Masque Milano

Masque Milano

Masque Milano is an Italian fragrance Maison founded by Alessandro and Riccardo in 2010. Their fragrance collection has a strong identity: each one represents a moment, a place visited, an emotion, or a dream. The brand is divided into four acts, dedicated to a different aspect of their lives: the result is perfumes made to be worn like a second skin.

Masque Milano
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Masque Milano Perfumes

Masque Milano is a perfume Maison founded in 2010 by two friends who are passionate about travel, reading, music and design objects.  Alessandro, from Milan, and Riccardo, originally from Assisi, met in Milan and combined their experiences, skills and passions to create a unique line of artisanal fragrances.

After years of research of essences and perfumes in Grasse and throughout Italy, they began to coordinate a group of master perfumers and artisans and expanded their knowledge through an educational programme on olfactory techniques. Their goal was to create a collection of perfumes based on their memories, places visited, friendships, emotions and recurring dreams. So they created a series of 'scenes', representing moments from their lives, which would be interpreted by young talents from the world of artistic perfumery. Not only conductors but also scriptwriters and producers of a play. In 2013, Masque Fragranze was born in Milan.

Alessandro, a professor at the Politecnico of Milan and passionate about poetry and music, has travelled to many countries around the world and has acquired knowledge on the management of luxury goods luxury and on Italian craft techniques such as leatherwork and handmade jewellery.  Riccardo, on the other hand, studied classical guitar and electronic engineering, and during a stay in Australia discovered the world of perfumes. Back in Italy, he worked as a consultant for prestigious perfume mainstream brands such as DiorGuerlainKenzoGivenchy and Acqua di Parma.

Together, Alessandro and Riccardo have created Masque Milano, a company that strives to value the Italian artisanal heritage through high-quality fragrances. Despite the economic crisis that has hit Italy, they have continued to believe in their dream and work with determination to make it a reality. Today, Masque Milano is a famous and respected name in the world of artistic perfumery.


The Masque Milano Opera: A Guide to the Four Acts

Act I: A collection of experiences, discoveries, places and journeys.


Act IIInner monologues, emotions, deep thoughts and inner reflections... lights and shadows of human nature.


Act IIISentimental Relations ... romance and love ... affections and betrayals.

  • Scene I: Masque Milano L’attesa - Luca Maffei
  • Scene II: Masque Milano Romanza - Cristiano Canali
  • Scene III: Masque Milano Love Kills - Caroline Dumur
  • Stage IV: Masque Milano Tango - Cécile Zarkonian


Act IVDreams. The world of the most bizarre, improbable and fascinating fantasies.


The Women of Masque Milan

After working with 15 different noses, on the occasion of the brand's 10th anniversary the two co-founders, Alessandro and Riccardo, have launched a new collection called “The Women of MASQUE” in which three female noses already present their own creations in the “Opera” collection have been invited to collaborate.  Fragrances that bear women's names and that are and will be created therefore only by female noses.

  • Masque Milano Dolceacqua:  "I feel that this evening you will see one of the most fascinating places on the Riviera" - Accord of Coastal Breeze, Lily of the Valley, Ivy Leaves, Mediterranean Marjoram. Mimosa, Almond Blossom, White Rose, Ylang-Ylang. Saffron Flower, Cedarwood Virginia, Benzoin Siam, Oakmoss, Silky Mosses
  • Masque Milano Petra:  "Comes in Frankincense and Patchouli..." - Bergamot, Yellow Mandarin, Pink Pepper. Sambac Jasmine Absolute, Moroccan Rose Absolute, Luqaimat Accord, Note
    Fruity. Frankincense, Patchouli, Benzoin, Myrrh, Leather Accord, Grey Amber Infusion
  • Masque Milano Madeleine: "Its scent evokes in me a memory of the past. I long to return to that tis room on the Rue de Rivoli" - Chestnut Accord, Whipped Cream Accord, Cumin. Tuberose Absolute, Cypress Oil LMR, Egyptian Geranium Oil LMR. Tonka Bean Absolute LMR, Milk Mosses, Vanilla Bean Extract LMR.


Masque Milano Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml:

  • Masque Milano Romanza Eau de Parfum: “The opening bursts with Absinthe, Orange Blossom and Angelica, ideal for recreating the touch of a dandy; it then develops into a sumptuous hedonistic bouquet that relies on Violets, Narcissus and Hyacinths; it then moves into ambiguous amber, decadent woods and civet. We wanted to exemplify the duality of this narcotic flower with its gentle, white petals and its intense, animalistic green side. The result is a polarised, vertically elegant fragrance with a distinctive character. Its name is Romanza, a floral poem. - Cristiano Canali presents Romanza
  • Masque Milano Russian Tea Eau de Parfum: “Russian Tea is a journey, a day spent in Russia with a boiling Samovar, which brings home to the centre of socialising and sharing. The smell of black is tea is strong and spreads throughout the house. It also evokes the journey of the tis through Siberia, bringing with it the smell of falò and of transportation in harsh conditions, interpreted by woody and leathery notes. The fresh mint leaves blend incredibly well with the smokiness and the raspberry and cinnamon notes that sweeten the bitterness of the tis" - Julien Rasquinet presents Russian Tea
  • Masque Milano Times Square Eau de Parfum: the penetrating smell of raw tobacco and thick exhaust fumes. On the streets, the traffic jams seem never-ending and a throng of people pour into Times Square. The fashionable girl, on her neon green stilettos, orders a huge pretzel impregnated with the smell of fried food and cinnamon. Of mustard and caramel. The cherry of her blood-coloured lipstick mingles with the strawberry of her chewing gum. Among the crowd of girls queuing to get into the last open bar, you will be hit by trails of tuberose and carnation.
  • Masque Milano Dolceacqua Eau de Parfum: she arrived before you, waiting for you with the roof of her convertible down and a cloud of colour trapped in her scarf. She looks at you, laughs and throws you a sprig of lily of the valley. You climb aboard and set off. Head: Coastal Breeze Accord, Lily of the Valley, Ivy Leaves, Mediterranean Marjoram. Heart: Mimosa, Almond Blossom, White Rose, Ylang-ylang. Base notes: Saffron Flower, Virginia Cedarwood, Siamese Benzoin, Oakmoss, Silky Musks.
  • Masque Milano Tango Eau de Parfum: a flowery pergola, wooden tables, liquors and music. Vocio all around, the table is cheerful. Ron y miel. An amber nectar as intoxicating as the scent of jasmine. A crescendo - you cross his gaze. You get up and head for the dance floor... his smile lights up the night.... is everything you desire. Top Notes: Bergamot, Black Pepper, Cardamom. Heart Notes: Jasmine Sambac Absolute, Damascene Rose O.E., Cumin, Patchouli Base Notes: Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Melilot Assortment, Amber Accord, Leather Accord, Benzoin, Musks.


Masque Milano Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Masque Milano Ray Flection Eau de Parfum“For me, this perfume is a ray of light in a bottle, a liquid synthesis of everything that makes me think of a beautiful day spent outdoors. Flowers, sunshine, oranges, beeswax, violets, wood, mimosa, all accompanied by aldehydic notes that make it even more personal. I recommend it for the whole summer, or to bring a note of light to a gloomy day." Emily
  • Masque Milano White Whale Eau de Parfum: “When I first smelled White Whale I immediately thought that this is the perfume I imagine on a sailor. It reminded me of those vintage images of dashing seafarers setting off on an adventure to the open sea. The notes of salt and amber are clearly reminiscent of the vast blue expanse, crossed on a wooden vessel (cedarwood) and a mix of precious spices in the hold (olibanum, osmanthus, pepper). Orris, on the other hand, always reminds me of a personal, warm, almost leathery smell. A warm but delicate scent, reminding me of a hug that smells of clean air." Aris
  • Masque Milano Lost Alice Eau de Parfum: "A soft and powdery scent, slightly spicy and green. The head opens with a green and hesperidian scent, slightly powdery due to the soft notes of milk and orris. is a soft, delicate scent, perfect for me who seeks soft, enveloping fragrances with notes of carrot and orris. I also love the notes of tea and sage." Giorgio
  • Masque Milano Kintsugi Eau de Parfum"Magnolia blossoms immediately into an ethereal, light scent, refreshed by hesperidian notes. A soft suede heart introduces itself discreetly. In the background, a garden of violets and roses accompanies us. A solid base of benzoin, vanilla and musk (with a slight accent of patchouli) concludes with a soft sigh. Perfect." Thalia
  • Masque Milano L'attesa Eau de Parfum: "For me who loves orris is perfect. A sparkling, sparkling opening of citrus and champagne notes immediately opens the way to a floral, creamy and elegant heart of iris, tuberose, ylang ylang and orris. Orris persists in the base, accompanied by woods and oak moss, with a hint of sandalwood. Elegant and refined, 10/10." Maria


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