Son Venin

Son Venin

Son Venin is a unisex luxury perfume brand that incorporates Nordic culture into premium niche products, reflecting the modern Scandinavian ethos of acceptance of individuals and their natural beauty. Son Venin niche fragrances range from the simple to the complex and are vegan, cruelty-free and use fewer additives and plastics.

Son Venin
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Son Venïn Perfumes

Son Venïn is an independent perfume brand that was born in the heart of Oslo, a city of cold Nordic mists. Dag Laska, the founder, creates the fragrances guided by his remembrances of the past, and by a burning passion and rare sensitivity to the vast olfactory universe that surrounds us. In Son Venïn, every drop of fragrance reflects Scandinavian thinking and culture, always guided by an ethical approach, vegan and cruelty free.  


The Son Venïn Collection

The advanced and unique formulas of Son Venïn offer a smell experience unparalleled, from the most pure, composed of 30 components, to the most complex, with 70 components. The brand's products celebrate values such as individuality and freedom of choice: all fragrances are conceived as no gender to be enjoyed by everyone regardless of gender. Son Venn's philosophy is also represented in the ethics and devotion to respect for the environment and the creatures that inhabit it. The company creates vegan and cruelty-free perfumes without artificial colorants, using both synthetic and natural ingredients and attempting to reduce chemicals. Furthermore, the company is devoted to generating fewer plastics and mixed materials, and to developing locally whenever possible.

Among the stars of Son Venïn's collection is is Posthume EDP: the first perfume created in Norway to win, in 2020, the prestigious Art and Olfactory Awards.


Son Venïn Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml 

  • Posthume EDP: the scent of the Nordic herigage, a sensory recollection of our ancestors that transports us to our essential roots.
  • 3007 EDP: a floral, sophisticated and engaging scent, where fresh orange blossoms are intertwined with chypre notes, creating an artistic feminine and enveloping essence.
  • Le Voleur EDP: an olfactory symphony elegant and seductive, with a white bouquet and a modern iris combining with the incense sensual and wood gaïac.  
  • 0905 EDP: a men's niche fragrance with charismatic appeal, where sparkling notes of spices are contrasted with the ambery and woody base notes.  


Son Venïn Perfumes Opinions: Check out Our Customers' Reviews!

  • Santal Super EDP: “What a wonderful scent! It makes me feel warm and embraced all day long. I love the atmosphere it creates, with that hint of pepper and the fresh balance of jasmine and cardamom. is just what I was looking for!” - Lisa
  • Pur 01 EDP: “It almost feels like being in a country on the Mediterranean, with the warm sunset and the fresh notes of eucalyptus and sparkling spices. It won me over at the first moment, I love how it makes me feel!”- Mary
  • Ambr Super EDP: “is a clean and pure scent, yet powerful and enveloping. For me it represents the perfect balance between intimacy and strength. A fragrance not to be missed!” - Alex
  • Pur 02 EDP: “It’s a real delight! It has a charming simplicity, built around the accord of jasmine and woods, with a soft touch of white musk. I love the pure and fresh sensations it evokes. I don't know how to explain…but when I wear it I think of snow! ” - Paula


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