Moth and Rabbit

Moth and Rabbit
Moth and Rabbit is a young experimental perfumery brand, born from an international collaboration between Berlin and Paris. Moth & Rabbit uses scents to both stimulate the mind and overcome the barriers of sensory perception. The only way possible to deeply touch our emotions and intellect, and always nurture curiosity and discovery!
Moth and Rabbit
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Moth and Rabbit Perfumes: the Niche Fragrance Brand that Tells Olfactory Stories

Moth and Rabbit is a luxury niche perfume brand with an experimental approach; founded in Berlin in 2016 by Elke Filpes and Christian Choi. The brand's goal is to translate stories and emotions into olfactory products and to provide multisensory experiences that aid human expansion and offer access to a deeper understanding of our society and olfaction in general. The brand believes in creating products with deeper meaning and value created through the use of the highest quality materials and an innovative design approach.


Creation of valuable products:

Moth and Rabbit focus on creating products with deeper meaning and value. The fragrances are conceived using the most high-quality materials available and a minimalist design approach with a hint of luxury and irony, to fuel a new approach to modern luxury. The brand believes that through a multi-sensory approach, it is possible to create timeless products and infinite stories that inspire and connect people worldwide.


Inspiration and storytelling:

Moth and Rabbit is inspired by directorsartists and individuals who tell unique stories through their work. These professionals serve as an inspirational brief for the perfumer, who translates exceptional stories into exceptional fragrances. The brand uses the principles of transformation and reproduction, symbols of Moth and Rabbit, to define the way it produces and communicates fragrances.


Global distribution:

The fragrances of Moth and Rabbit are sold in 15 countries in an exclusive network of the highest level around the world. The brand believes that the creation of a new fragrance awareness in the minds and hearts of the modern consumer must begin by looking to new olfactory inspirations that enhance the meaning and the role that fragrances have in our lives.


Moth and Rabbit Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml:

  • Moth and Rabbit Daisies Eau de ParfumDaisies Eau de Parfum opens with an orchestra of green, fruity and edible notes that capture the opulence and gluttony of bourgeois culture. The heart is characterised by a society of sweets and flowers that fades into a dramatic and witty intertwining of wood, leather and opoponax resin in the base. Top Notes: Yuzu Zest, Green Apple, Watermelon, Hazelnut, Peach. Heart Notes: Cinnamon, Chocolate, Candy, Sugar, Rose, Jasmine, Sambac. Base Notes: Musk, Vanilla, Cedarwood, Opoponax, Leather, Patchouli
  • Moth and Rabbit Dreamers Eau de Parfum: an Eau de Parfum with strong 60s elements that responds to specific moments of voyeurism, sexual experimentation and youth. The scent of bathing rituals and the innocence of youth. Experimental and sensual, fresh and intense. Top Notes: Geranium Oil, Aldehydes, Violet. Heart Notes: Lily of the Valley, Rose Petals, Iris Benjoin, Tonka. Base Notes: Cedar Sur Iris, Patchouli, Incense, Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Myrrh
  • Moth and Rabbit La Haine Eau de Parfum: A calm yet provocative scent that traces the neck like a cold, sharp blade, with buchu sulphur, bloody metallic notes and cold aldehydes. In La Haine Eau de Parfum there is a feeling that something is about to happen with burnt rubber, and cold cedar notes that create a concrete effect, combined with birch tar, leather and laurel oil. It fades into a cold, damp cellar smell with atlas cedar, dark musk and musk.  
  • Moth and Rabbit Single Man Eau de Parfum: A Single Man, Tom Ford's 2009 masterpiece and debut opera, tells the tragic grieving process of a homosexual university professor who has lost his partner. His last day of life is told with raw sophistication and detached aestheticism. The perfume inspired by this film is also a masterpiece: woody citrus, refined and detached, intense and enigmatic, like the film's protagonist.
  • Moth and Rabbit Duke Of Burgundy Eau de Parfum: Peter Strickland's 2014 film, which inspires this fragrance, is about the morbid relationship, tinged with fetish tendencies, between an entomologist and her housekeeper. The perfume inspired by it breathes a feminine intimacy made of silk sheets, warm with bodies drenched in sweat and excitement. It smells of cleanliness, cleanliness on the verge of becoming something else for... 


Moth and Rabbit Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Reviews!

  • Moth and Rabbit Enter The Void Eau de Parfum: "The first time I smelled it I turned red in the face…it has a particular fragrance, very reminiscent of a very precise masculine smell…but illuminated by citrus notes. Definitely very sexy, I recommend it if you really want to attract attention." Alessandra
  • Moth and Rabbit Mood Indigo: “The more I wear it, the more I like it. A very pleasant smoky scent, which does not smell of church. Very elegant, a bit spicy. Notes of geranium and chamomile make it super relaxing. Amber and musky base notes complete this olfactory pampering. To try.” Emiddio
  • Moth and Rabbit The Lobster Eau de Parfum: “ An explosion of green immediately hits the nose, with notes of chypre, lily of the valley and water that immediately transport you to a clearing in the woods. Impression confirmed by earthy notes and musk. Animal notes, arnica and fenugreek complete the picture. Spray with caution” Arianna
  • Moth and Rabbit Blow Up Eau de Parfum: “A man sits alone at a table, in a club for gentlemen of London's high society. In front of him is a glass of absinthe, and around it wafts the scent of leather sofas, the solid wood table and his own leather: a mix in which an intriguing animalistic hint can be glimpsed. In a small burner, a mix of spiced resins and incense slowly diffuses a wisp of smoke.” John
  • Moth and Rabbit Parasite Eau de Parfum: “Green, watery, sweet. It starts with a sunny, sparkling explosion. That turns to water and flowers, with a drier note heralding the base. It clears up a little but still remains a closed note that continues to the end, very clear the connection to the film. Not the typical light perfume to put on every day, more like a good wine to bring out on special occasions in my opinion”. Harry


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