Gamila Secret

Gamila Secret
Gamila Secret offers completely natural products for body care, thanks to the enormous potential of its ingredients. The brand name refers to Gamila, a young girl from Galilee, who decided to divulge her secrets handed down to him by her grandmother. Each blend has been perfected by decades of research and uses only natural ingredients from its territory, rigorously selected by hand.
Gamila Secret
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Gamila Secret: The beginnings

Gamila Hiar's fabulous story begins with her enviable wisdom and her deep knowledge of nature, which led her to create a secret recipe based on no less than fifteen healing herbs and a combination of pure vegetable oils, including cold-pressed olive oil. Gamila's adventure begins with Cleansing Bar, a soap produced through a 14-hour baking process, followed by a 4- to 6-month drying period, stamping and curving of the edges, all strictly handmade. The result is a 100% natural soap with a soft and unique texture, suitable for every skin type.


Features of Gamila Secret Products

Gamila Secret productsare the result of a combination of natural ingredients and craftsmanship. Each product is handmade with the utmost care, using only the purest vegetable oils. Gamila, with her passion for nature, personally selects the ingredients, naturally grown to nourish the skin. The production location is not random; we are located in beautiful Galilea, which offers the wonderful gifts of nature as key ingredients for the products. Gamila Secret offers natural, handmade products produced in a unique area of the world.


Discover the Bestsellers of Gamila Secret on 50 ml

  • Original Cleansing Bar: This cleansing soap has been specially formulated to care for the most sensitive skin. Thanks to its gentle formula, it cleanses the skin effectively, stimulating its ability to repair itself and keeping it moisturised and supple. It is also free of essential oils, making it ideal for allergic or intolerant skin.
  • Lavander Heaven Cleansing BarLavender è an ingredient rich in antioxidants that act to detoxify the skin and reduce inflammation, as well as having important antimicrobial and soothing properties. Due to its calming and regenerating properties, lavender soap is ideal for normal to dry skin. In particular, Lavender essential oil has beneficial properties on skin problems such as psoriasis or eczema.
  • Lively Lemongrass Cleansing BarAn ideal cleansing soap for oily skin. Its fresh scent lifts the spirits while acting to balance the skin's sebum production. Suitable for impure and inflamed skin, thanks to the Lemongrass essential oil, which has disinflammatory and acne-fighting properties.


Gamila Secret Reviews: See our Customer Reviews

  • Precious Pomegranate Cleansing Bar: "This cleansing bar è gorgeous, perfect for combination or oily skin with a tendency to blemishes. It stays really gentle and doesn't dry out the skin." Karina
  • Wild Rose Face Oil: "A 100% natural face oil, è perfect for sensitive skin like mine. It brightens and improves skin tone, nourishing it and making it more beautiful" Cristina


Discover all the Cleansing Bars by Gamila Secret and many other products from this traditional and super clean beauty brand. If you are still undecided* and need some help choosing and buying your niche skincare products, we are here to help: contact our Customer Service. Continue exploring the best body products and the best hair products on 50-ml. We remind you that on 50 ml Milano you can buy online samples of all fragrances. Free samples on request with every order.