Baruti perfumes were born in the Netherlands in 2015 and are characterised by a combination of novelty and tradition. Baruti seeks to capture a particular sensation and translate it into the language of smells, using rare and selected materials. Furthermore, the brand is committed to environmental protection, in fact it collaborates with projects that support the cause, such as sponsoring a botanical garden in Amsterdam.

Set Descending Direction

Baruti, gunpowder for your perfumes

Born out of a love for the art of perfumery, Baruti's mission is simple: to create special perfumes and ambient fragrances for everyone. Combining novità and familiarity, the fragrances defy convention but adapt to their surroundings. Rooted in the subconscious, each fragrance is designed to trigger the imagination and take the customer on a captivating olfactory journey. Baruti, which means "gunpowder" in Greek, is a word used to describe something that has a bite or edge. Each fragrance is like an explosion of perfume on the skin. The fragrances are strong, memorable and intense! Based in the Netherlands, Baruti was born out of a love for the art of perfumery in 2015.


Features of Baruti Parfums

Baruti's signature style is a combination of creativity and wearability. They strive to create fragrances that intrigue, excite and inspire people. Each fragrance exists in extrait de parfum, more concentrated, and eau de parfum formats. Baruti selects the most interesting materials and combines them in unique and novel ways to create original fragrance compositions. Inspiration can come from many things, real or imagined, but it always comes back to the attempt to capture a particular feeling and translate it into the language of fragrance. Baruti is keen to minimise its ecological footprint. From the materials they use to the packaging and distribution channels, everything is designed with the planet in mind. In addition, they give back to nature and help raise awareness of environmental issues. They actively collaborate and donate a portion of their turnover to the Red List Project.


Discover Baruti Bestsellers on 50 ml:

  • Perverso Extrait de ParfumThis fragrance is for those moments when you can't help but give in to your most primitive desires. A gourmand and gourmand perfume, an amber fragrance for those long evenings that turn into warm nights; the smell of a serene pastime. Dedicated to all the finer things in life, Perverse conveys our most primitive desires through a seductive blend of rum, roasted hazelnuts, cocoa, dark caramel, tobacco, musk and ambergris.
  • Voyance Eau de ParfumThe word "voyance" means "clairvoyance" in French. The name of the perfume comes from its colour: although the flower is smoky white and should be dense and impenetrable, its colour is very clear and transparent, like looking into a crystal ball. The perfume was created by Spyros' experimentation and curiosity in combining different notes. The result is a unique fragrance, with a strong musky note that seems to have turned the olfactory pyramid upside down, and a strong floral component, with a smoky side.
  • Indigo Extrait de Parfum: Bright summer skies, non-stop music, bustling life in the big city. Indigo is like late summer midday: the sun shines through the attic windows of a big metropolis, and the weather is warm but the air is almost cold. This perfume evokes a feeling of calm, concentration, solitude, awareness and detachment from the hectic life of the city. The sense of mist and strangeness given by the woody notes makes us perceive the scent of the room released by the warmth of the sun, everything becomes clearer with the floral notes.
  • Berlin im Winter Extrait de ParfumThe artistic fragrance Berlin im Winter is inspired by the city of Berlin, loved by some and loathed by others, but full of extraordinary surprises. The fragrance is retrò but modern, rebel and answers to none. The fragrance has a unique and beautiful character, noble and authoritative, but with a gentle heart.


Baruti Reviews: Discover our Customers' Reviews

  • Chai Eau de Parfum: “It gives the idea of an infusion with a creamy texture, a fantastic spicy gourmand, just one spray is enough to envelop you in a cloud of softness. Perfectly unisex and suitable for colder seasons, perhaps it is most effective in the evening because it is very relaxing” Amanda
  • Oh my Deer! Eau de Parfum: “Pure animalic musk. The pepper bomb in the opening, which lasts a short time, gives way to metallic notes that last forever. They remind me, of freshly extracted olive oil. A very special fragrance, to be purchased only after trying it.” Jacopo
  • Voyance Extrait de Parfum: “The best Baruti in the collection, is it was love at first sight! It looks like a tuberose candy wrapped in vetiver, smoky and slightly earthy together with sandalwood that makes it almost creamy” Alessandra
  • Dama Koupa Eau de Parfum: “A very enigmatic perfume, in the opening it is a little like Nooud because I can smell that distillate smell also present in that perfume with some flowers with a pungent scent. Then it evolves very much into a very bitter but still pungent woody-floral. Very particular, you have to be impressed and convinced to buy it” Fabrizia


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