Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio

Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio
Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio gives life to niche perfumes and natural cosmetics carrying on the prestigious Arte Profumatoria that made Florence the capital of perfume in the Renaissance. Accurately selected natural aromas create magical atmospheres, stories, memories, mysteries. The promise of a life the precious Bohemian glass bottles represent and continue to take forward over time.
Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio
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The Palazzo Vecchio Fragrances and Scents of Florence: A Journey into Renaissance Perfumery

In the heart of Florence, in 1990, the famous pharmacist naturalist Florentine, Dr Giovanni Di Massimo, founded "Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio" in a 13th-century palazzo. Thanks to his resourcefulness and time-tested research, he gave birth to fine niche perfumes, natural cosmetics and food supplements of extraordinary quality.

Dr. Massimo began his career as a pharmacist in 1965 and, although he had run numerous pharmacies in Italy, he soon felt the strong need to create his craft products. The pharmaceutical industry was increasingly moving away from the world of natural products, preferring synthetic ones created in chemical laboratories. In 1978, he took a sabbatical and moved with his family to the countryside to study plants and phytotherapy full-time, with the aim of planning and creating his brand and formulas. He decided to devote himself completely to this activity, abandoning the traditional world of pharmacies, moving to Florence and creating the brand Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio.

His mission was clear: to create natural and artisanal phytocosmetics and phytotherapeutics to meet people's needs and promote physical and mental balance. To achieve this, it avoids preservatives and synthetic active ingredients in its formulas. And today. After decades, following in her father's footsteps, Francesca Di Massimo, his daughter, with a background in business management, has dedicated herself to herbal science and perfumery, leading the second generation of Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio's perfumes, cosmetics and herbal remedies The brand has consolidated its presence in Europe and around the world!"


The Fragrances of Florence

A perfect title! It is from the manuscript of the Experiments of Caterina Sforza De Medici that the art of Florentine perfumery began in the late 15th century, making Florence the perfume capital of the world during the Renaissance. With "I Profumi di Firenze", Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio continues to pass on the beauty and the secrets of Caterina's fragrances: the richness of the natural raw materials combined with the skilful and generous use of base notes are the essential elements in conveying the absolute originality and lasting power of the fragrances.


Home Fragrances

Natural aromas are carefully selected to evoke magical atmospheres: stories, memories, and mysteries. Each precious bottle in Bohemian glass encloses the promise of a lifetime, bearing unbroken witness to time.


Florentine Cosmetics

A laboratory of health and beauty born of Dr Di Massimo's extraordinary knowledge, his time-tested research and the production of plant-based cosmetics with natural active ingredients highly concentrated. The formulas are designed to guarantee safety, without resorting to chemical components whose level of cosmetic safety is not guaranteed. On the contrary, the preservatives, sequestering agents, antioxidants and safe surfactants used are derived exclusively from plants. No tests on animals have ever been carried out.


Spice Fragrances Palazzo Vecchio Best Seller on 50 ml

  • Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio Futura Eau de Parfum: a virile fragrance that shows elegance, self-awareness, strength and reliability. The combination of the provocative, spicy note of pink pepper with the contrast of a strong, arrogant floral scent of magnolia. The incredible choice of harmonising bergamot and bergamot blossom gives the fragrance a rare flavour that symbolises the tender bitterness of the past and the teasing breeze of the future.
  • Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio Zagara Neroli Diffuser: a woody room diffuser. Charming, fresh and relaxing. Stimulates positivity, inspiration and concentration. Ideal for work and home environments.
  • Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio Silhouette Cream: an anti-cellulite cream for the whole body. This extra-strong body cream fights the imperfections of cellulite. Based on highly concentrated functional substances that act synergistically. Chestnut, with 90% Escin, Mint and Ginkgo Biloba, act in synergy with the massage to promote circulation, drainage and prevent localised adiposity typical of cellulite.
  • Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio Vaniglia del Madagascar Body Lotion: a biocompatible and ultra-gentle emulsion, suitable for all skin types; with vanilla essence and allergen-free. Horsetail extract has a toning action Vitamin E and Carnosine protect against oxidative stress. Jojoba oil moisturises and nourishes. The naturally-derived Lauroyl Lysine increases applicability and leaves the skin soft and silky.
  • Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio Massage Oil Vanilla & Ginger: cold-pressed sweet almond oil, flavoured with Vanilla and Ginger. To be applied to the body for a moisturising and fragrant effect. Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil) is compatible with even the most delicate skin of adults and children. Ideal for dry skin or during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks.


Profumi Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio Vaniglia e Fichi Eau de Parfum: “The vanilla is rendered deliciously, without being too cloying or artificial, and this makes the fragrance very refined. Gradually, a heart full of fig notes develops, adding a fruity and juicy nuance to the composition, creating a combination that made me feel wrapped in a sweet and pleasantly enveloping embrace. The persistence is impressive, the perfume remains on my skin for hours without losing its intensity. I have never received so many compliments for a perfume“ Alessandro
  • Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio Aftershave Cream: “is very light and pleasant to apply. I tried it both as an aftershave and as a night/sun cream, and it leaves my skin soft and regenerated. I will continue to use it for sure.
  • Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio 1941 EDP 50 ml + Roll On: “Convenient! I love 1941, and with this box set, I can use the full-size version in the morning and leave the roll on in my handbag just in case. Its aromatic scent makes me relax a lot, so I also apply it several times while working” Andrea
  • Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio Tulipano Nero Eau de Parfum: “The top notes present a lively citrus opening and a touch of artemisia. Delicate flowers and aromatic spices emerge in the heart. The floral accord is well-balanced and never excessive, but on the contrary, blends into a refined and enveloping bouquet. The base notes tell a story of elegance and sensuality, closing a fragrance that is at once enveloping, sophisticated and satisfying. The duration is remarkable and the fragrance develops beautifully on the skin over time.” Emilio
  • Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio Hair Oil Vanilla & Ginger: “It is a very good-smelling almond oil, which I use for compresses and to protect my hair before going to the beach. Until last summer I used to come back from holiday with my hair super damaged by salt and sun, but now I can see the difference.” Carmen


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