Anthologie is the incredible new project of master perfumer Lucien Ferrero, born out of his love for artistic perfumery and inspired by the comparison with the great master Jean-Claude Ellena. The line aims to change the way perfumery is conceived, thanks to a futuristic approach that bases the creation of each fragrance on emotions and human relationships.

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Anthologie Perfumes

The new project born from the collaboration between master perfumers Jean-Claude Ellena and Lucien Ferrero, who, after forty years, come together again to create two extraordinary fragrances: C'est Mutine and C'est Rebelle. This line aims to revolutionize the concept of perfumery through a futuristic approach, where each fragrance is created with the intention of evoking emotions and human connections.


History and Philosophy of Anthologie Perfumes

After more than forty years of career in the world of artistic perfumery, renowned master perfumers Jean-Claude Ellena and Lucien Ferrero, both acclaimed independent noses, join forces once again in an extraordinary project: the creation, with four hands, of two new and fascinating fragrances, C'est Mutine and C'est Rebelle. These olfactory works of art embody the pleasure of reliving the golden age of Belle Parfumerie, a period to which both masters are tied and to which they have contributed immensely over the years, without, however, relinquishing a forward-looking approach and an interest in human emotions.

Master Lucien Ferrero's collection is enriched by the synergy with his friend and colleague Jean-Claude Ellena and is named Anthologie by Lucien Ferrero. To the original perfumes and those created together by the two perfumers, an additional innovation is introduced: the presence of three new raw materials created by Ferrero in collaboration with Accords et Parfums. These alcoholates, extracted from the concretes of orange blossoms, jasmine, and rose, bear witness to the refinement and timeless charm of the most classic fragrances, reinterpreted in a modern key.

The love for the art of perfumery continues to be the guiding thread of this extraordinary project. A love that is perceived through all the senses and, precisely for this reason, with the patronage of the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired, the idea of including Braille language on the boxes was born, offering a universal translation of the olfactory experience. This gesture makes the fragrances not only irresistible to the nose but accessible to everyone, expanding the beauty and inclusivity of the world of perfumery.


Ethics and Sustainability of Anthologie

To give shape to this vibrant creative energy embracing the future, it was inevitable to rethink the image of the classic Lucien Ferrero line. Anthologie by Lucien Ferrero is, in fact, a collection distinguished by innovative and contemporary packaging. Made with rough and textured paper, FSC™ certified, the packaging is a concrete expression of commitment to environmental sustainability, containing 40% recycled material and adhering to rigorous ecological standards.

Every detail has been carefully crafted, from the aesthetics of the packaging to the design of the bottle. The latter presents itself with refined elegance and minimalism that captures the eye. The combination of high-quality materials and sophisticated aesthetics reflects the very essence of Anthologie fragrances, embodying modern luxury and environmental awareness.


Best Selling Anthologie Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Anthologie C'est Mutine Eau de Parfum: a celebration of the joy of living and carefreeness that reflects the irrepressible desire for adventure and discovery. This niche perfume embodies the concept of nonconformity and independence, conveying a message of liberation from established order. Like an unstoppable wind, it invites breaking the rules and embracing life without hesitation, truly embodying the idea of eternal youth.
  • Anthologie Seringa Blanc Eau de Parfum: a perfume that captures the energy of the first spring sun, awakening the soul with its freshness. The explosion of white flowers fills the air with vitality, immersing the senses in a sparkling green. It's an olfactory journey through the rebirth of spring, celebrating every petal that blooms with enthusiasm. Its enveloping fragrance embodies the magic of special moments, making each moment unique.
  • Anthologie Ce n'est pas un Patchouly Eau de Parfum: a fragrance that, thanks to its unique composition of precious patchouli oil, celebrates the essence of this wonderful ingredient. The addition of mate absolute enhances its depth, while notes of citrus and warm spices give it a mysterious aura. This perfume is an invitation to explore the originality and sophistication that lies within each of us through light and enveloping notes.
  • Anthologie Harmonie Pastorale Eau de Parfum: inspired by Beethoven's Symphony No. 6, this niche perfume celebrates the love for music. The notes blend like natural elements on a score, creating a vibrant harmony with mandarin and lavender, followed by the freshness of peppermint, clary sage, and white jasmine. Finally, the absolute of lentisk, patchouli oil, and vetiver join together in a joyful and enveloping symphony, making this fragrance an emotional and musical journey.


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