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The chypre olfactory family was born in 1917 thanks to the french perfumer François Coty, and involves the use of Bergamot in the head, Rose, Geranium or Jasmine in the heart, and finally Patchouli, Oakmoss, and sometimes Cistus Labdanum, in the base. Chypre perfumes are full of elegant and refined nuances: discover with us the best niche chypre perfumes!

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Niche Chypre Perfumes: a Complete Guide

The vast universe of niche perfumes consists of several olfactory families: among them, one of the most peculiar is certainly the chypre olfactory family. If you have ever wondered what a chypre scent is, today we are here to take away all your doubts and questions about this wonderful olfactory family. With us you can find the perfect niche perfumes for women and for menbuy samples and discover the best of artistic perfumery in the comfort of your own home!


What is a Chypre Scent? 

Before we explain what a chypre scent is, here we have a little historical background on their origin. The chypre accord is introduced by the French perfumer François Coty within the perfume “Le Chypre”, created in 1917 as a tribute to the wonderful atmosphere and scents of the island of Cyprus. The chypre accord involves Bergamot in the head, Rose, Geranium or Jasmine in the heart, and finally Patchouli and Oak Moss(sometimes also Cistus Labdanum) in the base of the olfactory pyramid. Unfortunately for the past eight years or so, the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) has restricted the use of oakmoss: as a result, since that year, synthetic molecules have been used to try to replicate its scent. When to use chypre perfumes? Chypre perfumes are perfect to wear on special and elegant occasions - such as dinners at restaurants or gallant dates - because they are able to give us an aristocratic and sophisticated aura in just a few moments! 


The Best Chypre Perfumes for Women: Create your own Discovery Set

Discover with 50 ml the best chypre perfumes for women. Chypre floral, fruity, woody, no matter what your favorite olfactory scents are: you'll find the perfect perfume for women with us! Choose your favorite niche scents, buy samples online on our site, and create your own scented discovery set


  • Diptyque Eau Capitale Eau de Parfum: how else can you celebrate the beauty of Paris if not through a chypre floral scent? In this niche women's fragrance Diptyque takes a little poetic license, and replaces the traditional musk with patchouli, with a more earthy and assertive character. Instead of bergamot, however, it uses a splendid bouquet of fresh Roses, resulting in an olfactory composition that perfectly embodies the soul of the French capital and its Art Nouveau monuments. C'est magnifique!
  • Molinard Chypre Charnel Eau de Parfum: a seductive chypre perfume, like a sensory poem dancing on your skin. Chypre Charnel envelops you with its beauty and mystery, and delights us with the traditional Bergamot accord at the top of the olfactory composition, Rose in the heart and traditional Oakmoss in the base. An elegant and sensual chypre scent, a must try if you are looking for a niche fragrance that does not go unnoticed!
  • Hiram Green Shangri La Eau de Parfum: this chypre perfume is named after the legendary fictional land described in James Hilton's 1933 novel "Lost Horizon," a mythical Himalayan utopia isolated from the world, where the inhabitants are almost immortal. Hiram Green has translated the beauty and purity of Shangri La into a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic chypre scent, playing with the contrast between a fresh citrus accord and a base of woods and Oakmoss!
  • Juliette has a Gun Metal Chypre Eau de Parfum: a chypre fragrance for women that defies tradition, reinterpreting the classic chypre accord created by Coty in a modern, contemporary key. In this niche perfume, the notes used to reproduce it are those of Bergamot, Amber Extreme and Patchouli, and the result is a marvelous olfactory symphony that unites the past and the future!
  • Pierre Guillaume Mojito Chypre Eau de Parfum: a fruity, offbeat and playful chypre scent that evokes the summer atmosphere of a fresh mojito sipped by the sea. In this niche perfume for women, Pierre Guillaume revisits the chypre olfactory family in a modern key, using the fruity note of Strawberry along with a large amount of Jasmine. The chypre accord, therefore, is respected, because we have the citrus part, the flower in the heart of the fragrance and Oakmoss in the base


The Best Chypre Perfumes for Men: Create your own Discovery Set

What are the best chypre perfumes in the niche? Find out with us, and be won over by our selection of the best chypre perfumes for men! Woody, fruity, floral chypre… choose your favorite niche scents, buy samples online on our site, and create your own perfumed discovery set


  • Creed Aventus Eau de Parfum: Creed's best fruity chypre perfume on the market. Popular and sought-after, Creed Aventus EDP features a fearless and powerful personality, with a taste of fruity notes heralding the explosion of Patchouli strength, the solidity of Birch leather notes and the energy of Juniper Berry. This men's fragrance is an ode to pure energy, enhanced by the virility of Musk and Oakmoss! Wear it if you want to make yourself stand out-even from miles away-with an intense, luxurious and elegant trail!
  • Zoologist Cardinal Eau de Parfum: when the cold of winter puts nature to sleep, a pair of cardinals endures and cheers plants, people and animals with joyful song. Cardinal EDP is a chypre perfume that aims to capture the vital spirit of the cardinals in love, using cheerful notes of Bergamot, Rose, and Oakmoss to create a niche scent that can bring a spark of warmth in the colder seasons.
  • Penhaligon’s Quercus Cologne: created in 1996, this woody chypre scent takes its name from the Latin "Quercus," meaning oak. This niche scent reveals its personality with a bright burst of Citrus and Basil, which blends with middle notes of Jasmine, Cardamom and Lily of the Valley, creating a spicy and extremely delicate bouquet. The green accord of Basil persists in the base notes, which are enriched by the surprisingly persistent Musk and Sandalwood. These elements are warmed by the presence of Patchouli, resulting in an elegant, strong and unforgettable men's fragrance!
  • Francesca Bianchi Etruscan Water Extrait de Parfum: Francesca Bianchi's source of inspiration for this niche fragrance lies in her childhood memories. Growing up in this fascinating region, she spent her youth exploring the southern coast, where the mysterious Etruscans had settlements centuries ago. The chypre perfume born from these memories perfectly captures the emotions the founder wanted to evoke, reproducing the essence of the enchanting vegetation growing on the Tuscan coast and the salty, refreshing scent of the sea, capable of soothing sun-kissed skin!
  • Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio Acqua Mirabile Odorosa di Firenze Eau de Parfum: a springtime stroll immersed in Florentine landscapes, with the gurgling of the Arno gently ringing in our ears. In theair we breathe the most disparate smells of flowers, fruits and woods, while the  grandeur of the Pitti Palace looms just ahead. It is in this enchanting setting that an extraordinary fragrance comes to life, an ultra-pure Eau de Parfum that combines chypre notes of Bergamot, Rose and Patchouli with the more fruity notes of Banana, Blackcurrant and Pear. 


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