Versatile is the creation of a young graduate during a pandemic, hesitating between looking for a job or creating one. An audacious brand choosing to liberate from the norms and codes of luxury to create authentic, creative perfume. Versatile is engaged to respect the planet and accessible to everyone, no matter what.
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Versatile Roll On Perfumes

Versatile is born of a desire to break traditional moulds, to be bold and different. The brand name encapsulates a lot of meaning and aims to distinguish itself (not only in words) from the traditional offer on the artistic perfumery market. The aim of the maison is to break the stereotypes of perfumery and luxury, to free itself from boring codes, and to present singular and authentic perfumes. Its transparency is total and informative, and is based on the assumption that there is no need to choose between man and planet, but rather to work responsibly for both.


The History of Versatile Paris

Versatile was born from the inspiration of Coralie, a young university graduate who, during the pandemic, was faced with a tough decision: look for a job or create something of her own. Although a specialist training at the École Supérieure du Parfum in Paris in 2019 and numerous experiences in the perfume world could have easily led her to a brilliant career in marketing for some prestigious luxury group, Coralie made a bold choice: to dare and try to make a difference. 


The Versatile Fragrances

All Versatile fragrances arecompact and practical in size, so you can try them anywhere: hence one of their brand mottos “Size doesn't matter”. The brand is also committed to minimising its environmental impact, using recycled and recyclable materials and manufacturing in France and Europe. The formulations are simple, with few ingredients, no alcohol, just a 100% natural base of almond oil and wheat, also suitable for vegans and no animal testing.

But Versatile doesn't stop there, because it has chosen to donate 3% of its sales to the Pink Ribbon association for breast cancer research, in memory of Coralie's father, a professor committed to the fight against cancer. Versatile is not a perfect brand, but its imperfection is what makes it authentic and sincere. It is not a technologically advanced product, but it is true and environmentally friendly. It is not the essence of life, but helps to make it more beautiful and meaningful. Versatile is an invitation to break free from stereotypes, to be bold, to make conscious choices and to make a difference. Perfumes that are not only good, but have a soul, a story and a cause to support.


Versatile Perfumes Best Seller on 50 ml

  • Sea, South & Sun EXT Roll On: the perfect companion for summer adventures, thanks to the practical roll-on design that allows you to take the fragrance with you everywhere. Made with high-quality ingredients, it can be worn by both men and women. The invigorating blend of sea salt, floral/fruity notes and clean musk makes it ideal for everyday use during the warm season. Whether you're at the beach or in town, Sea, South & Sun Extrait Roll On will keep you feeling fresh and safe all day long, thanks to its long-lasting formula.
  • Discovery Set: explore the entire Versatile collection, consisting of six different olfactory universes that will help you find happiness! The Versatile Discovery Kit includes: Dimanche Flemme, Croissant Café, Culot Thé, Accrodisiaque, Gueule De Bois, Rital Date, Sea, South & Sun.
  • Croissant Cafè EXT Roll On: This fragrance celebrates a Neo Tonka, reinterpreted in an ultra-smooth cafis. With buttery, toasty and very warm notes (such as caramel, vanilla and milk), combined with a woody and sweet touch of cappuccino. An irresistibly tasty aroma that is never cloying; lovers of good food will love it unreservedly.
  • Rital Date EXT Roll On: an irresistibly seductive and aromatic fragrance with a concentration of 38%. Created by Amélie Bourgeois, Camille Chemardin and Elia Chiche, Rital Date is surprising: after a fresh and aromatic beginning, it transforms into a rounded and gourmand sweetness, with sugary accents and again a touch of citrus - Citron, which is its common thread. This perfume is is suitable for everyone, but will be particularly appreciated by those who love fragrances that are constantly evolving, sparkling, sweet, aromatic, sunny and vibrant.
  • Gueule de Bois EXT Roll On: a fragrance that celebrates a new Sandalwood reworked with an exciting touch of Rum, without overdoing it. This fragrance opens with spicy notes of pepper, pink berries and cinnamon, followed by a smoky note of incense and a hint of ambery Rum, with syrupy, sweet undertones. Finally, it is enveloped in enveloping, warm and sweet woods. Gueule De Bois Extrait Roll On: the miracle secret forafter parties, ready to enchant with its olfactory intensity and complexity.


Versatile Perfumes Opinions: Discover Our Customers' Reviews!

  • Dimanche Flemme EXT Roll On“Dimanche is has become my comfort scent: I use it whenever I want to feel good, sometimes before going to sleep! ” Kylie
  • Culot The EXT Roll On“This scent of Versatile makes me think of a tis sipped on the balcony on a rainy day: I love it, like I love thunderstorms” Angus
  • Cafe Creme Candle“You can't understand…is TOO GOOD! I can't stop smelling it: my new obsession after Croissant Cafis” Lidia
  • Accrodisiaque EXT Roll On“Very elegant, refined: by now I've got into the habit of carrying it in my bag all the time, since it's easy to reapply” Alexandra
  • Sea, Sud & Sun EXT Roll On“Small, very pleasant, excellent value for money: I am satisfied” Charles


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