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Memo Paris
Memo Paris dedicates time and outstanding savoir-faire to the creation of each and every fragrance. Achieving the perfect olfactory landscape is the result of long and careful research. Memo redesigns a sensitive and emotionally rich world, creating its unique map of the olfactory world. Travel time is a fundamental part of the experience as the encounter with beauty takes place.
Memo Paris
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Memo Paris: Niche Perfumes for those who love to travel

The motto of this refined Parisian Maison founded in 2007 by Clara and John Molloy is: "the destination is the journey". For Memo Paris, travel time is a fundamental part of the experience, necessary for an encounter with beauty.


The Maison Memo Paris

Memo Paris exalts artistic perfumery by creating fragrances of absolute freedom: the noses express their creativity without limitation, giving rise to unique fragrances full of personality that, once again, offer a highly personal insight into the destinations that inspire them. The best natural ingredients are simply a mirror of the most beautiful places on the planet that these perfumes tell.


Discovering Memo's olfactory journeys between Cuires Nomades and Fleurs Bohèmes

Memo Paris explores the theme of travel in its richest and most diverse facets: three collections, three worlds whose common thread is undoubtedly travel, but which differ in character and in the points of view from which they approach the Maison's great theme. Cuires Nomades, with fragrances such as Italian Leather Eau de Parfum or Oriental Leather Eau de Parfum, explores travel with a vintage twist, starting with a raw material that was once undoubtedly "the scent of travel": leather in all its facets, in memory of suitcases and trunks that were once indispensable to every journey, but also a symbol of great elegance.
Fleures bohèmes tells of the wonder and complexity of flowers, a marvellous mystery of nature. Sintra Eau de Parfum, Lalibela Eau de Parfum, and Marfa Eau de Parfum are among the most popular fragrances in this collection.
Seeds and fruit: almost a hymn to the fertility of the earth, not without a note of lightness. Here is the Graines Vagabondes collection, expressing freshness with intensity and boldness, like the dynamic journey of seeds in the wind.


Memo Paris Best Seller at 50 ml

African Leather Eau de Parfum: a fragrance that celebrates the African continent, with warm, spicy and intriguing notes of saffron and cardamom that make the leathery base note even wilder. To feel at the heart of the most fascinating continent.

Sintra Eau de Parfum: Sintra takes us to the heart of Portugal, to one of its most fascinating locations, with its majestic palaces and lush vegetation. Built on a soft, gourmand dialogue between orange blossom, its green part Petitgrain and Vanilla absolute.

Lalibela Eau de Parfum: Religious fervency in the marvellous Ethiopian city of Lalibela, the centre of Christianity. Notes of Rose, Frankincense and Patchouli celebrate its mystical aura and unforgettable charm.

French Leather Eau de Parfum: from the Parisian maison, the tale of "Parisian-ness" par excellence could not fail to come: the iconic casual chic style, the discreet and irresistible sensuality, the haute couture leather handbags. Everything revolves around the most iconic flower, the rose.

Marfa Eau de Parfum: the milky way in the Marfa desert, a bewitching attraction. Just like the Tuberose, the enchanting, bewitching, intoxicating flower. The warmth of the desert, the freshness of the infinite night sky.

Memo Paris Reviews from our clients

Irish Leather Eau de Parfum: "Energising, green, fresh. I spray a little every morning and it gives me a boost for the day." Maya

Argentina Eau de Parfum: "This rose scent is very good and persistent." Lucia

Italian Leather Eau de Parfum: "Among the niche perfumes I have tried so far, this one is very special indeed. Leather, green notes, vanilla, very aromatic but also full-bodied." Valerio

Inlé Eau de Parfum: "a very feminine fragrance, flowery, delicate but also refined. Try it." Marta

Oriental Leather Eau de Parfum: "a spicy, oriental, full-bodied fragrance. If you like patchouli, it really is an extraordinary leather". John


Discover all Memo Paris' Eau de Parfum by exploring the collections. Want to try more than one? On 50 ml you can buy online samples of all the fragrances of the house: what are you waiting for, try all the fragrances that have impressed you! If you prefer to try them in person and you don't like buying perfumes online, come and visit us in Milan at our boutique in Viale Monte Nero 16. Still haven't found the niche perfume you were looking for? Explore our catalogue to discover the best men's, women's and unisex perfumes, face and body creams, home care and more from the world of niche perfumes. Above €50 shipping to Italy is free. Free samples on request.