore and mystery embedded in this country's past and present. The collection weaves a contemporary fantasy that goes beyond geography, embracing attitude, humour and culture. Enveloping and earthy, yet at the same time joyful and irreverent, these fragrances are an invitation to immerse oneself in an extraordinary olfactory journey.


Jorum Studio Best Seller Fragrances on 50 ml

  • Jorum Studio Pentimento Eau de Parfum: golden floral details illuminated by the shimmer of velvety drapes of Hazelnut and Broom. Tonka and Carob provide a soft halo of light against the cold of Rum Absolute and Tobacco Flower. Pentimento is a baroque bouquet, rich and enveloping, yet exceptionally multifaceted and complex. Pentimento is not the story of repentance but of the desire to approach an idea from a different perspective, where change itself is the catalyst, the influence and the inspiration.
  • Jorum Studio Phloem Eau de Parfum: a violent and primordial, yet bewitching sensuality. A balancing act between contradictory raw materials blended to create a shocking bouquet. Phloem presents a miasma of olfactory sins: flushed skin, beach, carnivalesque frivolities, caviar, lipstick smears and erogenous effluvia. The sweetness of sucrose is mitigated by spices; a moist note of walnut wood and warm, sticky styrax continues deep into the tail.
  • Jorum Studio Elegy Extrait de Parfum: an aromatic déjà vu in which flowers swirl over elegantly powdery skin. Elegy begins with an explosion of Bergamot and Petitgrain, accompanied by the sweet warmth of Cognac-flavoured Geranium; it then evolves into a voluptuous sigh of Honeysuckle and pollen-drenched Heather Absolute. Elegy Extrait de Parfum fades into a luxurious expanse of exotic and precious absolutes, slow-burning musks and resins swaying in perfect harmony - a nostalgic and graceful offering of memory. Hay absolute, aged Oud oil and Patchouli Absolute offer comfort.
  • Jorum Studio Pony Boy Extrait de Parfum: an alternative history of the kelpie: a Scottish folkloric figure, a shape-shifter said to inhabit lochs and bodies of water. Pony Boy celebrates temptation in all its forms through the subversion of expectations: an eternal outcast and weary of his lakeside existence, the kelpie visits a local sauna and exudes a cloud of steam and rhubarb bliss, ready to mesmerise passers-by.
  • Jorum Studio Nectary Eau de Parfum: a profusion of diaphanous flowers. A brutal floral bouquet, full of honeyed sweetness and exuding precious sap. A ripe, juicy note joins the narcotic petals, adding an unfiltered naturalness. Nectary is not a manicured garden; danger lurking at every turn. The rose absolute of Isparta is the protector of this garden shielded by countless thorns.


Jorum Studio Reviews: Discover Our Costumers' Opinions!

  • Jorum Studio Healing Berry Extrait de Parfum: “OK, OK…we get that Jorum Studio is a brand that keeps churning out hits, but give me a break! I got the discovery set plus a whole bunch of samples, and I honestly can't catch a break any more because I like everything! It's a fruity fragrance with fresh and powdery notes, perfect for those looking for a sweet but not sugary fragrance… maybe even for winter. Duration: from 5h onwards” Paolo
  • Jorum Studio Gorseland Extrait de Parfum: “I find it a very green fragrance. It opens with lemon, apple and broom, then dries into an aromatic heart of chamomile, elderflower and geranium. The cannabis remains a little out of the frame, but anchors the base. Very special, I highly recommend it.” Artemisia
  • Jorum Studio Paradisi Extrait de Parfum: “it's a peculiar fragrance, which amazes. A fresh garden bathed in summer rain slips into the sweetness of tropical fruits. It reminds me a little of the smell of wet earth, but there is no lack of bright citrus and fruit notes.” Idelma
  • Jorum Studio Firewater Extrait de Parfum: “It smells like an aromatic seaside falò by the sea. I imagine a group of friends sitting and talking in front of the flames, throwing twigs and seedlings into the fire as they tell stories. The smoky, marine notes intertwine with the herbs in a delicious, very intriguing way. I had taken the small sample but MUST buy the full size” Annapaola
  • Jorum Studio Progressive Botany Vol. 1 Discovery Set: “It arrived quickly and perfectly packaged, I thank the customer service girl who recommended the discovery set to me because it is convenient. I liked almost all of the Jorum Studio samples, and the only one that was in doubt was the one my sister swiped so I'm good hahaha!" Alberto


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